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  1. Twice? I don’t believe that.
  2. Yeah Let’s try and cross the half way line before the first drinks break.🐏🐏🐏
  3. Sweet pastries and kangeroo meat injected into the anus presumably confers some additional protection against infection.
  4. That’s an interesting assessment, but unfortunately we have to shoot if we want to score. We currently seem far more interested in going backwards at the slightest sniff of opposition. No wonder we need a goalkeeper who can kick it.
  5. Interesting postscript. i received an email from my sister in law, 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄 detailing all the social distancing and other protocols that I failed to observe during my visit. Apparently I shouldn’t have allowed my mother to hug me, and if I was unable to avoid close contact I should have worn a face covering. Hands must be washed on arrival. Lovely woman.
  6. I’m not sure whether I admire your confidence or whether to be bemused. COVID-19 is in another league to flu. And as a 60 year old male you are in a higher risk group. Not sure why some people have their health destroyed or die, whilst others recover without any ill effects, and hopefully you won’t get it, but you are not immune.
  7. The thing that bothers me is that we don’t go out there with the right mindset. We pussyfoot about with safe passing and they grow in confidence. There is no fire, no desire. I’m not sure that we can motivate players to come out of the blocks. It’s all too tame.it might not be the message that people want to hear but we are too soft.
  8. Went to see my 93 year old mum for the first time in 4 months. i would usually take her out for lunch, but didn’t. I told that places were still shut. They’re not. I still don’t quite fancy public venues, and she lives just outside Leicester, which doesn’t help.
  9. Yeah. We’ve just got to remember where the box is.
  10. A point is no use. you must think it’s Christmas 🎄
  11. If we make the play offs - which we won’t - I’d be quite happy to play Forest. We can’t play that badly again.
  12. It wasn’t a criticism. I like to see him smashing into centre halves.
  13. He doesn’t have enough goals in him to secure a place in attack, but.... he is strong, he should be able to tackle and can match most wingers for pace. he might make a decent full back/wing back providing he’s not throwing up or falling over. I’m sure he could buuuurrrrnnn 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥Up and down that touch line
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