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  1. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to RoyMac5 in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    We've not had a lot of luck. We were a slight bounce or two away from Roberts and others going through in the box. The ref was lenient which didn't help us. We don't deserve relegation. I reckon if we'd been lucky and been able to keep Gregory fit he'd have scored a couple - he knows where to be.
  2. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Rev in Derby County - the movie.   
    Sorry mate, he's already signed up to play @David.
    While we're at it, @Boycie is taken too.

  3. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in v Reading (a) Matchday Thread   
    Byrney   Wizzy   Clarkey   Buchy
    Birdy   Shinnie
    Jozzy   Sibley   Kazzy   Laurie
  4. Clap
    DesertRam got a reaction from derbydaz22 in Mel had a dream   
    What a wonderful thing HINDSIGHT is  eh  🙄
  5. Clap
    DesertRam got a reaction from The Scarlet Pimpernel in Mel had a dream   
    What a wonderful thing HINDSIGHT is  eh  🙄
  6. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Rab a dab doo in Mel had a dream   
    Its not all been his (Mel's)  fault every manager he has employed has been backed (rightly or wrongly) in hind sight. That is because he has always look at things from a fan's prospective. Each year chasing the dream if "I just give it one more 'big' go then the prize is within our grasp syndrome  (which is in all of us). 
    Some of choices of manager seemed inspired at the time but turned out not be the case , others used use as stepping stone to bigger and better things (or so they thought). Other were just hopeful punts based on other peoples opinions. 
    The only person who as really lost out is Mel himself both monetarily and health wise. 
    As supporters we've suffers the emotional highs and low's but these have always been part and parcel of following the Rams since i was boy in mid 1960's. It will continue to be the case just as it at 90% of clubs in league. 
    I know we like to think were different to everyone else but really were not and no one has god given right to be successful all of the time.
    Ask even the 'biggest' teams fans. 
    Give the the man credit for at least thinking big just like Lionel Pickering
  7. Angry
    DesertRam reacted to Derby blood in Mel had a dream   
    Well Mel you had a dream to play the acamady, well you took us over as a top 6 team, losing to QPR in the final, he could take us down, he wasted millions, sacked loads of managers, then told his managers to play a certain way, and play the Academy, well Mel looks like you truly ducked it up
    Please do us long suffering fans one last favour, sell the club, but please sell the ground in the deal else no one will buy us. Once A Ram Always A Ram, remember those words Mel, if u really are a fan. 
  8. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Rab a dab doo in New management team required - NOW   
    Give the guy a chance.
    A month or so back 'everyone' (when things were going well)  were singing he's praises and hoping no big team would come in and lure him away at the end of season. 
    Were very fickle fans, the first sign of things going wrong we demand and shout of change both on and off the pitch. 
    Over the last few seasons due to various reasons we have practically had a different manager every season and half to two seasons.
    With that has come a massive turn around in playing staff which turn has exacerbated our perilous financial situation.
    Stability in all parts of the club what we need.
    Only with this, can we even think of moving forward. 
  9. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to CBRammette in New management team required - NOW   
    Dont think we need a new manager but perhaps that manager be given chance to appoint his own management/coaching team around him if he had no choice.  
  10. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to AndyinLiverpool in New management team required - NOW   
    A new manager would be great but in the meantime, you are right, we need to back the one we've got.
  11. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Curtains in New management team required - NOW   
    We don’t need a new Manager. 
    We need to back Rooney. 
  12. COYR
    DesertRam reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in New management team required - NOW   
    Can you tell me your exact thoughts when the HT whistle blew? 
    After 5 games of rubbish, there’s no way anybody thought we’d come back to draw. 
    The second half doesn’t paper over the cracks from the last 5 games. Only a win at Stoke will make the second half last night worth it. 
  13. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to minesahartington in New management team required - NOW   
    I like the cut of your gibbet
  14. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to MidWalesRam in New management team required - NOW   
    Get a grip on yourself
  15. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Diego in New management team required - NOW   
    Absolutely no reason why Rooney shouldn’t be questioned. This is worse than Cocu.
  16. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in New management team required - NOW   
    Get them all out. Far too inexperienced for this league. 
    We are in real danger right now and something needs to change. 
  17. COYR
  18. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Ellafella in Will Rooney stay if takeover doesn’t happen   
    They have to fill air time and yes their discussions are interesting. I like Chris Coles and Eric adds an air of very knowledgeable gravitas. I happen to think that WR has a level of emotional intelligence and wisdom that are beyond his years and has absorbed a great deal from his years in the game. During an interview, the contrast between his grinning countenance that evokes an impish outlook is in stark contrast to the cognitive cogs that are whirring in his head that give the hidden message "I may know more than I'm letting on - you decide". 
  19. COYR
    DesertRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Derby v Millwall, Match Day Thread   
    Another game against a side with 3 at the back and another game where we match them man for man in a 343.
    Byrne back in at the expense of Mengi (despite a very good game from him). Waghorn comes in for Gregory which allows Kazim to move back into the middle.
    Byrne   Edmundson   Wisdom   Clarke   Buchanan
    Knight   Shinnie
    Waghorn   Kazim   Jozwiak
    Subs: Marshall, McDonald, Forsyth, Mengi, Bird, Sibley, Watson, Roberts, Gregory
  20. Haha
  21. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Shadowplay in New joke thread   
    The wife took me out for a drive in the countryside and she said to me sexily with a wink "why don't we do something we've never done in the car before"
    "Go on then" I said, "put it in 4th gear"
  22. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to sage in New joke thread   
    Archaeologists have uncovered another tomb in an Egyptian pyramid.
    When they open the sarcophagus they found the body had been embalmed in chocolate and hazelnuts.
    They think they have found the tomb of Pharaoh Rocher.
  23. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Wolfie in New joke thread   
    A woman goes to the funeral home to visit her late husband whose funeral is the next day.
    Upon seeing the body, she says to the funeral director, “Oh, no, you've dressed him in a blue suit! He hated blue and I've given all his other suits to charity!”
    The funeral director says, “I'm not sure what we can do at this late hour, but I'll see what I can do.”
    The next day, the widow returns and asks if they had managed to sort things out and the undertaker says, “Well, as luck would have it a lady came in last night and said her husband was dressed in a grey suit and that he hated grey”.
    “Oh good!”, says the lady.
    ”Yes”, replied the funeral director, “all we had to do was swap the heads”.
  24. Like
    DesertRam reacted to Shadowplay in New joke thread   
    Two 70-year-old men, Billy and Pete, have been friends all of their lives. When it's clear that Pete is dying Billy visits him every day.
    One day Billy says, "Pete, we have both loved football all our lives, and we played football on Saturdays together for so many years. Please do me one favour, when you get to Heaven, somehow you must let me know if there's football there."
    Pete looks up at Billy from his death bed "Billy, you've been my best friend for many years. If it's at all possible, I'll do this favour for you.” Shortly after that, Pete sadly passes on.
    At midnight a couple of nights later, Billy is awakened from a sound sleep by a blinding flash of white light and a voice calling out to him
    "Who is it?”, asks Billy sitting up suddenly. "Who is it?"
    "Billy - It's me, Pete."
    "You're not Pete... Pete just died!"
    "I'm telling you, it's me...... Pete" insists the voice.
    "Pete! Where are you?"
    "I'm in heaven" replies Pete "and I have some really good news and a little bad news."
    "Tell me the good news first," says Billy.
    "The good news," Pete says, "is that there's football in heaven. Better yet, all of our old friends who died before us are here too. Better than that, we're all young again. Better still, it's always springtime and it never rains or snows. Our wives are there too, and young and pretty as ever! And best of all, we can play football all we want, and we never get tired!!"
    That's fantastic." says Billy. "It's beyond my wildest dreams! So what's the bad news?â€
    "You're in the team for this Saturday!”
  25. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Shadowplay in New joke thread   
    Can you help?
    This may be of interest to someone.
    A friend of mine has 2 tickets in a Covid secure corporate box for the next Wales v England game Saturday 28th November.
    He paid £300 each but he didn’t realise when he bought them that it was going to be the same day as his wedding! If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place.
    It’s at Derby Registry Office at 4 pm.
    The bride’s name is Sarah and she’s 5ft 5”, about 9 stone, quite pretty, has her own income and is a really good cook.
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