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  1. Richard246

    Matej Vydra

    If we have to sell Vydra not less than 15 million. Then offer cash-strapped Villa 10 million for Kodja.
  2. Richard246

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    Derby has had a good season but the style of football has been painful to watch. But this style of football has nearly got us promoted and I would say Rowett has tried to do it his way and sadly it's not worked. So Mel has a big decision to make do we carry on with Gary or make a change so what is the answer? One thing that has to happen is a massive clearout which comes with the added problems with the age of players and the length of contracts they are on? Over to you Mel do you pay them off or sell them cheap but for me, you have to make the decisions quickly. Just from the squad last night I would be looking to pay off or sell the likes of Keogh, Forsyth,Weinman,Anya,Johnson,Ledley, Martin and Butterfield on their return. We need to find a system that works and the players to fit the system and we have to be looking at young hungry players with flair and the passion which as fans we are looking for. We need runners all over the pitch, defenders who can defend we need attackers with the composure of playing the right ball not just crossing to no one. We have the basis of a good team with Carson, Davies, Wisdom, Huddlestone, Lawrence, and Vydra we now need to add the youth to that and some from the youth team and some new signings to make the difference to push the rams forward for next season. So over to you Mel to make the right decisions.
  3. Richard246

    I hope he starts Vydra

    vydra on the bench tonight I think. Anya in on the left to stop Fredricks. Rams draw 1-1 for me Wembley here we come.
  4. Richard246

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Well Done Derby. Davies, Huddlestone, Jerome, Lawrence, really excellent last night. My only slight change on Monday I would bring in Anaya on the left to stop Fredricks. Vydra Back on the bench very poor last night.
  5. Richard246


    Gary, you must play Jerome with Lawrence and Vydra behind and this will cause Fulham all sorts of problems.
  6. Richard246

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    Come on Derby 2-1? lawrence 2 Goals I have a feeling Vydra will be on the bench which is bad news we need to be positive and go for it Lawrence and Vydra playing behind Jerome Weimann at left wing back move Forsyth in to Back 3
  7. Richard246

    Wiemann performance

    still, like to see him at wingback.
  8. Richard246

    Aston Villa F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    correct selection Forsyth better going forward Pearce better defender.
  9. Richard246


    Well before kick off, i thought the selection was wrong. I saw Jerome upfront Vydra on the bench what is going on!!!!!! First half not too bad had a few chances bad defending for there goal! Second half must say excellent and everyone ran their socks off they looked 5 yards quicker Gary said the right positive things! Vydra coming on against a tired defence worked his magic well Jerome was like a man Possessed! Johnsen and Huddlestone excellent in Midfield and what did Keogh have at halftime running out of defence with the ball great to watch. I really liked the look of Jerome as the central striker with Lawrence and Vydra behind i think this could work and this would cause Villa problems on Saturday. I would bring in Pearce to the back 3 and move Forsyth in the wing back Position. When we play wing backs they must get forward they didn't in the first half but the second half they did and look at the difference it makes they pushed Cardiff right back. And Morrison made himself look an idiot. Well done Gary Tactics spot on and well done Derby.................
  10. Richard246

    v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    Rams 2-1 Cardiff FRGS Lawrence My Team Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Baird Thorne Vydra Ledley Forsyth Lawrence Palmer Hopefully, Vydra can get forward and not be picked up by is Man Marker?
  11. Richard246

    Do we sack Rowett or does Chairman Mel walk

    Gary, please go how do you explain paying too old guys in midfield when Burton play 3 Opportunity to change Half Time does he no The man is clueless. Don't wait for Mel Go Now!!!!!!!!!! Wassell to end of the season He has no tactics the man is an embarrassment.
  12. Richard246

    v Burton (A) - Predictions

    Burton 0 Derby 2 FRGS - Vydra Team Carson wisdom Pearce Davies Baird Weinman Huddlestone Ledley Lawrence Vydra Palmer
  13. Richard246

    Manner of Performances

    When you think wolves play 3 at the back and pack the midfield and the wing backs play as wingers everyone knows that. So you pick a team and tactics to suit 1-4-4 1-1 not Gary he plays well i don't know what he plays??? What happened to the days of different teams different tactics.
  14. Richard246

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    if we can get villa in the playoffs i would be confident over 2 legs
  15. Richard246

    Richard Keogh.

    play Keogh at left back?

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