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  1. We are a team full of technical players, on the most part. Passers and movers. Night like tonight, if they’re in the balance, are decided by pure undiluted shithousery. Colback was fantastic at it. Their young lad in midfield too. Osborn, and even their lad up top. We had nobody willing to chuck their weight around; and mainly cos they don’t have it. Im not sure how you’d chop and change this moving forward. We are unlucky to lose a few to injury, but we are better than we look currently.
  2. Ashley seems fitter and more composed than most. Think as old and rusty as he may be; he is more than capable to jump straight into this team. Dont feel like it’s a swipe at Malone; it’s not. Cole has had a stellar career, and hasn’t diminished in his abilities *that* much from what I’ve seen.
  3. Pathetic twit. We weren’t good enough tonight, granted. But who would you rather? Go on, I’d love to hear it. Shall we build for once rather than ripping it up and starting again? Maybe that’s where we’ve come unstuck.
  4. Can’t see King being thrown straight into this one. Probably still a long way off full match fitness.
  5. Did not see this coming. Love him as a player but how you gonna begrudge him a move to Italy to wind down and become The New Pirlo.
  6. Lived by Ravenscourt Park. Very simple walk into Hammersmith, plenty of bars and pubs. I’d probably recommend that over going to drink on Fulham Broadway.
  7. Got my ticket to this one and do actually believe we could unpick them. Onto the next round.
  8. Frank Fielding got caked up for England??? Certainly missed that memo. Edit: the typo is quite funny. Gonna leave it.
  9. Living in West London, and this happening to now be on my birthday - this could be great fun...
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