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  1. RamNut

    The Championship 18/19

    Not a bad day for us today with Leeds, sheff utd, and forest all losing; villa, hull, and boro all drawing. 6pts to 8th
  2. RamNut

    Kelle Roos

    Put the handbags down. We won!
  3. RamNut

    Johnson and Ledley

    Its seems that frank has ditched him but it was a non-event really. Certainly not the worst thing you'll see on a football field. If the cameras hadn't been there it would have been quickly forgotten.
  4. RamNut

    Johnson and Ledley

    You do get excited don't you. Johnson was the one who was mugged. He chewed his shirt? Big deal.
  5. RamNut

    Ashley Cole

    Unfortunately max was a bit naff so frank is desperate. i'm guessing that Bogle's real Dad failed to impress in training.
  6. RamNut

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    ....not carrying the bike anyway.
  7. RamNut

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Transition was supposed to mean what happens when you win the ball back and you switch from defence to attack. now the phrase seems to be increasingly meaningless.
  8. RamNut

    Ashley Cole

    Old enough to be bogle's dad.
  9. RamNut

    Kelle Roos

    He came out miles for one unable to suppress his desire to play left back for a bit. Still at least he doesn't look like he's throwing up with nerves anymore. Sign that contract son.
  10. RamNut

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Could have been 4-0 up but we couldn't quite manage it. A combination of fatigue and constantly giving the ball away. They looked like a pub team until Aluko came on and then really pulled the strings. We'll take the 3 points. a chance to recuperate and send out our spies to watch Accrington train. UTR
  11. RamNut

    Ashley Cole

    Maybe 6 months in a rented house in Oakwood could persuade Cheryl to come back.
  12. RamNut

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Isn't it cheating to pick players that the opposition can't have expected to play?
  13. I find this rendition by Nana Mouskouri without her glasses on, very comforting at this difficult time. Hang in there people.
  14. RamNut


    Info from Bielsa's powerpoint presentation.
  15. RamNut

    Derby County Clock

    Its a representation of Dave Mackay with big hands. a bit like the statue.

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