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  1. Actually........i only achieved 3 hours and 15 minutes of sleep. I'll regret that when i'm driving back.
  2. You can sleep with a light on, but you can't sleep with a .......
  3. I'd love it if Gove won the leadership election. it would be like having a worm for a leader.
  4. Pitch looks very bobbly.
  5. Every time i read that, i read it wrong.
  6. Anyone around Derby or Belper still after a ticket?
  7. His terms will always have guaranteed an exit if chelsea came calling. Plus they released morris and chris jones. Plus they loaned us tomori and mount. Plus they let them play v them in the cup. we have to be realistic.
  8. Can't bring myself to make a prediction. Just want to enjoy a Rams win. This was my initial prediction at the start of the season. Not bad apart from totally underestimating norwich and sheff utd 😀 And over estimating stoke. got all three relegated clubs right.
  9. Asking on behalf of a friend now that my spare ticket is taken. if anyone has a spare ticket please phone Mark 07716834556 who still needs one and lives locally.
  10. Tickets finally just arrived! @froggg will be going to wembley! how stressful has this been? spoiled the build up tbh but thank goodness the wait is over.
  11. I'm bricking it if they don't arrive tomorrow.
  12. I've been holding on the phone for ages, paying 13p per minute for the privilege
  13. I was there last sunday. Les Green's old patch.
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