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  1. Summer Transfers 2017

    Liverpool are mad to turn this down.
  2. Good Game, Good Game!!

    Saw him once at a pro -celebrity golf day at chevin. whilst we queued to get his autograph, a consultant - maybe a heart surgeon i can't quite remember - passed him his card and suggested that if bruce could ever help them with fund raising, they would be very grateful. Bruce blanked him and passed the card to someone else.
  3. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Vlasic is probably the top player in croatia. would cost a bundle. p.s. What do you mean..... Willing to be dirty?
  4. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    We all walk a thin line. Losing a job and income due to redundancy can be a tough experience with inevitable loss of self-esteem. It can happen to anyone. Anyone can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Similarly everyone wants to have a partner or a group of good friends that they can rely on for support but i would say don't put too much faith in friends or family. Just keep playing the hand your are dealt. There are no magic answers.
  5. Best looking team in the league

    Omg there's more of it here.
  6. Jon Toral

    What happened to this thread.
  7. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 1 derby 1 vydra
  8. Trials/getting spotted

    Is anyone banging them in for Burton?
  9. Picture where you are now

    On the lookout for sheep?
  10. Picture where you are now

    Welcome home frogggggggy
  11. Electronic advertising boards

    In the past they just had miss derby county walking around the pitch in a swimsuit with a sash. absolutely disgraceful. the ground was absolutely packed mind.
  12. Thoughts on Tonights Substitutions

    I thought the ref had a great game. that drop ball in the second half was brilliant. seriously - at least he gave the penalty, altho he didn't have the wotsits to a give a second or an identical foul later on.
  13. The fall of Johnny Russell

    I noticed that too. but i wondered whether he was carrying an injury because its out of character.
  14. The fall of Johnny Russell

    True. the south stand are great at getting behind the lads. trouble is they've usually all gone home by 85 mins
  15. The fall of Johnny Russell

    The thing with johnny is.......he's a great lad, total Ram, but is enduring a lengthy spell of poor form. he doesn't necessarily need selling. he might want resting. i still prefer him to Anya. part of the problem may be playing him on the right. There was a chance v preston where he had to get the ball onto his left foot to shoot, and ended up encountering traffic. If he could have gone the outside with his right he might have done better.

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