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  1. how does knight cop for some blame? this is the problem.....the position of the three defenders in the alternative plan b. P.s. armstrong wasn’t exactly te Wierik’s man
  2. has there been too much gnashing of teeth? The midfield lacked bite and we were toothless up front.
  3. You are George Thorne and I claim the £5
  4. The sprogs aren’t the problem. knight - constantly played out of position - still got an honourable mention Sibley was forced to play centre forward because Rooney couldn’t do it. Bird had our only shot on target Buchanan eventually emerged as one of our better players. whittaker came on and looked bright the older players are either dropped or playing badly. rooney has rigor mortis Forsyth and shinnie were dropped te wierik and wisdom were pants marriott was unceremoniously subbed. even byrne’s crossing went to pot. But t
  5. Careful. There are some Ex-librarians on here. It might all kick off. @Turk Thrust
  6. Early days, but the signs aren’t good. probably not time to pull the trigger just yet, but this is his lowest point and folk seem to be running out of patience. Do I have faith in cocu and the cabal of coaches and hangers on to sort this out? Not really. The excuses are starting to look a bit weak. we ‘ve been here so often that the smell of a failed regime is all too familiar.
  7. Exactly. I can’t think of anyone else.
  8. I doubt whether Clarke’s omission was anything to do with “rhythm of the game”. It’s more likely that they had a row over Luton’s winner.
  9. Marshall byrne. Evans. Clarke. Buchanan Jozwiak. Knight. Bird. Sibley. Duncan Whittaker looks like another season without a Left footed left Winger and no replacement for Martin?
  10. Poor old Phil. the worrying signs were there when he started saying “in the building”.
  11. Petr Cech? someone who understands rhythm.
  12. Maybe Clarke needs to sit down with Cocu and show him some clips.
  13. We are going to have to sit down with Wayne and tear up the contract.
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