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  1. Joe Ledley - Signed

    I cant see the problem with this. This should see us thru until we can sign a younger replacement in Jan. It's a sensible option but could turn out to be really good. We do moan a lot on here you know.
  2. v Barnsley (A) - Cup predictions

    Barnsley 1 Derby 3 Martin fgs
  3. Delusions of Billy

    These are the ramblings of a paranoid person. The 3rd person reference was always a bit weird but this has took it up a notch
  4. Derby County v Hull City

    League cup deffo but my memory has gone to pot since 40
  5. Derby County v Hull City

    I remember Southend 7 0 back in the early 90s I'm sure collywobble played for them as well but that makes me feel very old. Lets go for 7

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