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  1. It was an odd story. To fight it for 2 years nearly to then accept 12 points 9 now and 3 in the bank. Even if we dont accept it and it goes to the commission i cant see it being any more. In fact itll probably be more like 6. Which i could cope with πŸ‘ perhaps thats the case Derby are putting forward and if they offer 6 we will accept. Obviously all conjecture tho
  2. Like i said im not saying its a conspiracy and i really get they are probably just incompetent but governing bodies have been terribly corrupt in the past so its no surprise when some fans think the EFL are using influence to give us unfair referee decisions. Even Rooney skirted around it in his post match interview
  3. Im not saying they do have an agenda against us when i say this but its not like footballing governing bodies have ever been corrupt before tho is it Slepp? πŸ˜‰
  4. Last seasons tactics were atrocious. After seeing the preseason games and the first game it looked like we mightve adopted a different way of playing but the last min goals really brought back the end of last season to many fans. I dont think Rooney is going to be a good manager to be fair but i also dont disagree when he says who else would do this job,so giving him 10 games is probably about right. I really hope he proves the doubters (me inc) as he has started to grow on me a bit and he hasnt had much help. Lampard had the best chance for promotion for a few years and ducked it up. AC Milan CH, England Midfielder and Harry Wilson banging in the goals and we still didnt go up. We had some good games but he failed with players that shouldve done better. Imo
  5. Dont post much but felt i needed to join the no need for an apology gang. Its a difficult situation and i think everyone can see how hard you worked. Keep ur pecker up mateπŸ‘ I do agree tho that the RamsTrust statement is a bit vague and short but that's all weve got so far
  6. Im not actually disagreeing with you. What im saying is will the EFL see it like that? Or will they think this is another way Mel is trying to put one over them and every other club in the league. Not perfect when were trying to get them to let us sign more players before the deadline
  7. Im not whipping anyone into a frenzy. I just think with the dodgy relationship we currently have with the EFL, i think this wont go down very well on the bridge building frontπŸ‘
  8. These people are dodgy and if Mel has asked Samuelson to sell Derby then were dodgy by association. Just Mel saying the way of getting out of paying the 150m in one go might get us into hot water with the EFL when they see it. I agree its not against any rules but that line of defence hasn't worked very well for us lately has it🀨
  9. I love that. Always a captain, arm band or not πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
  10. Yeah i agree. Im no Rooney fan and he still needs to win me over with actually winning games but hes got a difficult job and I too am warming to him. Lets hope he pulls it off πŸ‘
  11. Aluko signed for Ipswich too. I cant see us getting Garner when league one teams are trumping our offersπŸ˜•
  12. He ran like Phoebe in Friends πŸ˜‚ it was as if his legs didnt communicate with the rest of his body πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Not a great player, not bad going forward but lacks defensive attributes. Good luck to him i say
  13. That is true, we always poo out. I think it comes right from the top Sad but i cant see us getting another point
  14. Im in too. Steak bakeπŸ‘
  15. Im sorry to say i agree, its sad but we need a change of ideas. Last roll of the dice. Lets give Mac one last go and hope we pick up some points
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