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    DesertRam got a reaction from Mazzaram in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    This would be my team for BC Tuesday, and for West Brom - but not sure whether I would use this for F***** or Brentford away
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    DesertRam reacted to angieram in Bielik: Defender or Midfielder?   
    Hopefully he will be playing in the Prem next season - with Derby.
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    DesertRam reacted to Anag Ram in What a Manager we have!   
    He has probably 18 or so players vying for team places. He needs time to sort that into his best eleven and get them to play the way he wants them to.
    He will play a fairly safe starting team to keep it tight and not throw games away early, in the knowledge he has impact subs.
    He won’t want to rush Bielik or Marriott back from their varying lack of fitness.
    There’s plenty of time to construct his team - one that can push for top six and avoid flakiness in January and February.l
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    DesertRam reacted to Half fan in What a Manager we have!   
    Sir Cocu's calm and precise analysis of the Stoke match surely shows a master at work.
    He's unhappy at four points lost, despite a far from ideal and rather short pre-season. This shows the high winning standard he has set for the squad. No talk of the last 12 games being the key to promotion - every game is the key to promotion from August onwards.
    He explains how he saw the first half today and why he made what some saw as baffling changes. He then describes succintly the resulting improvement whilst calmly listing the failings which need to be eliminated.
    He doesn't talk about Plans A or B, he analyses what's happening in the match and changes formations, tactics and players as soon as the need is evident.
    Our captain who's had more than his fair share of club and international managers, says training is an eye-opener. Gradually, we can see why.
    Sir Cocu is taking our club to a higher level than I can recall in many decades. No banal generalities, no superficial banter with the interviewer. The players ere expected to work hard mentally as well as physically.
    It seems to me that Frank relied on a team formula of hard work, energy, and pressing whilst he motivated the players with his personality, humour and winning determination. Frustratingy it didn't always work, especially away to inferior teams. In contrast, our new management is more cerebral and concentrates on developing each player's technical and positioning and adaptability skills, as well as the team performance. So those players of any age who want to improve themselves and be stretched will relish the fabulous opportunity. Those that don't or can't will fall by the wayside, if the steely glint in the manager's eye is anything to go by.
    Of course there will be setbacks and disappointments. But there's some real building work going on here and it's a privilege to see it unfold.
    Thanks DCFC for the astute and synergistic investment in facilities and management.
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    DesertRam reacted to Ambitious in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Keogh           Clarke
    Lowe                            Bielik                        Malone
    Dowell                      Knight
    Marriott                       Waghorn
  6. COYR
    DesertRam reacted to Pottig in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    Worcester City are my local team. Took these lot to the longest penalty shootout in FA cup history in the second round at Aggborough (2014) where we ultimately lost. So I have unfinished business with Scunthorpe. Come on you Rams, avenge us.
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    DesertRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    The most important part of this game is finding a Bogle replacement. It's unfortunate that not only are the two other players who played there last season (Wisdom and Holmes) are injured, but Anya who is next most capable is also out for 3 months. 2 games of the season palyed and we're down to our 5th choice RB! It likely means that Bateman is now in pole position due to playing there in preseason. Other options are Evans, Keogh or Lowe. A more radical option is 3 at the back (Keogh, Davies and Clarke), with someone like Bennett at wing back.
  8. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to JfR in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    Scunthorpe have been in absolutely diabolical form from the end of last season coming into this one. They're on a run of 11 games without a win, with only 2 of them being draws and by a combined score of 27-8. Naturally, I expect us to lose 1-0.
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    DesertRam reacted to Wolfie20 in Scott Malone   
    Evidence no opinion yes. I've been in there since we moved to Pride Park and that's enough for me.
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    DesertRam reacted to RIMBAUD in Scott Malone   
    Far too much criticism of malone. He’s a decent full back and how some people can suggest he isn’t decent going forward is idiotic imo  
    Seem to remember Chris Baird giving the fans some. Most of which went home crying to mummy on RD or wet their pants on social media. Like they knew better than a pro who had played god knows how many games and bags of international caps 
    We’ve got a good squad with good players.
    Sometimes there is no one to blame. 
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    DesertRam reacted to LE_Ram in v Swansea City (H) Match Thread   
    Nice to see the collective wrist-slashing has started early this season 🕺
    We've just beaten Huddersfield away and were unlucky to come away with just a draw today, only one team looked like winning. Thought we played some good stuff and just didn't have that clinical finish. Waggers unlucky with the pen, but it happens, it's football.
    We'll be ok, the team needs a bit more time to gel and adapt to Cocu's tactics. Besides, we have one more point at this stage of the season than last season - where we'd scraped a win at Reading and been trounced by Leeds, but went on to go to Wembley...
    Season isn't won or lost in August - we're not gumps
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    DesertRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Damned   
    I got addicted to a daily full english breakfast at EDS Diner back in 98/99, but I can hardly hold the shirt sponsors accountable!
  14. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Pearl Ram in Damned   
    I bought a load them things you hang above baby’s cots when Buy Mobiles we’re our sponsor.*
    *I didn’t either. Just fancied posting summat.
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    DesertRam reacted to Phoenix in Damned   
    Nowt wrong with Avon Tyres.
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    DesertRam reacted to Will Hughes Hair in Damned   
    It caused me to join the Royal Artillery.*
    *It didn't
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    DesertRam reacted to atherstoneram in Damned   
    Ah but that's the difference. Horse Racing is the sport of kings they don't gamble they wager 
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    DesertRam reacted to SamUltraRam in Damned   
    As I read somewhere yesterday, these are the same newspapers who give out a free Cheltenham Races supplement which has been padded out by betting company adverts
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    DesertRam reacted to atherstoneram in Damned   
    Just get 32RED to buy a helter skelter for Derby Cathedral, that'll shut em up. Local donations and all that
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    DesertRam reacted to Anon in Damned   
    If read from the back, The Mail is one of the better papers.
  21. Haha
    DesertRam reacted to Pastinaak in Damned   
    A couple of things to pull you up on here...
    Firstly, The Daily Mail don't write "excellent articles".
    Secondly, if The Daily Mail are on your side, that's not a good thing. It probably means you're doing something evil.
  22. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to mozza in Damned   
    Anyone up for a 69...on their shirts? 
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    DesertRam reacted to jono in Damned   
    Check out what the catholic’s did to “fallen” women ... the Magdalen homes in Ireland, brutal dehumanising carp all in the name of god.
    in essence young girls that got pregnant had their babies taken from them and they got sent to church run convent launderies, to work and do penance for their sins. It was slavery, nothing less 
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    DesertRam reacted to Kennington Ram in Damned   
    Derby County will outlast the Church of England, so I'm not especially worried about this.
  25. Clap
    DesertRam reacted to Van Rammeister in Damned   
    What - the next time we’re on TV on Sky in the SKYBET Championship?
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