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  1. Bennett, knight, evans, and maybe lowe, or jozefzoon, and martin, and roos.
  2. All this marriott injury guff is the biggest conspiracy since the whole world pretended that we had landed a man on the moon - six times. we all know he's getting his leg over on a golf course whilst scoffing a take away and necking a bottle of wine.
  3. Needs a haircut, and to get rid of that fringe / side parting thing. Can't see us getting promoted with that.
  4. Holmes can also cover right back.
  5. Should have been a straight red. Amazed that the ref let it go.
  6. The great footballing brain........sounds like a Viz character!
  7. Very Enjoyable. Dowell looked good. Knight looked very good as well - head and shoulders above the other prospects. He seems to have come from nowhere. defence was a bit wobbly at times. Has that bloke's head revovered yet?
  8. Top 10. Say 8th still waiting to see who gets signed it looks like a very even standard but i currently fancy fulham to win it, with Blackburn, preston and stoke to be stronger this year.
  9. Roos bogle Keogh evans. Lowe . Shinnie . Knight. Sibley Bennett Marriott. Martin
  10. football is so changed thats its hard to make comparisons with previous owners go back and clubs were cash rich. Many owners invested very little in the facilities, but the football might have been fantastic. Now, championship clubs are unsustainable without significant financial injections from billionaire owners. Its a sorry state of affairs. As an owner, he has invested millions of his own money but is that good, bad, or just the way it is? Some of that input is strategic. Some of it is a consequence of poor decision making in the recent past. Ultimately there must surely come a time when we scramble our way to a promotion, and he is able to recover some of that dosh. He seems to be very ambitious and very hands on in comparion to others who have gone before. He has a desire to see the club develop homegrown talent. This is not new, but he seems to have made every effort to put the necessary infastructure in place. Its not a cheap option either. He gets personally involved in many things. At times he has looked somewhat naive but he has probably been the most committed owner i can remember. Unfortunately at times supporting a championship football club does rather feel like a fairly meaningless and pointless exercise; like watching billionaires playing with their expensive toys . this big toy carries the colours of the club which i continue to support - not because i have been won over by the many worthy actions of the current owner - but because its the continuation of a love affair that started fifty years ago. That bond is now somewhat tempered by a slightly quesy feeling of revulsion at what has happened to a game that is awash with cash in the upper echelons. The 'annual investment' is therefore both something to be celebrated but is also a symptom of something that has got gone ever so slightly wrong.
  11. There is no point talking about developing players, and understanding that they will make errors, if they are then ditched after the first balls up. give roos a season to see what he can do. same opportunity that bogle got.
  12. Selling willie carlin. that one upset me the most.
  13. £30, a hedge trimmer and a wheelbarrow (look, i've got a shed to empty)
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