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  1. He's an ex footballer - they're almost all poor articulators! I am not defending him, I am simply stating that I do not believe for one minute he was intending to be racist and I am also stating that I do not believe for one minute that Lowe would have responded at all had Ramage been praising him. In short, I don't "buy" the drama in the slightest but Ramage needs to be more careful and / or professional moving forward.
  2. I dont believe that is what he was trying to say at all. He has just not articulated what he is trying to say very well.
  3. Ramage is clearly short of a few brain cells. However, when I first read what he said I interpreted it as him criticising Bogle and Lowe not as him making a racist comment. I wonder how Lowe would have reacted if Ramage had been singing praises rather than criticising?! I doubt he would have said anything at all. Having said all that, what a stupid way to put it Ramage! Final warning and move on, and yes go and apologise face to face and shake hands Ramage. Life is far too short for all this drama.
  4. I don't think NC thought the squad was ready to let loose. McClaren came in and he set the same team loose and boy were they a bright surprise. However, they didn't get anywhere did they, not ultimately. And after 4 or 5 years of progressive decline as the team that wasn't completed in the first place has slowly been dismantled, we are right back were we were when NC joined us. I think NC needed another 12 to 18 months to finish his project and then set a team / squad loose that was ready to succeed. I don't think many can see this, including obviously Rush at the time and also Mel. More the fool them.
  5. You're right, I was talking baalocks. Just get Clough back in charge!
  6. He's doing an amazing job at Burton!
  7. Who says Cocu has to be sacked for Clough to come back in? IF I had to choose, I would choose Clough. But perhaps Clough and Cocu together in some way?
  8. Clough left the next manager with something to work with. Every manager since has basically had the squad developed by Clough to work with up until Lampard. Lampard made 3 excellent loans but his actually signings have not been good at all. Cocu has inherited a mess, no question but he doesn't have DCFC in his blood, NC does. Get him back, let me do it all over again but this time let him finish the job!
  9. Assuming he is he better longer term option to Clough, which I don't believe he is.
  10. Clough gave you organic growth, players to sell on at a profit and youth coming through. I knew some fans were myopic but it's Mel who needs his head looking at ultimately.
  11. I am not necessarily jumping on the same bandwagon. I just think DCFC have had delusions of grandeur since the day Clough was sacked when in fact all they needed to do was show more patience and give NC some money to spend.
  12. Or how about letting Clough finish what he has started this time?! And give him some money to spend too!
  13. He could though, it took him a long time but he was n the cusp and Rush sacked him. Huge mistake!
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MijHMuYlC_w
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