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  1. Perfect team Sibley coming from deeper like it.
  2. Did Cocu mention if 5 new players were coming in.
  3. Jowiak won’t be at Derby long we are a poor side. if cocu thinks we need 1 or 2 players he is deluded more like 4 a new centre half and a left back on the list please Mel.
  4. Get bird off knight and Rooney in midfield Sibley in no 10
  5. Marshall Byrne. Evans Clarke Forsyth Bird Jozwiak Rooney Sibley Knight Marriott
  6. Is there strong rumours about any bids for Lawrence.
  7. When Bielik is fit he will replace Bird simple as that. They won’t be in the same 2 will be Bielik and Rooney Bielik driving forward Rooney looking for forward passes not going backwards. Max will learn a lot from watching these 2
  8. Why should I who the ???? are you.
  9. If we get IBE and play lawrence in the 10 role where does that leave Sibley and Bird . Unless we are playing Sibley and Bird as the 2 holding players so no knight or Rooney out of he 4 knight is currently the best and is clearly a box to box player. Perhaps play Knight and Bird as the holding players. It will be Lawrence or Sibley both won’t play. Will Cocu leave out Rooney no I don’t think so I think you will find he will play deep with Bird.And for me that’s the problem slow and pedestrian. i think Knight has to play the deep role because of his energy. Max Bird sho
  10. Just yes why not he is not pulling up any trees in Midfield.
  11. Just a thought about Max with all his attributes I would like to see him play in the centre of defence ???
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