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  1. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Turnstile in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    Keogh’s best ever game for Derby.
  2. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Mick Brolly in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    Good solid team performance nothing spectacular but most importantly 3 more points for Rooney's rams 🐏 
  3. COYR
  4. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Black ('n' White) Sheep in If Carlsberg did Rams’ fans return to Pride Park….   
    1. It's a Friday night. Back to the usual weekday pre-match build up of a curry and a couple of pints with the lads before walking to the ground.
    2. Bump into some of the old faces at the fan park, where we're unexpectedly joined by Rooney and some first teamers just coming in to say hi.
    3. By pure coincidence, the game that's on is Derby v Forest. The atmosphere is incredible. 90mins of non-stop chanting. Even the Toyota Stand is doing the bounce. We win 5-0 with a CKR hat-trick, Shinniesta 40 yard screamer and a Waggy mishit which deflects into the net off a plastic inflatable sheep that's found it's way on to the pitch.
    One can dream eh? 😂🐑
  5. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to David in If Carlsberg did Rams’ fans return to Pride Park….   
    I’m only on Facebook and Twitter out of those. 
    Just cos you can’t show your face on social media since being labelled The Yorkshire Fiddler after your Hillsborough toilet antics.
  6. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Anag Ram in If Carlsberg did Rams’ fans return to Pride Park….   
    Observe recommendation to set off to arrive 4 hours before the game.
    Eye everyone on the train with suspicion. Join a mob in beating up a man who coughs after eating a buffet car pie (thus proving no taste).
    Arrive at Derby station where all police are in Hazmat suits and spray me down.
    Walk past the Brunny where everyone is hammered on half a pint after the lay-off.
    Arrive at the ground and follow the pairs of shoes markings two metres apart. Queue for three hours and arrive at turnstiles. Roll up sleeve and get injection of vaccine.
    Sit on ski lift style chair which winches me to my seat.
    Fit catheter and bag. Drink from Thermos. Read booing instructions. What time, which direction etc.
    Alternate clapping and silence before game for NHS, BLM, Cat Protection League etc (whichever have been nominated as top ten causes that week)
    Watch as Derby kick-off with a back pass to Marshall then nine players take off at breakneck speed to challenge for the punt upfield.
    Applaud the six yard sideways pass I used to hate as the only footballing highlight of the first half.
    At half time, use binoculars to scan the other stands for chums.
    Cheer in second half as we score, only for the goal to be disallowed under new Championship VAR rules which notice two fans were less than two metres apart.
    Return home on 9pm train after orderly but tortuous exit from ground orchestrated by the army.
  7. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Carnero in Wycombe v Derby, Tuesday 16th February   
    Well said Ange. Some football fans these days are weird! Fact.
  8. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Uptherams in Wycombe v Derby, Tuesday 16th February   
    The biggest lesson of this game is that you play your strongest lineup. It was clear that he was resting players for Watford. You don't do that in this league. We aren't Man U. All eyes on your current fixture because bottom of the league can be tougher than top of the league. Nothing is guaranteed. 
  9. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Wycombe v Derby, Tuesday 16th February   
    Not kept a clean sheet in the last 3 games, defence has fallen off a cliff...... 🤣
    Can't be letting all this positivity pass un-MoodHoovered.... 🤣
  10. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to therealhantsram in The Mel Morris Interview   
    "bits chopped off my bowel and back" doesn't sound good.
    Best wishes Mel.
  11. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Mucker1884 in First TV   
    And if legend is to be believed...
    Ted Lowe:
    "...and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green".
    John Motson:
    "For those of you watching in black and white, spurs are in the all yellow strip".
  12. Like
    DesertRam reacted to YouRams in CKR another year?   
    Good player to keep around even if he’s off the bench next season
  13. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Eatonram in CKR another year?   
    He seems fit, he has enough pace for the role he plays, he is a good motivator in the pitch and has great experience and so far, dare I say it, he doesn’t seem injury prone. 
    it’s a yes from me. 
  14. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Jimbo Ram in If you could pick 2 Rams games....   
    The first, to relive and experience a game you actually went to and be at the game again and second, pick a Rams game that you weren't at but you wish you had of been, which two games would you pick?
    I have been going to Rams games since the mid 70's, mid 80's followed the team home and away, been at every Rams Wembley game since the Charity Shield other than the Villa game....so many to choose from. For me, the game I was at that I would like to relive and be at again was the 3-1 away win at Spuds in the late 80's, 2 Tin Man goals. The noise, the drama, the excitement being behind the goal in the way end, the memory lives on. Secondly, a game that I wasn't at that I wish I had of been....the 4-1 Real Madrid match, that Charlie George goal, just edges out the play off win at the Dirties........thoughts???
  15. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Carl Sagan in First TV   
    Not long after the war, my granddad apparently made TVs for several people in his street in Littleover. He was a recently discharged self-taught engineer who might have had a job at Rolls Royce. I'm not sure.
    We were black and white all through my growing up, until the early 80s I think. But I convinced myself that if I squinted, I could see colour. Partly we didn't ever have anything on the never never and also didn't believe in renting. Partly it would have been the exorbitant cost of a colour TV licence. After all, "TV detector vans are in your area" :D
  16. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Steve How Hard? in First TV   
    I think you've spelt that wrong, there is no "a" in Bird.

  17. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Coneheadjohn in First TV   
    I remember me and my brother having a Baird upstairs which glowed red in the back and ran that hot it heated the room.
    Tuning it in was akin to those WW2 code breakers listening in for enemy transmissions.
    I think it was the size of a small battleship.
  18. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to ram1964 in First TV   
    Remember the excitement when as a child parents rented a colour tv. Before that it was a coin operated tv in black and white😁. It arrived early Saturday  morning and the guy set it up and we all listened in anticipation as he showed us how it worked ,knobs, big long plastic buttons and all of 3 channels ,one with no programmes on..The guy flicked through the channels and my mother immediately told him to take it back, The 1st channel had laurel and hardy on , the second channel also appeared in black and white.The guy explained that not all programmes were shown in colour and my mother refused to believe him and thought it was all a con. Words to the effect of paying for a colour licence ect.
    happy days.
    Also remember when we got our first electric vacuum cleaner and we all wanted to have a go😂
  19. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Eddie in First TV   
    The first telly I ever saw was at my Granny's house in Little Eaton. I would have been about 4. Regular viewing for me would have been Twizzle, Torchy The Battery Boy and the highlight of the day, watching the horseracing with Grandad.
  20. Sad
    DesertRam reacted to 1of4 in First TV   
    The first tele I remember was already old, as it was bought by my parents a few years before I was born. So one of the main things I remember is my Dad jiggling with the valves in the back of the set when it had broken down, which seemed at the time to be a regular occurrence. On the occasions this jiggling failed to rectify the problem and the TV repair man was called for. Does anyone still get a TV repaired in this throw away society?
    When it finally gave up the ghost and could no longer be repaired. I can remember the excitement while waiting for a new TV to be delivered. Which was to be a modern slim 60s design, well slim compared to the old one. The new TV came with a deluxe 16 inch screen and the facility to receive BBC2 but it could still only get two channels at the time as this was a few years before  BBC2 started broadcasting.
  21. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Pearl Ram in First TV   
    We had a Ferranti, daresay they went out of business a long time ago. But what I wanted to mention was I remember, where I lived anyway, Parliament Street, if you saw an new style ariel, it meant the occupants had BBC 2 on their telly. I used think wow, they must be loaded but then, I used to think only posh kids got birthday dedications on Ed Stewpot Stewart’s Junior Choice on a Saturday/Sunday morning. 
  22. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Mick Brolly in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    We should smash these jokers they let 3 in against Rotherham. 
  23. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Coconut in Stevie Mac back on the coaching scene   
    Nahhh, that's Jonathan Mitchell back from his loan at Northampton! You age bloody quickly over there.
  24. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Oldben in Derby v Barnsley, Saturday 6th Feb - Postponed   
    A tight contest should be expected at Oakwell as Derby, fresh from an impressive run of clean sheet victories face a Barnsley side that has failed to win any of their last 5 league outings. 
    Key Facts
    Barnsley have drawn their last 2 league games following a run of 3 successive losses. They had won 5 of their 6 previous league matches
    Barnsley have won 6, lost 3 and drawn 1 of their last 10 home league matches
    Barnsley have failed to win any of their last 5 league matches
    Barnsley have not kept a clean sheet in any of their last 7 home league matches
    Derby have won each of their last 3 league matches, all by a 1:0 scoreline
    Derby have only lost 1 of their last 5 away league matches, keeping clean sheets in 4
    Derby have only lost 3 of their 13 most recent league matches
    Derby have seen under 2.5 goals scored in 21 of their last 23 league matches
    Derby are unbeaten on their last 2 visits to Oakwell
    Barnsley won 2:0 at Pride Pàrk when these sides last met in November
  25. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Kernow in Derby v Barnsley, Saturday 6th Feb - Postponed   
    I don't want to be all doom and gloom after one poor performance and awful result. We've generally played well under Rooney and although there's been a lot of one-nils, we've been pretty comfortable in them.
    Let's hope our lads aren't feeling half as negative as some on here after one poo result. We seem to lose to ugly teams that just fight every season, but we've been beating some pretty decent teams too recently. We just need to carry on as we were before today and hope that the added depth brought it can make the difference in those tight games.
    Barnsley will try to play a hell of a lot more than Rotherham, but I'd feel more confident in beating them than I would've Rotherham. We need to put it behind us and get back on track, don't let tonight hamper our survival hopes even more in coming games.
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