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  1. Would be mad from Rotherham, but would be a yes from me if possible.
  2. It probably matters more-so to the player that he doesn’t have to uproot his life in an afternoon 🙄
  3. This link, along with Billy Sharp, has been around since the dawn of time. It’s like our recruitment team just have a list, and then never touch it again. Just keep going back to the same names. Not against it tho, contract running down, lives local you’d assume, needs a new deal and works hard.
  4. Uncertain on this. Someone convince me it’d be a good idea.
  5. Can’t work out if it’s deflection, or signs of completion... either way, it’s a good move. Two and a half year deal.... who was the last one to stay that long?
  6. That is probably what they’re asking themselves...
  7. If we keep hold of Jason Knight in this window, I’ll be amazed. Sad state of affairs all of this.
  8. Doesn’t really matter how badly they / we lost games. The key part is that they’re continuing to lose them, regardless of how well they play. Lose 6-0 or 1-0. It’s still 0 points added to the total.
  9. Byrne in for Davies. Lawrence in for Holmes. Just like that.. 3 points.
  10. They played Blackburn on Saturday, and London Irish played on the same turf yesterday... pitch might be pretty cut up for this one.
  11. Under Cocu, during lockdown, I was drinking a can of Oranjeboom with every game. It all started to unravel when the off license had sold out. Have moved onto Jozwiak and Bielik inspired Tyskie or Zywiec.
  12. Marshall Byrne Wiz Davies Buchanan Bielik Bird Holmes Knight Jozwiak CKR ——— Clarke looks shook after the last few games, and as a loanee, he’s not improving our team, so I’d drop him. Bird and Bielik looked good together against Cov. Time to rotate Lawrence out for Jozwiak.
  13. How do I become a fully paid up member? Hard work, leadership, a little bit of flair and a whole load of bite. Really really impressed by him.
  14. If you were investors right now, you’d be taking your cash and running a mile. PR exercise bringing Rooney in and it’s a big gamble to line Mel’s pockets selling up. It’s playing with the future of OUR football club. It’s not good enough.
  15. Can we stop playing Jason Knight out wide and play him in the middle where he’s been a stand-out player this season?
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