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  1. Time for 3 at the back

    We should of tried it against Grimsby. The idea of 3 at the back is to get more players in forward positions get the wing backs playing as wingers and the front 3 can play closer together. Perhaps then Martin is the answer in the front 3 if you can stop him sulking i actually think it may work.
  2. Time for 3 at the back

    I agree 3 at the back i said it yesterday Carson Shackell Davies Keogh Thorne Bryson Johnson Wisdom Lawrence Vydra Nugent
  3. What are we in desperate need of?

    For me Forsyth not yet match fit so play johnson left back . Gr says changes for next game wonder if they are new players because i think we have tried every one else. I reckon 2 or 3 coming in and 3 going out Most probably most of it will be loans
  4. Worst Rams Own Goals of All Time.

    It could be worse we could be Arsenal
  5. Is Rowett up to the job

    Why don't we try 3 at the back like a lot of teams do wolves beat us ,Sheff utd beat us playing this way. Why not perhaps we would be able to get more players forward. Grimsby was the perfect game to try it !
  6. Is Rowett up to the job

    Rowett has to be given time but he does say some things one day and then says something else the next. He may have his hands tied what worries me is that he knew previous managers said getting players out the door was not easy because of there contracts etc. He then states the obvious we need to change things and bring in new players but is restricted by above. To me we need 4 or 5 new players we need Thorne back is Huddlestone the right man i am not sure is johnson not sure do we play him further forward. We simply need another quick hungry striker to share the load with Nugent i don't know what to think about martin i am a little worried that things are not going his way so he is or may start sulking so for me he has to go. We need another winger because i think Lawrence will be good for us and we need another like him Russell for me is a squad player because he blows hot and cold and not consistent enough. Is it worth us trying 3 at the back which would bring shackell in and at wing backs play Johnson and wisdom with Thorne and Bryson in the middle then Lawrence ,Nugent, Vydra the front 3. Other teams have done it against us Wolves and Sheff utd and we have been easy to beat so why not. I think we need to try and do something different and this is a important week for us because we need at least 3 new players.
  7. Sheffield United v Derby County

    wow wow
  8. Sheffield United v Derby County

    How much deadwood have we got and the worry is nothing we can do about it. ITS TO LATE !!!!! Did someone say Martin has come on Gr has one massive week ahead of him.
  9. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Time to change it around Gary. Huddlestone off Butterfield on Russell off Lawrence on
  10. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Russell looks unfit swap for Lawrence Too late Get Huddlestone off swap for butterfield
  11. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    I still think Jota is our no 1 target. I think we are trying to send players on loan and trying to sell maybe butterfield and anaya and then bring in 2 one i hope is Jota. To me this could happen because all our other targets have gone to other clubs but not Jota. I think Jota will move but where?
  12. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    we all love Chris Martin only problem he is on the downward slope and he has to accept he is a squad player. If chris does not like that then it's pastures new for him and i would think he knows that
  13. Who will make way?

    How many goals has martin scored in last 15 matches How many goals has nugent scored in last 15 matches That is the fact find the answer then you will workout why i said it. Nugent is first choice Martin is way out of form but you will only know that when you work out the above. Many defenders don't even bother challenging Martin in the air they let him win the header but he just heads it in to space
  14. Who will make way?

    Currently Martin is not fit enough for 90 minutes and out of form by a long way
  15. Striking options look healthy.....

    Nugent is the top nugget What is martins current scoring record in last 12 games

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