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  1. More excited for the Cheryl gif tbh
  2. If Monday morning was a forum post this would be it. Isn't this the kaziiiim fan club topic? Anyway, I must say that kazim has been immense in every way since he started playing under Wayne. Player of the season for me.
  3. Rooney said he only wants to bring in people who improve us. I can see him coming in for Wisdom at some point. Wisdom has been good lately but still worries the hell out of me at times!
  4. "I want you to buy success, here's a pound and I want change" Someone will get the reference ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. Because perhaps he's better than evans... and Millwall might have guaranteed him playing time.. Say he joined again next season and we went up. That may allow us the funds for a permanent deal.
  6. Do I not remember something about him having targets for if the takeover happens and another set of targets if the takeover fails? I would be supprised if Wayne would have took the job if he wasn't guaranteed backing (funds) either way.
  7. His football might not be attractive but its works. Nobody will care what the football is like if we win games. Cant say I have ever been unhappy with a game if we've won, regardless if it was beautiful football or even if we deserved it.
  8. Could this not be a financial fair play issue? I dont believe he wants us to stagnate. The jozwiack transfer fee shows that he is still committed.
  9. let's be honest, he's pumped millions of his own money into DCFC and hasn't sacked a manager in years. Who are the countless managers he's sacked? Viva la mel
  10. Game over for cocu for me. Terrible run since the end of last season some thing like 1 win in 11? We haven't been this bad since the prem season. Awful. Eddie Howe still avaliable?
  11. Yep, you've got me there, not my finest moment. Maths never was my strongest subject ๐Ÿ˜…
  12. I have to disagree on him being our worst player. I agree he looked out of it the tail end of last season and the first couple games of this season but he has looked good the last 3 games and without him we would be on 0 points this season.
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