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  1. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Igorwasking in John Terry targeted to replace Lampard   
    Those wrinkles are natural - you need to learn to live with them (maybe even embrace them!)
  2. Cheers
    DesertRam reacted to ilkleyram in Good omens for this season   
    The season kicks off in 6 weeks which is a lucky number in Chinese and extra lucky for us because it is 6 weeks and 3 sleeps and 3 divides into 6 exactly, so that's extra lucky.
    We're playing Huddersfield first up on a Monday night. Monday has 6 letters unlike Saturday, but that won't stop us from losing. We probably will. But that's lucky because when we start a season badly it's often a good season by the end
    And we will have a manager who will be positive and committed to the cause of getting us up; we will have new players who may, or may not, be good and we will see Mr Shinnie in action as well as new youngsters from the Academy and maybe a new loanee or two; it will be hot, the pitch will look wonderful, the fans will be tanned and full of the joys of a new season and that lot will be champions by August 10th. The angst and strife of the last few weeks will be a distant memory, we'll be keeping half an eye on Aberdeen's results and perhaps we'll even have a bounce
    Roll on. Can't wait.
  3. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to RamNut in The Shortlist...   
    Not tall enough.
  4. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Derby blood in Thank you Bryson   
    Thanks for all the great memory's Mr Bryson, you gave your all for our great club, you will never be forgotten, you played with passion, desire and never gave up, met him once and what a down to Earth person, all the best at Aberdeen, will be keeping tabs on you while you are up there, and one moment no ram fan will ever forget was that great hat trick against the red dogs. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  5. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to oldtimeram in Suggestions for the next Derby manager   
    How about bringing back Clough and bringing in Peter Taylor from Dagenham as his number two? 
    Now that would have a ring to it? 
    Clough - Manager 
    Peter Taylor - Assistant Manager
  6. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    I know he’s going to leave! I just know it isn’t going to be this summer.
    The reason I am over confident is it’s all made up paper ********. The link is so simple and easy to make. He’s said he’s staying, he looks visibly pissed off every time a journalist asked him, Chelsea still have a manager and even when they don’t... they aren’t going to come calling for Lampard yet. 
    The Chelsea job will always come up years down the line. He isn’t going to say no and never get asked again! 
  7. Like
    DesertRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    As stated multiple times in this thread, there’s nothing to deny. It’s all paper talk. 
    Frank has said he’s the manager of Derby County and has two years left on his contract. He’ll be here that first weekend in August. 
  8. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Woodley Ram in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Because he likes it at Derby and is safe (as can be) here
    the risk for Chelsea of appointing him is far too high, he has had one season in the Championship 
    the risk to his career of taking the Chelsea role is far too high , if he fails it will knock his back.
    would he be offered a top of job in the Prem with say Everton , I don’t think so
    would he be offered a role at a team at the bottom of the Premiership, yes possibly, but that will be different, he would need to keep them up and perform miracles, he would be likely to get the sack so why would he risk it?
    for me logic says he is best off here, he is a bright guy he will know that. 
    He will leave us but not yet
    just my opinion 
  9. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to G-Ram in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    The Media keep saying he's done a fantastic job. But has he really? I like Frank & i want him to stay. He made a few mistakes last season which i think he will learn from & get better from. He'll probably need another window or two to shape the team & shift the deadwood. There is also a feel good factor that we have back. So im happy 
    But he isn't the miracle worker the National media portray him to be. He wants to play good football but that's different from actually playing good football. We've looked good in glimpses (maybe he doesn't have the players) but at times its been dross as well 
    He's taken a side that finished 6th to finish 6th the following season
    The media have built him up. You'd think we were relegation fodder until frank came in & saved us. In or around the playoffs was minimum expectation for this club
    I dont think he's done a bad job but i dont think he has done an amazing job. I think we'll get better under Frank but i dont see why the Chelsea board would want him other than the lazy link. From the outside its a team that finished 6th finishing 6th again with some favors in loans from his mates. 
    Why appoint him? I bet there are plenty of other candidates that are better qualified & happy to take the job. Its just because he played there 
    The sooner they sack sarri & appoint someone else the better so we can push on with our season preperations with frank & the boys
  10. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Alpha in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Because elite clubs tend not to pick their managers out of the Championship. 
    I can see Dean Smith going to Bayern Munich. 
    Chris Wilder must be being considered by Real Madrid?
  11. Like
    DesertRam reacted to Carnero in Lampard scouting in Brazil?   
    Permit? Schmermit.  This is Frank bloody Lampard who's requesting the permit. FRANK BLOODY LAMPARD.
  12. COYR
    DesertRam reacted to JfR in 2019-20 DCFC Kits   
    Don't know about the rest of you, but to me this just screams "20+ goals next season"
  13. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to REDCAR in 2019-20 DCFC Kits   
  14. Like
    DesertRam reacted to Joel in 2019-20 DCFC Kits   
    Reversed the colours here for the black away that's wanted every year.

  15. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to ramsLGBT in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    Thanks for your responses everyone. Some really good discussions taking place, and in such a positive way. It's great to see.
    Going to try to cover a couple of bits in one post :)
    As others have said, this is what we strive towards and hope that one day will be the case. Even though (in the UK) things are a lot rosier for the LGBT community, there are still prejudices and a lot of stigma. The idea of LGBT inclusive groups are to provide a safe place for those who are worried about those prejudices being shown. For people who want to be themselves where otherwise they feel that they can't.
    I also don't see it as an exclusive group. The only people who I would actively not want to be part of an LGBT Supporters Group are those with anti-LGBT views. You don't have to be a member of the LGBT community to be on board; just be an ally! That's all we ever ask.
    And I think on the whole, members of the LGBT community wouldn't be too offended by that, I know that I wouldn't. I know you don't mean it in a discriminatory way. It's purely because that's a word you've grown up to use. I would ask you to think about using the term as you are using it as a negative, but if it slipped out as a result of habit, I don't think too many would be particularly offended.
    I link this back to the headlines in the news recently about a 'straight pride' in Boston. Without trying to be somebody who is leading an LGBT campaign (i'm purely interested in seeing as many LGBT people as possible enjoying football); the LGBT community are still marginalised, where heterosexual people have not. LGBT groups (in a more general sense) are needed, Non-LGBT groups are not. That's where the difference lies unfortunately.
    Well the aim of the research is to find out if there is a need or desire for a group, or not. It may be that on the whole we're happy with the way things are, people feel happy and included and we don't need a group. However, the important consideration here is that there are likely to be members of the LGBT community that wouldn't feel comfortable being themselves at a football match. Football can be seen as a very masculine environment, it can feel very hostile at times. There is also still a stigma attached to homophobia in football; which we need to address.
    I agree that I think the vast majority of football fans don't even bat an eyelid or care about who they're sat next to, as long as we're all enjoying the football. The idea of an LGBT group isn't necessarily to draw attention to ourselves and to shout about being LGBT. The most important part is to make this within the LGBT community feel welcome at Derby County. To answer any questions they have about being LGBT at a football match. So that they have a safe place and a community where they can ask questions, get involved where they previously wouldn't have and enjoy their football. It's also an opportunity to raise awareness (as we still need to do) about LGBT issues.
  16. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Paul71 in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    If you think it will be a meh event i think you are deluded.
    We still get black players abused and there are have been black players forever and we have hundreds or thousands in the game.
    If a player comes out yes the majority would accept but what is distressing is from a recentish survey ONLY 82 % of fans said they wouldn't have an issue with a gay player, that means a massive 18% would.  Imagine 18% of fans at PP abusing a gay player, thats potentially 6000 people.
    The survey also said 8% would stop watching their team.
    There are too many morons attending football matches,  it would take a brave person to announce they are gay.
  17. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to maydrakin in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    This can only be a positive thing.
    It’s a way to initiate fans who may be a little reluctant to come to games, due to fear of discrimination. (Which sadly still occurs all too regularly in life, not just football.)
    This is usually bred from ignorance, so if it shows such people that actually LGBT individuals are just normal people, it promotes tolerance and the group grows.
  18. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to muttley72 in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    If a gay person I don’t know called me a poof or a queen, I’d take offence. My best mate is straight and calls me faggot, I call him c**tface. That’s fine. 
    Now I don’t know you and whether you have a beer belly. But if without knowing you I walked up and said “oi oi you fat c**t” you may want to knock me down more than you would if someone you are mates with said it. Is that PC or just kinda decency? 
  19. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to muttley72 in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    Just a quick and genuine question, whats your thoughts on Punjabi Rams, should that group not have been created?
    So, I am a gay bloke... do I take offence at someone being called a poof or whatever? Nah, not really when it’s done as banter. However, I’ve been called a poof while being pinned against a wall, that isn’t as much fun.  I’m not big on waving banners, been there done that, but at 47 years old, and having been with my better half for 22 years I’m more about a meal and a pint down the local. 
    So a LGBT supporters group? In my eyes it’s a brilliant idea. It’s not just about what the LGBT people get out of it, but also the positivity that it creates around the club. By having a LGBT supporters club we can encourage new supporters who may otherwise think they don’t belong, we can do community work, we can show that we are a forward thinking club and are serious about homophobia. Yes, also for me it would be nice to sit with likeminded people and go for a pint before a match, is that such a bad thing? (We actually suffer more than you know, try telling my gay mates I’m off to the match, we get abused from that side too 😄).
    It isn’t about stopping banter, I’m one of the worst for it, but to say that we’ve moved on to a point where groups and support is not needed is wide of the mark...to be fair, until you’ve been subjected to homophobia it’s difficult for you to comment and say it’s not an issue. 
  20. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to roboto in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    I've highlighted a problem here. People using these terms as a negative isn't helping at all. Calling someone a "poof" isn't as light-hearted or jovial as people are claiming it to be.
    People may not think they're being homophobic by using the term lightly, but they are. Think of it as the same as if you were using a demeaning word to call out a players race. It's not acceptable and never should've been.
  21. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Jimbo Ram in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    Well done, keep up the good work!
  22. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to ramsLGBT in LGBT Inclusion for DCFC   
    Good day everyone!
    I'd like to be able to say that Derby County is a very inclusive club. It has a warm community feel about it and has won awards for community involvement in recent years.
    As a member of the LGBT community, I am conducting some research into views on homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality within the DCFC community. This includes experiences of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia on match days and experiences for LGBT supporters.
    50 clubs across England, Scotland and Wales have LGBT Supporters Groups; so I am also interested in understanding whether there is a desire or need for a DCFC LGBT Supporters Group. I am keen to hear from LGBT supporters; and those who are not too!
    If you have 5 minutes spare, please can you complete the survey at http://bit.ly/2JTDOqP and provide your experiences and thoughts.
    The survey is completely anonymous and will allow me to understand the currently views surrounding LGBT experiences at Derby County Football Club.
    Hopefully, following analysis of the results, I will be able to report back on whether there is work that can be done to further increase the level of inclusivity at Derby County; whether there is work to be done to help LGBT supporters more involved with the club or whether there is work that can be done to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia at DCFC.
    Spread the Word
    If you are in a position to be able to help spread the word of this to other supporters and would be able to; that would be greatly appreciated. The more responses I receive, the better the results of the survey will be.
    If you have a Twitter platform that a number of supporters follow, you can retweet the link from https://twitter.com/LGBTRams.
    If you have any questions at all, please drop me a message on here, or on Twitter!
    Thanks for your time; Up the Rams!
  23. Like
    DesertRam got a reaction from Zag zig in International Rams 19/20   
    Wow  what a debut, thank God he's ours!   🐏
  24. Haha
    DesertRam got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Retained List   
    This gives me the opposite feeling, surely, if Carson has played a lot more games, he's not going to 
    have as many clean sheets!  perhaps i'm looking at this the wrong way?
  25. Clap
    DesertRam got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Retained List   
    This gives me the opposite feeling, surely, if Carson has played a lot more games, he's not going to 
    have as many clean sheets!  perhaps i'm looking at this the wrong way?
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