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  1. Liam Rosenior - Tom lawrence is an outstanding player at this level - what fookin planet is he on.
  2. I’m not sure everything was kosher at the co-op bank but never heard that anyone gone done there.
  3. But we haven’t had the new confirmed manager until recently.
  4. Missing the January transfer window would be a blow. It’s notoriously difficult window as it is, and our current financial predicament and deteriorating league position will make it very difficult to attract players even if the embargo is lifted. We lack creativity and goals, and have an imbalance in the squad. We lack a dominant centre half. we’re also short on numbers in some positions, etc etc. We need to address these issues in the context of also achieving a much reduced wage bill. So far I think the only player we have missed is Andre Green. Not a world beater but an attackin
  5. This is what I received off a Forest fan today. I only hear from him when Forest have managed to string a few results together. Then he goes into cocky mode.
  6. And big Mark Wright, striding out defence, marvellous.
  7. Shane Nicholson is still the best.....he really is. shaun barker is pretty good. anyone sat next to Ed Dawes is on ignore,
  8. Leeds leeds leeds forest forest
  9. Played 17 games. That would suggest he’s ok.
  10. Could the sticking point be the stadium? if I was buying the club I would want the ground as well. Maybe a deal for the club is agreed but is dependent on also doing a deal for the ground too. The elevated valuation might now be a sticking point?
  11. RamNut


    We need a proper centre half. Someone who can head the ball.
  12. there has been so much mismanagement that its hard to know where to begin.
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