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  1. He ran like Phoebe in Friends 😂 it was as if his legs didnt communicate with the rest of his body 😂😂😂 Not a great player, not bad going forward but lacks defensive attributes. Good luck to him i say
  2. That is true, we always poo out. I think it comes right from the top Sad but i cant see us getting another point
  3. Im in too. Steak bake👍
  4. Im sorry to say i agree, its sad but we need a change of ideas. Last roll of the dice. Lets give Mac one last go and hope we pick up some points
  5. Chances are these days any takeover will be done by someone fronting an investment group. To me they all seem dodgy. I always think of Keith with his train set but thats just how football has gone. I cant see this being anymore dodgy than the fake sheik and his vanishing millions
  6. Its an interesting point. We do seem to have our fair share of injuries. Im not saying we have more than any other club so dont jump down my throat. After listening to a few podcasts of the players especially the George Thorne one it does make me wonder if as a club we actually do any yoga based rehab? Or something similar (i dont know im not an expert) but if not then why not?
  7. Just ignore the comments if you find them boring. I thought this thread was all about the take over/non take over. If we were only allowed to comment when some official news came out it would be a really short thread and nobody couldve commented since xmas. Personally i dont think its going to happen but its interesting to keep scanning thru this thread to see whats being said and some of the wild rumours and i can look and make my own mind up what i believe 👍
  8. I always thought we shouldve signed Kuqi👍 Im not going to moan about Gregory, lets just see how he fits in and what he does in a Rams shirt👍
  9. I thought the chap in Dubai was quite interesting. Not sure he'd really be in the know but hes a lot closer to where the BZI group are than me so thought id give it a quick listen. 👍
  10. Saying on Twitter its a no from Sheff U
  11. We arenot stakeholders in a financial sense but we are stakeholders in Derby County Football Club. The whole idea of the club is only that, an idea. The company we have no stake in whatsoever but the club we are the only reason it exists. Whithout the fans there is no Derby County. Just look at the trouble no fans is causing all clubs up n down the country. 👍
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