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  1. I was at Brentford . At half time there were a lot of boos as the players walked off the pitch . The tunnel at Brentford is in the corner and so the players had to walk past the away fans . At full time there was mixture of abuse shouted at the players as well as the usual applause for the players at the end of the game . Cocu applauded the fans as he walked off , and he continued this as he had abuse shouted at him . I think a lot was just frustration at a poor performance and the same fans will be singing Cocu,s name when it starts to click .
  2. Preston up in court as well , they've got Adam ORielly wearing number 32
  3. If you want to learn and get your badges , why not Derby ? Working with Cocu Without the Prem League pressure Top Class Academy bet he,s begging us …….
  4. ooh Frank Lampard Weve got Cocu He,s better than you And 7 million in the bank ……... Anyone finish it for me ?
  5. Stop Laughing Frank Lampard
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