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  1. Derby County v Wolverhampton Wanderers - match day thread

    A great day, but I'm not here to crow I expected to weather a storm in the opening quarter of your first home game and I think you started well and when you played it on the deck you had some good interplay but certain players had a propensity to just lamp it at Martin and it just played into our hands time and time again and it's what led to us being able to get a foothold in the first half and being able to start imposing ourselves. We know from last season's loan Weimann can never be accused of not working hard but he simply offers nothing as a wide forward/winger so this allowed Doherty to get forward and cause problems. I memtioned earlier how rancid our midfield have been so to go from that to incisive short and long range passing with a clear objective is so alien to us. Neves pinging balls around was one thing but we seemed to keep isolating your players and bypassing them with simple triangles and this pattern continued through the game, particularly with Doherty and Enobakhare (our 2/26 on the right side) and Doherty really ought to have scored after their sexy one-two in the second half. Have to give Wisdom credit for a truly world class tackle on Jota when he was clean through and you did have a few opportunities such as Russell early in the second although that did lead from our defender being caught under a high ball. i do have to say I have a lot of sympathy with you guys reading the posts about certain players still getting game time despite clearly not being good enough. We've had similar with the likes of Dave Edwards and Danny Batth, we went through 3 managers over the last two years who relentlessly picked these guys where in the case of Edwards he completed six (6) passes in 90 minutes against the mighty Wigan, you then have some Gimp on Sky like Don Goodman saying how integral they are! Anyway, I digress! on Rowett, he does have a brand of effective but let's say "rustic" football. With Birmingham he used Clayton Donaldson as his focal point and got the absolute best out of players like David Davis etc. Today was a very Gary Rowett Blues performance with Martin as his (not so) vocal point. The trouble is Birmingham had just survived relegation and had lost 8-0 at home to Bournemouth in the new season, their then owner was in prison and they were in massive debt when Rowett took charge. That siege mentality was exactly what was needed for that club at that time. It isn't what's needed at Derby County... I wouldn't be surprised at all to see things get worse for you before they get better unless he adapts to what you guys need. The raw ingredients are there with the right additions/tactics. Good luck for the season guys
  2. Derby County v Wolverhampton Wanderers - match day thread

    Wolves fan based in Derby here guys. Looking forward to today, don't think it'll be a walk in the park as the Internet warriors do (we all have 'em) but having watched the Sunderland game it seemed you played it long to Martin a lot, stats said 30-26 on long balls at one point. After then watching our game on Saturday if this does happen I think we have far better defenders to cope with Martins touch and physical presence compared to recent years where he's given Danny Batth and Stearman the run around. Boly handled everything Assombolonga threw at him so our new foreign legion aren't afraid to get into it. you still have plenty of threat, Johnson loves a goal against Wolves (did for Norwich too) as does Russell. So whilst I hope we can have more joy against Martin I don't expect that will nullify all your options. From experience we know that if Weimann plays outside then it significantly reduces his effectiveness but I think he'd cause issues playing just behind Martin as some of you have suggested for Vydra. I think we'll have more joy than in recent years because of our midfield namely, they can tackle, control, pass and shoot a football. I think your second goal last year Carson rolled the ball from his box to over the halfway line without a Wolves shirt getting near to set you away. Our midfield has been chronic and I think your scoring twelve in three at PP is more a comment about how our midfield have been totally outclassed by Bryson, Hughes, Johnson, Hendrick and Russell as is reflected with how many those names have collectively scored of the 12. I'd take a draw but I don't think a win is out of the question. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Should make for a good game. All the best.

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