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  1. Time to stick togather fight for play offs

    Would you miss the play off final B4? Wish you a speedy recovery when the op happens mate.
  2. Rowett

    I'm trying my hardest to buy into the Rowett regime. But he's leaving a lot to be desired. But the man has an arrogance surrounding him that really irks me. For somebody who hasn't won (or ultimately achieved) anything yet in his career, he acts like the world owes him something. When you're failing to beat Reading, QPR, Forest away from home, you're in no position to be acting the big man. It's not good enough.
  3. QPR away who is going

    Living in Shepherds Bush, the weather is a bit hit and miss. The snow is still falling intermittently but it is COLD. See how the next few days go, and this could get frozen out.
  4. Reading v Derby County

    Very fair point hahaha
  5. Reading v Derby County

    I've seen so many people citing bad luck as a factor and berating Chris Baird over his red card. Neither of these are true: the game was decided before Baird got sent off and actually his red didn't cost us. And we didn't suffer from bad luck, we scored three goals, we took chances that came our way. We just weren't good enough. Its a shame but its a brutal awakening. Automatics a tough ask from here, however we have to play Villa, Boro, Preston and Cardiff. Win them and we are in with a shout. Don't: and we may as well plan for next year.
  6. Reading v Derby County

    This has become quite a defining game. As much as people will say they're happy with a point, considering the circumstances late on in the game. Last night was Points dropped, make no mistake about that. We have big games v Fulham, Villa, Preston and Boro. And if we can't finish off team like Leeds at home, or a struggling Reading side at away - then we only have ourselves to blame. Agree with the post above - drawing games and remaining unbeaten is a flawed stat. Drawing three games is as good as winning one and losing two. Don't be fooled. Needs a statement of intent on Saturday. Big three points required. Organised, powerful and dominant please Gary. I'd reward Palmer with a start out wide, looked slick when he came on. Great link up with Vydra and Weimann on a couple of occasions.
  7. QPR away who is going

    Can anybody tell me the difference in the gold and silver ticketing at QPR please?
  8. Reading (A) Tickets

    Just bagged a ticket for fourteen quid. Very reasonable, easy transport for me from West London.. Really looking forward to this one. 3 points needed!
  9. Brentford V Derby County

    Couldn't agree more re Bryson. I'm not saying he would be the saviour of this current Derby decline. But to have him at our disposal would only benefit us. 2 midfielders who haven't played 90 league minutes since 2015 (I think that's true.. but feel free to tell me if not). A jarringly slow Huddlestone and Johnson's Bull in a china shop approach. I really like our midfield. But I would like it more if we had a choice, if they were options rather than picked because there's literally no other options.
  10. Brentford V Derby County

    Mediocre today, to say the least. Coming out of a Derby game not being able to name anybody who was a standout performer is a sad prospect, but becoming more and more acquainted with Derby fans. Attacking positioning seems to be non-existent when defending. With there being no striker left to close down or hit on the break. Also very obvious to see we lacked a proper centre mid (a la Bryson) to come on a just inject some energy into a tired midfield, when the Ledley/Vydra change came. Round pegs square holes today, with those subs. All things considered, with 24% possession and only 3 shots on goal all game - a draw is a more than fair result, regardless of long we led the game for. We were by no means the better side.

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