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  1. I absolutely can't stand drink driving, in any way. As per usual though, this forum is full of hypocrisy. Presumably all of you calling for them both to be sacked are also 100% against the Rooney signing, and will have clearly said so when he was signed? Didn't think so.
  2. My God. Some of you lot are really pathetic.
  3. Do you share her lady care products, too?
  4. I'll be travelling alone from Birmingham on Monday on the train. Anybody else going from this area? Would be nice to have some company other than Villa fans!
  5. I live in Stourbridge, so have to catch the train from Birmingham. Pray for me!
  6. Has anybody got any experience of this... My Dad is a STH, but a senior. He doesn't want to go to Wembley (don't ask!), so can I use his Fan ID to get a full adult ticket??
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