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  1. COYR
    Robram got a reaction from 48 hours in What is best away grounds been to past and present   
    Peterborough away is always good . Nice old town and good pubs . Terracing last time which was Will Hughes debut and good atmosphere singing all through half time nonstop
  2. Like
    Robram got a reaction from superzak in What is best away grounds been to past and present   
    Thats brought the memories back . Newport away new years day and it was peeing it down. Mark Wallington walking up and down the goal line pretending to hold an umbrella like in Singing in the Rain . 
  3. Haha
    Robram got a reaction from Srg in Derby v Reading 17/3/20 Match Report   
    Had 2-0 at the bookies , but they are refusing to pay out  . Where do I stand ? 
  4. Haha
    Robram got a reaction from SIXTEEN AGAIN in Derby v Reading 17/3/20 Match Report   
    Had 2-0 at the bookies , but they are refusing to pay out  . Where do I stand ? 
  5. Clap
    Robram reacted to TramRam in What make you a Derby Fan   
    As a 10 year old growing up in Chadd i'd heard of DCFC but more interested in climbing trees and falling out of them, Then one Saturday in 1966 I decided to walk into town down Nottingham Road and through the old Cattle Market and mooch around Cockpit Hill open market, I saw all these men(not too many Women in 1966 went)walking down Siddles road(was it Siddles road?) where the paint works was, Pavement was red and yellow...lol, Well I followed and followed not a clue where I was heading, Until I saw a football ground, This was quite an experience for me as i'd never seen one, Well I walked around and asked what was happening , A man said this is the home of Derby County.
    Now as a nosey kid, I wanted to know how to get in but had no loot so asked the local kids(around my age)they said the gates open(kids pen)about 4-30pm, So we played around the streets, Heard noises that i'd never heard before...come on Derby, Cheers and kick it then groans(yes groans even in them days)4-30 came and as I was told the gates opened and around 6-8 of us walked in, I had to move to the front as I wasn't that tall but I could see the players, The keeper was either Reg Mathews or Ken Oxford, We played PNE and lost 2-0 or 2-1 not sure...I was hooked.
    The next season I went to around 10-12 games, The season after I did the lot, Then came along a brash and young man called Brian Clough, WOW did DCFC change 2nd division champions, 1st division champions, European games, We beat all and sundry at the BBG, Being squashed in the "A" Stand Paddock when beating Spurs 5-0, Being in the Ossie End when again beating Sours 8-2, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Und, Leeds Utd, Real Madrid, Benfica, Juventus, Forest(4-1...lol)all new how horrible playing at the BBG and being an arms length from us was like, Players refusing to take corners or throw ins, The Fulham game where a Fulham player was kicked, Franny Lee and Norman Hunter having fun on the pitch, I've been clumped by OB, Squashed by OBs horses, Abused by OB, Kept in railway stations against my will by OB, Thumped by away supporters, Been fed absolute crap at some away grounds, Been treated as a leaper by those who never understood what a football supporter is about, Queued up in freezing temparatures at stupid o'clock for Leaague cup tickets against Chelsea and Everton in the late 60s, Fell out with the wife when pinching money out of her purse when going to away games, Been chucked out at Orient, Leicester(when we played Arsenal there)arrested and charged for being a football hooligan, Fighing left right and centre when away fans wanted to take the Popside.
    Derby County was my life just like it is for some on here, I loved them so much that nothing else counted...even family at times.
    In my mid 60s now, Life has changed along with Soccer(sorry football...lol)Seating, Lack of atmosphere, Not being able to have a pop at those on the pitch who we're not bothered about the shirt...Mick Coop remember him, Sky TV, BT TV(I have both what a hypocrite I am)i'm making a big choice in the next few weeks as to whether I re new or not, My love for DCFC has waned this last few years, The constant changing of games from Saturday to appease Sky and BT makes me want to say...bugger!!
    There comes a time when you fall out of Love with something, Your Girlfriend, Your Wife, Your Job and yes even your Football Club.
    Football, It makes you laugh and Cry.
  6. Clap
    Robram reacted to uttoxram75 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    Between us, me and my lad have had almost every shirt since the 70's, all got worn that much that they ended up as painting or gardening shirts, worn during training sessions for Sunday/Saturday leagues, school matches, 5 a sides etc...all knackered and worn out now (and the shirts)......living over the border in Staffs it is the law to wear Derby shirts at every given opportunity so every iconic item we ever owned got wasted.
    Ive still got a drawer full of old shirts that I wear for mowing the lawn, cutting the hedge, going to the tip, annoying Stokies.
  7. Haha
    Robram got a reaction from IslandExile in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Just one thing , now ive sobered up , living in the middle of chip eating bald headed fat mouthy  stokie scum ……..
      ….. thank you Derby
  8. COYR
    Robram got a reaction from SKRam in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Just one thing , now ive sobered up , living in the middle of chip eating bald headed fat mouthy  stokie scum ……..
      ….. thank you Derby
  9. COYR
    Robram got a reaction from jono in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Just one thing , now ive sobered up , living in the middle of chip eating bald headed fat mouthy  stokie scum ……..
      ….. thank you Derby
  10. Cheers
    Robram got a reaction from jimbo jones in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Just one thing , now ive sobered up , living in the middle of chip eating bald headed fat mouthy  stokie scum ……..
      ….. thank you Derby
  11. Haha
    Robram reacted to RIMBAUD in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    My favourite contribution:
    'We were completely outplayed by fat, out of shape granny shagger, who made us like a bunch of disorganized, clueless, school kids.  Rooney never broke sweat, sprayed the ball around for fun and scored a great goal.'

  12. Clap
    Robram reacted to uttoxram75 in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Dear Phil, Wazzer & co,
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, ie, Germany invading Poland in 1939, my fathers family were forced to leave the metropolis of California and head west along Uttoxeter New Road to pastures new. Despite having sheepshagging blood I found myself growing up in the neighbouring county of Staffordshire, tantalisingly close to the verdant lushness of Derbyshire, within sight of the verdure leafage of Doveridge and beyond to be precise.
    While winning against the gumps is always No.1, followed by the dirties of course, I have a special plea to your good selves on this damp, miserable, last day of European fraternity, to deliver a veritable tonic to a few hardy souls who have braved the gobby, clayheaded, chipeateng hordes for many a year. For some reason, the aforementioned forces of darkness seem to think they are invincible due to winning a couple of games which has led to an out break of hysteria only matched by the epidemic currently engulfing the city of Wuhan in China.
    Therefore, dear Phil and Wazzer, to ensure I can walk into work, nay, sashay into work, on Monday morning, may I implore you to play like demons tonight culminating with a splendid volley from your good self Wayne, to send the utch Rams back along the A50 pointing and laughing at the feral beasts from the concrete canyons.
    Yours hopefully,
  13. Haha
    Robram reacted to Dimmu in January 2020 transfer window   
    Where's all the youngsters? Cocu out.
  14. Like
    Robram reacted to Sean in v Barnsley (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Looks like Frank got his man eventually 😂

  15. Haha
    Robram reacted to RamNut in Players not paid on time   
    I think it was that win bonus that did it.
    we hadn’t budgeted for that.
  16. Clap
    Robram reacted to Kernow in Jason Knight Knight Knight   
    Oh Jason Knight,
    Late December in 2019,
    Scored his first goals for Derby
    What a player, Jason Knight
  17. Haha
    Robram got a reaction from ThePrisoner in New: Manager or not   
    Think the DET might be onto something here.....
    It is not on our agenda that he will leave the club in January."
    Cocu was on the substitutes' bench again in the Boxing Day fixture at Wigan.
    He replaced Chris Martin on the hour and made a difference to Derby's attacking threat in the 1-1 draw.
  18. Haha
    Robram reacted to Mostyn6 in Jack Marriott “ Off the Field Antics”   
  19. Like
    Robram got a reaction from Edtheram in V Blackburn (A) Matchday Thread   
    Just sooo slow today . Anyone else managed to do other things while Andre Wisdom decided what to do with the ball ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,I managed to check my phone for text messages,,,,,,,,,
  20. Haha
    Robram reacted to cosmic in Players fines   
    Not running the ball into the corner when we're 1-0 up with 5 minutes to go = one plane ticket to go back "where you came from"
  21. Clap
    Robram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in We are all Derby   
    So many divisive issues in recent years. Why'd we sell Hughes, likewise Hendrick, is Nigel Pearson a massive ****, has Keogh always got a mistake in him, does the stud prefer golf to footy, why no Vydra, go eat a bowl of **** Roman, on and on, yadda, yadda, yadda but none that measures up to the uproar brought about by a bunch of lads getting pished and ducking up royally. The upshot? Folk saying they're no longer going to games, others at one another's throats on here, players, the manager and the owner under fire. One thing's for sure, it's never dull being a Derby fan.
    The arrogance, stupidity and  recklessness of some of the squad notwithstanding, we are all Derby and whatever we feel about the idiocy of some of the players, surely the club is bigger than a couple of ricks who can't handle their ale. Can we not put this bolarks aside for the time being and not add to what is fast becoming a toxic atmosphere? Save for a brief period under Lamps, it's been yonks since we all stood together but how good were those brief periods when we did? Norwich away, Manure undone in their own backyard, Leeds, oh yes! Take your scarves and duck off home, I was bouncing off the wallsand I'm sure I was not alone.
    For those saying the lads, the manager and even the owner have disgraced the club, really? Fair enough, Mason and Tom have no excuses but they have a court case coming up and were we to ban them, or as some have demanded, sack them right off without delay, would we not then have preempted due process and potentially predjucied their case? Is that really waht we expect the club to do or is the management team doing exactly what they should in the circumstances? They may not deserve the loyalty shown, but nor can the club issue judgment before their case is heard, irrespective of the weight of evidence and the likely outcome of their trials. If, as seems almost certain, Tom and Mason are found guilty as charged, then and only then can we take a view on the club's stance which I am sure will be appropriate. Until then, let's give Cocu and Mel a break FFS! Those who understand Mel in particular will know that he is not the kind of guy who will preempt the court's decision, but neither is he likely to shirk the tough calls after the case is heard. Likewise Cocu. Let's not mistake their current stance for weakness or worse still, tolerance, because I'm certain both will do what is necessary at the appropriate time and that is not now. Innocent until proven guilty, after which we bloodlet as we need to, if that'll make this whole shitstorm easier to swallow.
    At the end of the day, it's really simple. It's our call. We make a choice to stand together when our beloved club needs us most, or we stand in line with Leeds, Boro, the EFL, Sky and every other ducker with and axe to grind and help them tear it all down.
    I know where I stand. What say you? 
  22. Clap
    Robram reacted to Alpha in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    The "seasons of failure" poo really pisses me off.
    Spoken like the true precious little flower of a football fan. 
    There's levels to this poo. Just like there's levels in your jobs. Are you top of your line of work? No? Failure then!! I don't care if you think you're successful. You're either first or nowhere.
    Where's success by the way? The PL? Getting whipped my Man City and finishing with more losses than wins? That's success is it. Or maybe that's failure too. Maybe we a failures if we don't win that league. 
    Speaking of Man City. Failures. And Pep. And Klopp and Liverpool. Failed to win the CL and Klopp failed to win the PL.
    Both sides are failures. 
    Wolves last season. Failure. Won nothing. 
    Iceland national team? Failures. 
    Get some ducking perspective for ducks sake.
  23. Like
    Robram got a reaction from Raich Van Carter in Ian Holloway Article   
    I was at Brentford . At half time there were a lot of boos as the players walked off the pitch  . The tunnel at Brentford is in the corner and so the players had to walk past the away fans . At full time there was mixture of abuse shouted at the players as well as the usual applause for the players at the end of the game . Cocu applauded the fans as he walked off  , and he continued this as he had abuse shouted at him . 
        I think a lot was just frustration at a poor performance and the same fans will be singing Cocu,s name when it starts to click . 
  24. Haha
    Robram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Is the match on TV tonight?   
    Yes I realised it wasn't on Rams TV when it was too late.
    I'm now stood in Holland surrounded by coffee shops and half naked women kicking myself for having a wasted journey (he wishes).
  25. Clap
    Robram got a reaction from Grimbeard in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    If you want to learn and get your badges , why not Derby ? 
    Working with Cocu
    Without the Prem League pressure 
    Top Class Academy
    bet he,s begging us …….
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