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  1. RamNut

    A question for Derby fans...

    I apologise. It came out stronger than intended. But i very much disliked the cywka incident. And I didn't like the brian who was so bitter towards peter taylor. but i did love early brian and late brian.
  2. RamNut

    A question for Derby fans...

    For what its worth.....i think nigel has spent his entire managerial career doing a reasonable impression of the old, grumpy, pished up, washed up, fan thumping, Brian of the latter days at Forest. fortunately we had the young, idealistic, charismatic, visionary, Brian.......until it all went to his head.
  3. RamNut

    A question for Derby fans...

    This is a question for Burton fans rather than Derby fans.
  4. RamNut

    Ongoing Stuff

    Come off it . Your secret is out. You are a phantom toilet roll sniffer. I've heard about people like you.
  5. RamNut

    Aliens off Ireland?

    In an imaginary universe anything is possible............but only in our minds. Unfortunately nothing is more anthropocentric than that. pity really, but the lesson is profound if we chose to listen. Instead of looking for imaginary beings on imaginary planets that we can never visit, lets stop destroying life on Earth.
  6. RamNut

    The end of Rams Lotto

    I haven't mentioned the high heels yet.
  7. RamNut

    Who dealt it?

    One hundred and farty!
  8. RamNut

    The end of Rams Lotto

    Can we Miss Derby County back, in the swimsuit and the sash.....instead of Ewie?
  9. RamNut

    17 Played. How do we compare?

    I enjoyed watching vydra. I didn't really enjoy watching the team. doubts started after rotherham away last game of 16-17, poor performance, reluctance to play will hughes, awful interview. doubts reinforced by the decision to sell will hughes, but generally kept schtum. Concerned by 1-1 brentord away, 24% possession v brentford?!? Disappointed with last 15 minutes v man utd away in the cup, negative sub, failure to attack. first half of the season was good results wise. Second half was poor. Sunderland 1-4, and burton away 1-3 were low points. The super new contract for growett bothered me. Signing cameron jerome bothered me. Dropping vydra bothered me. Fulham in the play offs was the most inept set up since Malmo v forest. Glad when the manager left despite the further uncertainty. Wouldn't have renewed my ST were it not for Mel's offer. Initially slightly bemused by the appointment of frank. won over immediately by the absolutely amazing transformation evident v notts county in pre-season. pleased to see bryson back. We know that we will lose some games. We know that there will be highs and lows but for the first time in many many years i have total faith that we have the right manager, the right chairman, the right assistant manager, chief exec, tea lady etc etc. Financially its still difficult for us without resolving the tv revenues, but i look forward to games, love RamsTV, and understand that there is no magic wand.
  10. RamNut

    Aliens off Ireland?

    She was chatting away whilst doing the windows. Distance to the hercules globular cluster = 22,000 light years velocity of nasa rocket = 22,000 mph time for nasa rocket to reach HCG = approx 60 million years. lets assume advanced aliens can go a bit faster than us.....100x faster than a rocket?.....10,000 times faster, they would still take 6000 years to get here.....1million times faster than a nasa rocket....60 years? interesting choice for alien astronauts. They can either spend a lifetime on a spaceship looking forward to a brief glimpse of the republic of ireland through heavy cloud, or stay on their own planet, enjoying a lifetime of basking in the warmth of their own sun, humping female aliens, and speculating on the likelihood of intelligent advanced creatures ever bothering to visit them.
  11. RamNut

    Aliens off Ireland?

    Probably get the numbers a bit wrong but there wasn't much time before the evolution of life on earth to evolve intelligent life. why? life is made of chemical elements. Those chemical elements are formed in stars. A first generation star made primarily of hydrogen has to form, burn, produce the chemical elements and explode. Those elements then need to coalesce as a second generation star surrounded by rocky planets before the environment conducive to life even exists. So how long does that take? Earth is 4.5 billion years old. The universe 14 billions years old. It took 10 billions years to create the earth from scratch. and how long does it take to form intelligent technologically advanced life once the environment is set up. 2-2.5 billions years for bacteria to evolve. another 1.5 -2bn years for complex animals. another half a billions years for intelligent animals with advanced technology. there wasn't really therefore much time to complete the evolution of the appropriate environment and the subsequent evolution of technologically advanced intelligent life. furthermore, the evolution of complex life on this planet involved numerous highly improbable chance events, from collisions with other planets creating tilt, seasons and a moon which generates tides. Just the right amount of planetry mass, an atmosphere and tectonic plates. Being Just the right distance from the just the right sized star. The evolution of single cellular self-replicating bacteria is a miracle in itself involving the evolution of complex metabolism, a genetic code, and the biological machinary to translate code into proteins into life. If thats not amazing enough, then the evolution of complex cells required the an association of different types of bacteria coming together and existing as a single life form. The evolution of viruses working in conjunction with bacteria is essential. (Mrs carl sagan knows quite a bit about this). Complex single cells need to evolve into multi-cellular life forms which then have the opportunity to specialise different cells for different functions, and really complex animals can begin to emerge. Water is probably essential. So is lots of climate change, volcanic activity, and possibly a few impacts from asteroids which forces life to undergo various transformations to emerge onto land, generate hands, eyes, and large brains, language, culture, tools and ultimately perhaps weapons and advanced technology. Maybe the animals that achieve all this are inevitably top predators - aggressive, war mongering, and necessarily selfish. It is perhaps worth remembering that 99% of the way through this process on Earth the dominant intelligent predators were reptiles. It takes numerous chance events such as asteroid impacts and volcanic eruptions to continually clear the decks and pave the way for the evolution of animals with sufficient potential to be technologically advantaged. Large brains required the dominance of animals with long gestation periods and live young, which in turn required periods of dry climate, trees, climbers forced to start walking upright and collaborating etc etc etc etc. the reason why there is a real doubt about the possibility of advanced alien life is because to achieve all of this required a huge number of seemingly chance events. Its like rolling a 6 maybe a thousand times in succession. And even if it happened twice, the window of opportunity for two technoogically advanced intelligent animals to exist at the same time is minute. How long has intelligent technologically advanced life - with the potential to launch itself into space - existed on this planet. 50years in 4.5 billion years of Earths history. And how long will that animal exist before it destroys itself. (We are already responsible for the greatest mass extinction event in the history of the planet). And finally even if two technologically advanced life forms ever existed at the same time, during the same tiny window of opportunity, the chances are that they are too far apart to ever meet. We are alone. better start looking after this miraculous planet.
  12. RamNut

    Haters gonna Hate

    I find this thread a bit weird as there is little or no dissatisfaction in the ranks. every fan i have spoken to is supportive of frank, and the current direction of travel. every fan i have spoken to recognises that the football has been better to watch. every fan i have spoken to acknowledges that achieving promotion whilst desirable is not essential. Fans do not go from one bi-polar extreme to the other in terms of after match reactions and player opinions. I'm not sure that the so-called haters actually exist.
  13. RamNut

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    In your opinion what are your top 5 watering holes in Derbyshire?
  14. RamNut

    Haters gonna Hate

    There were plenty on here ready to jump down the throat of anyone who dared express misgivings about growett. Wonder where they all went?

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