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  1. I wasn't writing him off. Just observing that he has a different management style. carry on.
  2. There is no solution to the Irish border issue. you could get a million monkeys hammering away at a million typewriters for an infinite amount of time and although you might get the complete works of Shakespeare, you still wouldn't get a solution to the Irish border issue.
  3. I wonder if i could sell my car to myself to force the insurance company to up the value?
  4. And the manager would get suspended for telling lies in court.....
  5. This is nothing. We used to get kicked out of europe, and parade new players we hadn't actually signed,
  6. You're getting very grumpy Thomas. I wasn't moaning at all. It is what it is.
  7. there are a couple of autographed shirts coming up for auction Top - 2008-09 lot 9 omega auctions, 24th sept, current bid £30 bottom - 2013-14 lot 5101. Bamford auctioneers, Derby, 17th sept, starting price £20
  8. Touche. (but when you're getting likes from @86 Schmokes & a Pancake you know you're on the wrong side of the tracks).
  9. The article doesn't mention punishment. It just says an investigation into why the whole ground was evacuated due to a flare going off in the away end. Seems perfectly sensible. It just so happens that when the alarm went off, the ground was at least 3/4 empty. If it had gone off during the game, then 27,000 being evacuated could have been potentially dangerous. Its seems correct to investigate whether the response was appropriate to the risk. no-one wants another Ibrox disaster.
  10. Keep your trousers on, it was just a statement of fact, not a value judgement.
  11. Polysemic cement.....isn't it that glue you stick airfix models together with?
  12. Generally his comments in interviews etc always seemed to be well judged. He had an ex-players perception. I think the players took to him, but i agree the treatment of marriott seemed a bit strange from the outside. ....but not much different to cocu's treatment of shinnie, or rowett's treatment of hughes and bryson, etc etc. there will always be winners and losers.
  13. I know , its impressive but no need to praise me that high.
  14. A bit early for that but it could reduce his status if it wasn't his idea - which it probably wasn't. And did he ask for Rosenior either? In a tight division we have regressed more than expected, and it looks like we've now been overtaken by the preston's and the bristol city's......and maybe even the Red Dogs. We gave him a racing car that was misfiring and slightly unbalanced and took all the best bits off; swapped the lotus engine for something out of a Ford and borrowed a few bolt on bits here and there. Result - it still misfires; its still unbalanced; but now its not as fast and can't get out of second gear.
  15. Lampard bonded with the players - and fans - and was a better man manager. cocu seems more cerebral and seems to rely more on his assistants to cajole the players. although cocu had a great playing career, he doesn't quite have the aura that lampard had.
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