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  1. Perhaps if he changed his name to Kieran Do-Well?
  2. I think Knight is even better but sibley has drive and aggression. It’s disappointing that neither has featured that much.
  3. Just giving you rabid chaps a chance to show your colours
  4. RamNut

    Bob Paisley

    I think she’s pulling your wotsit. Mr A Gemmill was married before he left Preston in 1970.
  5. Imagine if he’d been driving! He’d have probably had to be executed. Unless he was 25 of course, and then he’d have been fined thrupence and made to coach some 9 year old girls. this H.R. bullocks is harder than it looks.
  6. He could be leveraging? 🇺🇸
  7. Looks like it always was.
  8. RamNut

    Bob Paisley

    This is getting good. (i was trying to extract this to create a new thread but it wouldn’t let me quote @DCFC Ram ) i once saw mr and mrs Roy McFarland walk into Laura Ashley’s in Homebase she seemed to be wearing the trousers and was possibly in a bit of a mood.
  9. RamNut

    Bob Paisley

    So if bobs daughter lived in mickleover, what was he doing in the jorrocks? surely it should been the Nags head?
  10. RamNut

    Bob Paisley

    Are you sure you’re not getting muddled up with Shankley?
  11. Perhaps he’s been sacked?
  12. RamNut


    I was responding to this....
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