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  1. Grealish could get villa promote on his own
  2. Mount, Johnson, Holmes Midfield 3 Mount must be back at weekend???
  3. is that the first time holmes johnson and Huddlestone have played together in midfield
  4. for the first time, I like the look of midfield Holmes, Johnson, Huddlestone
  5. MALONE CLASS ABOVE ANYONE ELSE Bogle watch the video of Malone that's how to do it
  6. whos man of the match SUPER SUPER MALONE
  7. what a goal GREAT cross from MALONE THEN WILSON GREEDY
  8. Will Frank go these players are not trying
  9. we don't have full backs who stop crosses
  10. we have lots of the ball but what do we do with it???
  11. could be anything 3-5-2 /4-4-2 /4-3-3 Frank has not made his mind up yet
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