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  1. Things will change significantly if we lose tonight. May even be looking at a temporary appointment to end of season being told a lot is going on but right now I only have possible names and I am not risking naming them sorry.
  2. At last someone talking sense stop the meltdowns
  3. Ok I will tell you a little bit more before you go into meltdown You will hear more tomorrow from the club. Goodnight sleep tight
  4. Mac has come out of the blue not heard anything about this. still being told not Rooney
  5. Told takeover is near to completion by end of month latest no concerns on that front.
  6. 1st choice now looking unlikely but not ruled out there has been talks. Then the problem is other experienced managers are eying up possible premiership jobs tomorrow’s night result may make things reach a urgent conclusion. I have not heard anything about Big Sam as yet but some say he has the job.
  7. What a meltdown today. A appointment imminent not today?
  8. Where does it say the manager is currently employed I am not really bothered what you think in future I will keep everything to myself no more updates.
  9. The Number one choice who they would like is currently employed. if they could get him it would be a great appointment but you don’t always get your first choice that is life. Rooney and co are in charge for at least 3 games regards to the takeover there are no problems so I wish everyone would stop being negative it will happen and latest end of November I have been told we should hear more this week. Please note I am reporting only what i have been told and I don’t have to say anything.
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