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  1. Brentford V Derby County

    Couldn't agree more re Bryson. I'm not saying he would be the saviour of this current Derby decline. But to have him at our disposal would only benefit us. 2 midfielders who haven't played 90 league minutes since 2015 (I think that's true.. but feel free to tell me if not). A jarringly slow Huddlestone and Johnson's Bull in a china shop approach. I really like our midfield. But I would like it more if we had a choice, if they were options rather than picked because there's literally no other options.
  2. Brentford V Derby County

    Mediocre today, to say the least. Coming out of a Derby game not being able to name anybody who was a standout performer is a sad prospect, but becoming more and more acquainted with Derby fans. Attacking positioning seems to be non-existent when defending. With there being no striker left to close down or hit on the break. Also very obvious to see we lacked a proper centre mid (a la Bryson) to come on a just inject some energy into a tired midfield, when the Ledley/Vydra change came. Round pegs square holes today, with those subs. All things considered, with 24% possession and only 3 shots on goal all game - a draw is a more than fair result, regardless of long we led the game for. We were by no means the better side.
  3. Ademola Lookman

    He's already taken on European level defenders in the first few mins. He is such a positive footballer. It's a shame this deal was probably always a non starter. Just what we need.
  4. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Just curious, how does that compare with Chalobah?
  5. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    West Ham just signed Haksabanovoic- a young winger and a real mouthful. Could change the necessity of their Jota deal..?
  6. Ademola Lookman

    Big shame if he goes on loan into the championship and we miss out - but I would imagine he's in and around the Everton squad. A supremely talented footballer, and still incredibly young. A year out in a good side in the championship would really do him some good. He will play at the top, I'm sure. Flair, pace and a finish.
  7. Capital Rams

    Anybody know if the London Supports Club is still going? I'd be interested in meeting a few fellow fans in the city - especially with the season starting on Friday! Cant wait.

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