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  1. Lampard really has is work cut out if he thinks Tomori and Mount are anywhere near ready enough for the premiership. Again he will be let down by tactics Abraham centre forward again not ready main striker will be Giroud . Chelsea to finish out of top 6 in Frank we trust he won't let anyone down he already has is excuses
  2. Mel must have someone lined up the grass is not always greener on the other side??
  3. Perhaps what Peter Chech said is more interesting than first thought. Lampard has been interviewed but not yet got the job. Have others now been interviewed and perhaps they want more experience. Is Rafa the man they are now looking at perhaps they think they need more experience and with a transfer embargo in place perhaps Frank at this stage is not the man. It has gone very quiet and even ex players are not really saying that much it's all very strange???
  4. yes Lampard not staying it was done and dusted a while ago. Mel is not stupid someone is lined up just waiting for announcements.
  5. Carrick he will play the Derby way then when he has a great season Man utd will have him
  6. if everything was clear cut they would of announced Frank by now!!! I sense a problem or someone is a problem??
  7. Will Thorne and Martin be back interesting times ahead
  8. Lampard will have to dramatically improve his tactics at times were so naive and if he does that at Chelsea it won't last long. This is a massive decision unable to spend money ageing squad defence quite poor i think he is up against it will Chelsea be happy with finishing 10th who is the main striker Giroud come on he will be forced to play Abraham who you can argue is not premiership class but we will see. I think the likely Tomori and Mount will be in the match day squad they lack pace and Tomori will get regular game time but is he good enoug??? I don't think it will work and Frank will be up against it and tactically against the big teams just can't see it. I bet Marriott is so happy!! Sentiment only goes so Far!!!! Mel you have just got a cracking deal after 1 season 4 million in compensation what a businessman the deal of the season. Well done Mr Morris.
  9. Fact Derby want things sorted very quickly with Lampard then they will move but most probably have already been sounded out Mel is a businessman.
  10. Derby are confident of getting there no 1 target and they will move once lampard has gone
  11. I have been told that Frank has serious doubts about Chelsea. Frank may still be a Ram come next week.
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