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  1. Hamer Wisdom Davies Clarke Forsyth Bird. Shinnie Waghorn. Rooney. Lawrence Martin
  2. Just study and watch Wayne Rooney the man is unbelievable. He has all the time in the world just so classy makes Derby tick. Without him most probably Fulham win.And the penalty outrageous I just can’t wait to next season 3 new players and this team will get promoted.
  3. Wisdom back in centre rest for curtis. Lowe at right back Will Duane be fit.
  4. It’s not rocket science play him in a 3 with Clarke and Wisdom. So Bogle and Lowe can do what they are good at. COCU IT MAKES SENSE so try it play people in there best positions this way we can cope with the loss of Holmes.
  5. New players for next season Goalkeeper Another centre back Right back competition for Wisdom Midfielder Winger Striker Sell Bogle 7 Million with big add on
  6. Bogle has pace good at dribbling good shot so turn a negative into a positive and change him to a midfield player Why not try it ?
  7. Get him on do Derby know they are at home
  8. Ffs change it Martin and Waghorn off Bogle and Marriott please
  9. We still have a slim chance of play offs My team against Huddesfield Roos Wisdom Davies Clarke Bogle Holmes Rooney Bird Lowe Lawrence Waghorn
  10. Defence is really poor and has people have said collapse so easy. Perhaps go 3 at the back and use Bogle and Lowe to there strengths flying down the wings at will. Lawrence was poor last night but there is a player in there and I would move him behind Martin perhaps or leave him out.
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