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  1. Because thats going to help ....😠
  2. Only way we are getting out this division is by being relegated.
  3. Strikes me as a footballer who doesn't actually like or care about football , resulting in perhaps less than optimal fitness which in turn results in more time on the injury table and the golf course than the pitch. Has ability though , imagine he will do enough in football to keep the paychecks coming but in a couple of years i imagine he will be back in league 1 or league 2.
  4. wow i bet you're fun at parties
  5. Did he not win a Penalty in the dying embers of the final game? Which if we hadnt got we would have been relegated?
  6. That was a busy summer for Mrs New , Popping out 10 kids , all of them made it to the professional game , impressive!
  7. I think he has a huge future in the game , but at the moment id value him around 7-9 million , but with a couple more years development easily the 15-20 million thats being talked about
  8. He is not worth anywhere near that !
  9. In that case surely close the thread ?
  10. If we are in a position to ( I'm not sure we are ) id turn down any offer for the lad , i know he didnt score as many as most thought he would last season but i honestly think he has something about him and unless its for silly money i think we would regret it in a couple of years time.
  11. Do we have a sell on clause ?
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