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    Robram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in We are all Derby   
    So many divisive issues in recent years. Why'd we sell Hughes, likewise Hendrick, is Nigel Pearson a massive ****, has Keogh always got a mistake in him, does the stud prefer golf to footy, why no Vydra, go eat a bowl of **** Roman, on and on, yadda, yadda, yadda but none that measures up to the uproar brought about by a bunch of lads getting pished and ducking up royally. The upshot? Folk saying they're no longer going to games, others at one another's throats on here, players, the manager and the owner under fire. One thing's for sure, it's never dull being a Derby fan.
    The arrogance, stupidity and  recklessness of some of the squad notwithstanding, we are all Derby and whatever we feel about the idiocy of some of the players, surely the club is bigger than a couple of ricks who can't handle their ale. Can we not put this bolarks aside for the time being and not add to what is fast becoming a toxic atmosphere? Save for a brief period under Lamps, it's been yonks since we all stood together but how good were those brief periods when we did? Norwich away, Manure undone in their own backyard, Leeds, oh yes! Take your scarves and duck off home, I was bouncing off the wallsand I'm sure I was not alone.
    For those saying the lads, the manager and even the owner have disgraced the club, really? Fair enough, Mason and Tom have no excuses but they have a court case coming up and were we to ban them, or as some have demanded, sack them right off without delay, would we not then have preempted due process and potentially predjucied their case? Is that really waht we expect the club to do or is the management team doing exactly what they should in the circumstances? They may not deserve the loyalty shown, but nor can the club issue judgment before their case is heard, irrespective of the weight of evidence and the likely outcome of their trials. If, as seems almost certain, Tom and Mason are found guilty as charged, then and only then can we take a view on the club's stance which I am sure will be appropriate. Until then, let's give Cocu and Mel a break FFS! Those who understand Mel in particular will know that he is not the kind of guy who will preempt the court's decision, but neither is he likely to shirk the tough calls after the case is heard. Likewise Cocu. Let's not mistake their current stance for weakness or worse still, tolerance, because I'm certain both will do what is necessary at the appropriate time and that is not now. Innocent until proven guilty, after which we bloodlet as we need to, if that'll make this whole shitstorm easier to swallow.
    At the end of the day, it's really simple. It's our call. We make a choice to stand together when our beloved club needs us most, or we stand in line with Leeds, Boro, the EFL, Sky and every other ducker with and axe to grind and help them tear it all down.
    I know where I stand. What say you? 
  2. Clap
    Robram reacted to Alpha in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    The "seasons of failure" poo really pisses me off.
    Spoken like the true precious little flower of a football fan. 
    There's levels to this poo. Just like there's levels in your jobs. Are you top of your line of work? No? Failure then!! I don't care if you think you're successful. You're either first or nowhere.
    Where's success by the way? The PL? Getting whipped my Man City and finishing with more losses than wins? That's success is it. Or maybe that's failure too. Maybe we a failures if we don't win that league. 
    Speaking of Man City. Failures. And Pep. And Klopp and Liverpool. Failed to win the CL and Klopp failed to win the PL.
    Both sides are failures. 
    Wolves last season. Failure. Won nothing. 
    Iceland national team? Failures. 
    Get some ducking perspective for ducks sake.
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    Robram got a reaction from Raich Van Carter in Ian Holloway Article   
    I was at Brentford . At half time there were a lot of boos as the players walked off the pitch  . The tunnel at Brentford is in the corner and so the players had to walk past the away fans . At full time there was mixture of abuse shouted at the players as well as the usual applause for the players at the end of the game . Cocu applauded the fans as he walked off  , and he continued this as he had abuse shouted at him . 
        I think a lot was just frustration at a poor performance and the same fans will be singing Cocu,s name when it starts to click . 
  4. Haha
    Robram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Is the match on TV tonight?   
    Yes I realised it wasn't on Rams TV when it was too late.
    I'm now stood in Holland surrounded by coffee shops and half naked women kicking myself for having a wasted journey (he wishes).
  5. Clap
    Robram got a reaction from Grimbeard in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    If you want to learn and get your badges , why not Derby ? 
    Working with Cocu
    Without the Prem League pressure 
    Top Class Academy
    bet he,s begging us …….
  6. Like
    Robram got a reaction from admira in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    If you want to learn and get your badges , why not Derby ? 
    Working with Cocu
    Without the Prem League pressure 
    Top Class Academy
    bet he,s begging us …….
  7. Clap
    Robram got a reaction from therealhantsram in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    If you want to learn and get your badges , why not Derby ? 
    Working with Cocu
    Without the Prem League pressure 
    Top Class Academy
    bet he,s begging us …….
  8. Clap
    Robram reacted to RamNut in Chris Martin fitness   
    We have lost quite a lot of players since last season
    right now i can't see any reason why waghorn, marriott, martin and bennett can't be the four strikers.
  9. Haha
    Robram reacted to Will I Ram in Management of Marriott   
    I guess that rules out Bergkamp then
  10. Haha
    Robram got a reaction from 1967Ram in PLAY OFF FINAL - DCFCFANS ROLL CALL   
    Will go if im not too busy
  11. Like
    Robram got a reaction from Saffy van der Ram in Stop Crying Frank Lampard!   
    Stop Laughing Frank Lampard
  12. Clap
    Robram got a reaction from RamNut in Stop Crying Frank Lampard!   
    Stop Laughing Frank Lampard
  13. Clap
    Robram reacted to KBB in Is Harry Wilson undroppable   
    Wondered hen this old chestnut would reappear.
    He is "undroppable" because as a young , creative, flair player he can create a goal out of nothing, score a goal out of nothing and can win you a game singlehandedly.
    He is "droppable" because as a young, creative, flair player he can go missing in games for long periods of time, get marked or kicked out of a game and be on the fringes of games with little or no impact.
    He owes us nothing this season for his effort and his impact. In the team for me every time.
  14. Haha
    Robram reacted to Mick Brolly in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    bet the person it hit walking down the road didn't.
  15. Like
    Robram reacted to B4ev6is in Derby County v Rotherham United   
    Derby will win just get me into changing rooms I get them fired up.
  16. Clap
    Robram reacted to Premier ram in Villa v Derby   
    nearly back in derby , that has been coming for awhile , i think injuries and certain players playing more games than they are used too , therefore we are managing fitness and fatigue at the moment as well,  is killing us, totally ran ragged today , holmes and bird get some credit , they tried hard , felt sorry for keogh and tomori , one way traffic and they were left exposed a lot of the time , seen a few posts on here and also listened to some of the awful abuse in the away end today towards the team and management  , this makes me more sad than the result , Derby County is a big job and we are not going to become world beaters overnight , more experienced managers than Frank have tried and failed at this football club , we have to stick by Lampard , im sure he will get things right , get behind the lads in the run of home games coming up , we are not out of it yet , COYR
  17. Clap
    Robram reacted to BaaLocks in Marriott the ultimate clone   
    Actually, in playing style he reminds me of Paul Goddard, the way he falls back off defences and almost runs against the flow of play to make the openings. Marriott looks like a great buy, a steal in the inflated market we live in, but before we start going all gooey kneed I would take a moment to think of his club predecessor, Assombalongabingbong. Half a season in after 'they' signed him people were talking of him as a thing of wonder, he's stalled a little and while he is still an effective Championship player he would be first on the 'For Sale' list of Boro got promoted. All I am saying is that careers are written over seasons, not over a few games - happy to have him but this (hopefully) is only the beginning.
  18. Clap
    Robram reacted to Alpha in Loan Return Planning   
    Well Chelsea might agree for them to return again unless a lower PL side wants them. They're getting what they need. I mean Mount thrived in Holland and you can see he's going to play at the highest level but right now he's getting tested in this league. He's not smashing it. If they know he'll play most games, that he's playing a role that suits him and he's learning then why would they have a problem. Maybe Mount might fancy new scenery but from the way he's behaved I would have thought another season here doesn't sound too bad?
    Tomori is where he belongs. He's a young man playing every week at CB at the top end of the Champ. He's perfectly placed? So again could you see Chelsea having a problem? 
    Wilson is a bit more tricky. His best bits show him to be a worthy addition a PL side looking for an impact player with a touch of magic. The bigger picture though is that he plays like a kid on a park. He lacks discipline and has plenty of moments where he's naive. So you'd think while Liverpool would look for him to iron those cracks out they may want to look to loan him out to a higher level if possible. 
    I'm not worried about all 3 leaving. People didn't think we'd survive the loss of Rob Hulse. We even survived the loss of Hughes and Ince. We'd cope. We'd have to.
    I think even if they never return that what they've done is show us what we need in our squad. They fit the "type". All three have slotted in so Lampard could focus on finding similar players. So having them here and not getting promoted wouldn't be a total waste of time for us. 
    But at the end of the day these are players with the quality we can't afford. They're only here because they're own teams can't risk putting their naivety in their own teams. Because they are developing that talent. Hence why we put up with their daft moments. There will always be players available for loan. Failing that we may have to sacrifice some of that wonderful technique in favour of smarter players. Streetwise players. 
    In short, I'm not worried.
    But I don't think any will be for sale. Not even Tomori. We see his mistakes as costing us points but for the Chelsea scouts I guess they see him getting educated. He's a class player that lacks a concentration and has some of these clever strikers losing him. They've been doing it years, people like Sharp. Look at our own David Nugent for a crafty fecker that reads the game well. 
  19. Clap
    Robram reacted to sage in It seems obvious (to me)   
    We haven't quite got the balance between attack and defence, between skill and physicality, between pressing and getting behind the ball. Yesterday as in many games, opposition attacks started from us losing possession in midfield/attack or the opposition picking up the vast majority of loose balls.
    Yes we were unlucky with the offside decisions and yes Tomori didn't do well for the first 2 goals, especially the 2nd, but in terms of patterns of play and recurring circumstance, the opposition gaining possession when we are clearing our lines or committing to an attack, leads to intense pressure on our defence, who regularly have to deal with overwhelming attacks. Our centre backs have to mark the CFs cover our attacking FBs, pass more than anyone else and also take the ball into midfield.
    So what are the solutions? There are 3
    Since Forsyth got injured we have been left with 2 overly attacking full backs, who are often caught upfield. Lowe returning will only continue with this imbalance. You could argue that returning Wisdom to the team may help address this. I would suggest that the Wisdom of 4 years ago may have done, but he seems a long way off this. We need a new full back. Or two.
    For me the most urgent problem is our inability to pick up loose balls and win 50/50s in midfield. Many point to Huddlestone's lack of pace as the biggest issue, however if a player of his ability had pace he would still be playing for Spurs and possibly England. All Championship players have flaws and managing them into a team is about a blend of abilities and covering flaws. Furthermore in our style of play our 'press' isn't in the DCM position. The DCM is a deep lying playmaker not a destroyer. The ball winners in our system play further upfield. Mount is our chance provider and does nick the ball away sometimes but is lightweight. So his partner needs to be a pacy, strong, energetic ballwinner. We have Bryson. We need a Darryl Powell or Leicester era Robbie Savage.
    Our front 3 has been the section of our team which has seen the most changes of our team. The CF position has been Nugent or Marriott. Nugent tends to link play better but Marriott scores the goals. I feel that if Marriott plays we need a physical threat out wide like Waghorn or Bennett. When Nugent plays we need someone with pace who can also run in behind and/or beat a man and get a cross in. Josefzoon isn't looking good enough to start, so we missing someone here.
    In summary we need a FB, a energetic ball winning CM to play alongside Mount and a pacy winger who can beat a man. 
  20. Haha
    Robram reacted to VulcanRam in Tom Lawrence   
    Lawrence has become a lot better in my eyes since I dropped my expectation level of him down to zero. That way, when he does something good I can appreciate it rather than expect it, and when he does something bad, I'm not disappointed because I have no expectations.
  21. Haha
    Robram reacted to RamNut in Come on lads beat forest   
    Sad news b4
    i'm in west stand so i will respectfully observe 90 minutes of silence.
  22. Haha
    Robram reacted to bigbadbob in 10 years of the Big Flag   
    nice one
  23. Clap
    Robram reacted to Edtheram in View from the outside   
    I think Derby are very underestimated this season. Villa and Forest have again splashed the cash and we are again above both. We have the 4th best home form in the league and 5th best away i think so our league position speaks for its self. Kenny burns can say what he wants weve lost 2 in 12 and won at Wigan who had a very good home record keeping a clean sheet, defence doesn't seem too bad. We have exciting youth. They bought Grabban for 6 Million hes 30 - hes only going down in value. We have Marriott who is only 24 and already banging in the goals give him 3 years and see how good he is. Im excited by us, If we play how we can im confident. if we play below 80% it could become difficult.
  24. Clap
    Robram reacted to BrentW in 3rd Round FA Cup Draw, Monday 3rd December   
    I'll have a bet on Derby going to the fourth round. I think the Rams have only shown flashes of what they're really capable of.
  25. Like
    Robram reacted to 1of4 in V Swansea (h) match thread   
    Until Nugent went off, we were well in control of the game. He led the line well, prompting others around him to close down on Swansea's defence. Once he went off our forward line stop closing down giving Swansea more time and space to control the ball enabling them set up their attacks.
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