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  1. Sounds great. I'd love to hear about that. He was a fantastic player. i read his book, and you can't help but like him. He said "i'm not a serious gambler. The most i've bet is about £10,000". Jeeze.
  2. Are you saying you were a mate of his?
  3. The issue isn't whether chelsea come calling. Everyone would accept that. the issue is whether relationship between manager and chairman is in any way strained, and whether frank is getting fed up with it.
  4. She had a slight lithp, but preferred biscwyths to cwythsps As they're thweeter and that theems to thoot her
  5. There was a young girl from Aberystwyth Who liked to nibble a biscwyth
  6. RamNut

    Jayden Bogle

    The sad thing is he is bound to go in order to get us out of the poo.
  7. Cardiff city are witholding all transfer fee payments until the cause of the escalator failure has been fully investigated.
  8. Will he be regretting not continuing as a joint venture with GSE and the billionaire american investors.......
  9. Turns out i was so disillusioned i didn't anything from march 19th until sept 27th the day he was sacked.....then..... And.... Here here.
  10. Good grief. I'm pretty shocked by that. i'd be pretty confident of being 1 of the 4. Either that or i didn't vote? 😝
  11. "C is for charlie and c is for class, and you can stick your B team right up your......."
  12. Sometimes @RoyMac5 i think the only thing to do is to turn up at your house late at night, drag you downstairs in your pyjamas, and refuse to leave until you give in and agree to everything we say. its worked before.
  13. Shocking news. A broken escalator. Whatever next. A lift getting stuck between floors! Someone getting stuck in a toilet cubicle!! #prayforthem
  14. Why do people assume we should be successful? we finished last season with a team that took 27 points from the last 22 games in 2018. Over a full season thats 56 points and 16th place. ( the same number of points we have now with a fifth of the season still to play) And then we sold our 21 goal star player. we had to rebuild an ageing team and that takes time. we are in year 1. We seem to be getting so desperate to achieve a promotion that we are behaving like a gambler chasing his losses, and losing all sense of perspective. we gambled by signing loads of players, and re-spinning the wheel every 12 months with a new manager. We racked up some hefty losses, and now we are demanding our money back? Doesn't really work like that does it.
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