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    MattTheRam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Keep Audrina Dancing   
    Very nice to see Marriott, Holmes, Malone and Ravas cheering her on as she rings the bell.
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    MattTheRam got a reaction from jono in v Millwall (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 3 - 0 Millwall
    FRGS: Jack Marriott
    I predict this to be the start of the resurgence... 
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    MattTheRam reacted to mozza in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Derby County v Preston North End
    Saturday, 23rd November 2019 , 3pm KO.
    Crazy    28
    Grimbeard    27
    MattTheRam    26
    Amberram    24
    S Hunter    24
    Blondest Goat    23
    Dean Saunders hat trick    23
    Dordogne_Ram    23
    hintonsboots    23
    ilsonram12    23
    Mick Brolly    23
    Topram    23
    admira    22
    ariotofmyown    22
    Remy the hare    22
    bucktwo    21
    europia    21
    REDCAR    21
    BOB BIGGS    20
    harwich ram    20

    Roboram    20
    WharfedaleRam    20
    AndyB    19
    ColonelBlimp    19
    DarkFruitsRam7    19
    gccrowdpleaser    19
    Gisby    19
    gfs1ram    19
    Lakes    19
    Mckram    19
    rynny    19
    gravyboat    18
    LeedsCityRam    18
    rammieib    18
    Steve Buckley's Dog    18
    TheHospitalier    18
    Van Wolfie    18
    OohMartWright    17
    Premier ram    17
    r4derby    17
    Turk Thrust    17
    bimmerman    16
    Edtheram    16
    Half Fan Half Biscuit    16
    Div 1

    jimtastic56    16
    ramant62    16
    RamNut    16
    Ramsamwidge    16
    Rich84    16
    timlondinium    16
    BodminRam    15
    Brummie Steve    15
    KCG    15
    papa_lazarou    15
    ram1964    15
    Rampage    15
    StevenageRam    15
    Zak10    15
    BathRam72    14
    Coconut    14
    irobinson    14
    taffyram    14
    ViewsFromTheMiddle    14
    Dean_Saunders    13
    ivo_knoflicek    13
    JamRam    13
    LazloW    13
    MidWalesRam    13
    Div 2

    mozza    13
    Pastinaak    13
    1967Ram    13
    Ram-a-lama fa fa fa    13
    SKRam    13
    TommyPowell    13
    Van der MoodHoover    13
    Anna    12
    Cookie    12
    DCFC1388    12
    Elgin_Ram    12
    I-Ram    12
    jimbo jones    12
    Jourdan    12
    Kenavo    12
    MK    12
    Mucker1884    12
    Will Hughes Hair    12
    Addingham Ram    11
    archram    11
    BarrowRam    11
    BucksRam    11
    Carnero    11
    Charlie G    11
    Div 3

    chewbacca    11
    FindernRam    11
    Fla Ram    11
    Igorwasking    11
    Lurky    11
    Rampant    11
    Ambitious    10
    Andicis    10
    DesertRam    10
    Jimbo Ram    10
    Makedoh    10
    Marriott Ram99    10
    Mazzaram    10
    Mos_Ram    10
    Pearl Ram    10
    ramit    10
    SunnyRam    10
    TimRam    10
    big bad ram    9
    dabber    9
    Keepyuppy    9
    Kernow    9
    RamDotFi    9
    richinspain    9
    Div 4

    86 Schmokes & a Pancake    9
    Squid    9
    Steve How Hard?    9
    Ted McMinn Football Genius    9
    True Ram    9
    Yani P    9
    Cisse    8
    erathirea    8
    jono    8
    OUTSIDER    8
    Owd miner    8
    swansea ram    8
    ThePrisoner    8
    Barnetbyram    7
    Eargasm    7
    EnigmaRam    7
    oohmarkwright    7
    RadioactiveWaste    7
    Raving    7
    StarterForTen    7
    Tcdcfc    7
    The Orange Pimpernel    7
    Woodley Ram    7
    angieram    6
    Div 5

    Heisenberg    6
    JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta    6
    Sexydadbod    6
    sheeponacid    6
    Simon Bradley    6
    Tyler Durden    6
    AbuDerbyDave    5
    Animal is a Ram    5
    BramcoteRam84    5
    dcfc the 1 4me    5
    Jayram    5
    Leeds Ram    5
    lukedcfc    5
    Mafiabob    5
    Milleniumram    5
    Nick_Ram    5
    Ramos    5
    Sprrms    5
    StevoRam    5
    TexasRam    5
    Van Gritters    5
    Xlor    5
    Coolascustard    4
    cosmic    4
    Div 6

    dcfcfan1    4
    LeedsRam1999    4
    LE_Ram    4
    Slaapwekkend P    4
    Sparkle    4
    Birdyabroad    3
    Err ram io    3
    Justa    3
    King Ramses lll    3
    1977 Ram Raider    3
    sawley_ram    3
    Sean    3
    Steadybreeze    3
    SWRam    3
    superzak    3
    WHAT DO I GET    3
    zaragozaram    3
    Carra    2
    CharltonFan    2
    Charlie van de Borreltje    2
    desirelines    2
    FrostedRam    2
    Hugh Jorgen    2
    jake the ram    2
    Div 7

    Nookiebear1    2
    oldtimeram    2
    Rample    2
    thederbyram    2
    TibshelfRam    2
    Whoneedshuls    2
    Wolfie20    2
    wyschtonram    2
    Abu Derby    1
    BarbadosRam    1
    Bar Lamb    1
    belper.dcfc    1
    CHCDerby    1
    Cocu_Doodle_Do    1
    cstand    1
    Dcfcsr92    1
    DCFC4LIFE    1
    Ellafella    1
    EraniosSocks    1
    EssendonRam    1
    Fraser_23    1
    GenBr    1
    goldstar    1
    Hathersage Ram    1

    JarodyDCFC    1
    JaguarRam    1
    LeBarbe    1
    LittleEatonRam    1
    Mark of Ayrshire    1
    Mostyn6    1
    plymouthram    1
    Ramchester    1
    ramjit    1
    Saity    1
    SaintRam    1
    Saturn5    1
    Sfox1993    1
    Shaftesbury Street    1
    Simmo's left foot    1
    SIWY    1
    SouthStandDan    1
    SuperHans11111    1
    uttoxram75    1
    WhiteHorseRam    1
    Congratulations to @Matt The Ram for making the perfect prediction .
    Full list of point scorers can be found below.
    Derby County 1 Preston North End 0 , Waghorn = FRGS
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    MattTheRam got a reaction from mozza in v PNE (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 1 - 0 Preston
    FRGS: Martyn Waghorn
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    MattTheRam got a reaction from WharfedaleRam in v PNE (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 1 - 0 Preston
    FRGS: Martyn Waghorn
  7. Cheers
    MattTheRam reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Craig Bryson   
    We've got another Rams interview to get everyone through the international break. Craig Bryson joined us to reflect on his 276 games in a Rams shirt. He told us:
    - Which Rams boss he enjoyed playing for most.
    - His best Rams memories and favourite goal he scored (it wasnt against Forest).
    - The Derby manager he 'didn't see eye-to-eye with'
    - His thoughts on retirement... and how he qualified as a personal trainer 'when he was bored in Cardiff'.
    Hope you enjoy it.
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    MattTheRam reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in NEW PODCAST: 'Shaking off the Blues'   
    Obviously plenty to go at in our latest podcast, which we've squeezed in due to the events of last week:

    How do you sum up that week? Seven days which Derby fans won't forget in a hurry ended with a breathless 3-2 win over Birmingham, giving Phillip Cocu his first home win as Rams boss. Will the five-goal thriller kickstart Derby's season? And what part will Chris Martin play after coming back in from the cold?
    Ofcourse, there's also discussion on the off-field events which ruled Richard Keogh out for the season and saw two Derby players charged with drink-driving. Where do we go from here after this shocking lapse from two Rams first-teamers?

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    MattTheRam reacted to Kernow in Cocu   
    Given the circumstances he’s faced since he’s been here, he deserves a lot of time and I think he’ll get it.
    Before yesterday, we’d gone 7 without a win, could have possibly ended the weekend very close to the bottom 3. Mel still does a lap of honour with him to show the togetherness we want to see.
    I think Mel was and is absolutely thrilled that Cocu chose to come here, and that’ll hopefully lead to some success down the line.
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    MattTheRam reacted to Van Rammeister in Cocu   
    This guy is class.
    Clearly intelligent, he demonstrates humility and dignity in his interviews and generally how he conducts himself.
    I believe we are lucky to have him, and given time, he will transform the playing side of things. 
    I also think he is really starting to ‘get’ the Championship and the English game.
    Great appointment by Mel.
    Anyone disagree?
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    MattTheRam got a reaction from archram in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Bring it on mate! 💪 my biggest downfall will never being able to predict a Derby loss...
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    MattTheRam reacted to JfR in Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three   
    It made me feel a bit better about how the season's started when I stopped comparing where we currently are in the table to where other teams currently are, and also stopped comparing how many points we are currently on to how many points we were on at this stage of previous seasons, and instead compared the results in the opening seven fixtures to their corresponding fixtures last season.
    Substituting in the newly relegated sides for the newly promoted sides:
    Villa 4 - 0 Derby -> Huddersfield 1 - 2 Derby (+3)
    Derby 2 - 1 Swansea -> Derby 0 - 0 Swansea (-2)
    Stoke 2 - 1 Derby -> Stoke 2 - 2 Derby (+1)
    Derby 1 - 1 Bristol -> Derby 1 - 2 Bristol (-1)
    Derby 3 - 1 West Brom -> Derby 1 - 1 West Brom (-2)
    Brentford 3 - 3 Derby -> Brentford 3 - 0 Derby (-1)
    Derby 1 - 1 Norwich -> Derby 1 - 1 Cardiff (+0)
    Overall that only makes us 2 points worse off than we were from the same games last season, and you could very well make an argument that poor refereeing decisions have made that difference as much as the performances have. It's hardly a massive deficit to turn around either, especially considering some of the places we dropped points last season and would hope to do better this season (i.e., 8 points in the away games to the bottom 3, 6 points to Millwall, 5 points to Blackburn, etc.).
    I know it's not a perfect way of looking at things, but I think it probably gives a slightly better summary of how we're doing in terms of results than looking at the table does at this point of the season, when who you play has as much of an effect on the standings as how you play.
    It gives a different perspective on the situation, at the very least.
  13. Cheers
    MattTheRam reacted to Bob The Badger in Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three   
    I know a lot of people are down on the Rams and the job Cocu has done, but I’m not one of them.
    I think it’s really important to understand and accept the steep learning curve he and his staff were, and still are, going through. 
    He’d never played, nor managed in English football, and he was walking into a dressing room full of players I doubt he’d ever seen play live before the speculation started - I’m presuming he watched a lot of film when it looked like he was coming - but that’s not the same.
    I’ll not get into the Frank leaving debacle and who is, or isn’t, to blame, but that surely didn’t help matters. Neither did having players like Shinnie imposed on him.
    I got shot down for saying I thought we were lucky against Huddersfield and that I thought the defense were exposed down the flanks way too often. 
    If their strikers hadn’t been so profligate we could have lost that game after two world-class goals from Lawrence.
    I think that win was a blessing and a curse because of what it did to supporters expectations.
    but, it is what it is and I’d rather have the 3-points.
    Since then we have played some dreadful football, but other than at Brentford (and those games happen, think Villa last year and Sunderland at home 2 or 3 yard ago) - we have also played some nice free-flowing football.
    At times you can clearly see what Cocu is building even if at other times you want to scream, ‘get it forward’.
    It’s light years ahead of Rowettball irrespective of the results.
    Similarly, we got result under the poison dwarf, but jeez it was uglier than a warthog licking urine off a nettle at times.
    I asked a few times before he broke through, what the deal with Max Lowe was, but nobody seemed to know.
    It seemed like Derby wanted him away. For that reason and that reason only, we could see the Bogle injury as a bonus in months to come because it pushed Lowe into the fray.
    He’s young and raw and he’s playing on the wrong side, but the signs are promising.
    Wednesday was the first time I was happy with Cocu’s team selection. Sure Malone was in, but he is a threat going forward and I thought he had one of his better games.
    Dowell has bothered me a LOT. I’ve a good friend who’s an Everton diehard and he raves over him.
    I’ve seen nothing.
    I know Tomori and Wilson took time to settle in, but there were signs before they started to play with consistency. 
    As I say, I liked the team. Clarke isn’t the Mark Wright-lite that I thought may be the case and his inability to use his right leg concerns me at times, but when he bothers to, he can bring the ball out with pace and threat.
    You’d not describe either him or Keogh as quick, but they are bothy long striders and can ghost past players that may seem faster with surprising ease at time - the Leeds goal was a classic example of that.
    And Biliek, I mean come on?
    I posted in the game thread that I think we can put to bed any talk of where his best position is.
    Without playing brilliantly he showed touches and moments where you can clearly see the potential to be a stand out player - at least in this division.
    I’m going to repeat something that I posted after the game - I think this team is close to being good.
    We absolutely need Bogle back and Lowe on his natural - but those two alone will terrorize a lot of championship defenses.
    Bogle could be that Igor spark that somebody mentioned last night
    Unlike many, I also think Huddlestone is playing well. The problem is that he hits a lot of balls that many players on’t attempt and when they go awry it looks awful.
    I do think he’s a calming influence and that moment he brought the ball out when we were under intense pressure last night was pure class.
    Roos otoh, is anything but a calming influence and  worries me more than any other player. 
    He’s punching way too often and that is either because he lacks confidence in his handling, or he’s learned bad technique. There was one cross last night that I with me with my dodgy achilles and girl sized hands could have caught while simultaneously scratching my nut sack.
    I’ll not dwell on that though because I see us as becoming more  and more attack minded and the opposition can’t score from their own half. 
    Unless that is, you have Wayne Rooney in your team (see the goal he scored against Orlando City this season).
    I’m not a  wrist-slasher and I’m not a happy clapper - I try to be objective when I can. 
    But, I rarely have this level of confidence. I could look like a fool come next May and be gently retreating from the board hoping nobody will notice, but I think we could be on the cusp of something pretty exciting.
    If that is, Cocu can stick to the plan, find his best team  and get everybody fit. And the supporters let him breath.
    And on that note and a final note. I thought the fans were brilliant last night. You all deserve a pat on the back because nobody would have complained if PP had been like an undertakers office on their day off.
    Come on you Rams, to Leeds and beyond!
    PS. Don't be confused that there was no Part 1 and 2, it was just an Ian Dury hat tip for those of you old enough to remember.
  14. Cheers
    MattTheRam reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Paulo Wanchope   
    Morning all, something for the (international) weekend:

    Derby County's cult hero Costa Rican joined us for a nostalgic chat in our latest interview special. Wanchope, who scored 28 Rams goals in all competitions, explained how he nearly became a pro basketball player before coming to England, his fiery relationship with Jim Smith, his favourite Derby teammate, and ofcourse *that* Old Trafford debut goal.
  15. COYR
    MattTheRam reacted to mozza in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Derby County v Bristol City
    20th August 2019 , 7:45pm  KO.
    MattTheRam    10
    Grimbeard    9
    rammieib    9
    S Hunter    9
    DarkFruitsRam7    8
    gccrowdpleaser    8
    gravyboat    8
    OUTSIDER    8
    Amberram    7
    Kenavo    7
    Addingham Ram    6
    Ambitious    6
    BathRam72    6
    big bad ram    6
    bimmerman    6
    bucktwo    6
    Dean Saunders hat trick    6
    Edtheram    6
    europia    6
    Half Fan Half Biscuit    6

    harwich ram    6
    Lurky    6
    Mick Brolly    6
    1967Ram    6
    Raving    6
    rynny    6
    sheeponacid    6
    Tcdcfc    6
    Ted McMinn Football Genius    6
    TheHospitalier    6
    Will Hughes Hair    6
    AbuDerbyDave    5
    ariotofmyown    5
    Cookie    5
    Jourdan    5
    JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta    5
    Marriott Ram99    5
    Mos_Ram    5
    Nick_Ram    5
    r4derby    5
    86 Schmokes & a Pancake    5
    Sprrms    5
    TimRam    5
    Topram    5
    Division One

    Anna    4
    archram    4
    Charlie G    4
    cosmic    4
    Dordogne_Ram    4
    Gisby    4
    hintonsboots    4
    Igorwasking    4
    ilsonram12    4
    I-Ram    4
    ivo_knoflicek    4
    KCG    4
    LeedsRam1999    4
    LE_Ram    4
    Owd miner    4
    ram1964    4
    RamDotFi    4
    ramit    4
    richinspain    4
    Rich84    4
    Steve How Hard?    4
    TexasRam    4
    The Orange Pimpernel    4
    Turk Thrust    4
    Division Two

    Animal is a Ram    3
    BarrowRam    3
    BOB BIGGS    3
    BucksRam    3
    Crazy    3
    dabber    3
    Dean_Saunders    3
    Fla Ram    3
    gfs1ram    3
    HantsRam    3
    Heisenberg    3
    irobinson    3
    JamRam    3
    jono    3
    Lakes    3
    LeedsCityRam    3
    MidWalesRam    3
    OohMartWright    3
    Ram-a-lama fa fa fa    3
    Rampage    3
    Ramsamwidge    3
    REDCAR    3
    Slaapwekkend P    3
    Steve Buckley's Dog    3
    Division Three

    SunnyRam    3
    Van Wolfie    3
    Zak10    3
    zaragozaram    3
    Andicis    2
    AndyB    2
    Blondest Goat    2
    Carnero    2
    Carra    2
    Charlie van de Borreltje    2
    Coconut    2
    ColonelBlimp    2
    dcfc the 1 4me    2
    DesertRam    2
    desirelines    2
    Elgin_Ram    2
    erathirea    2
    FindernRam    2
    FrostedRam    2
    jimbo jones    2
    Jimbo Ram    2
    Kernow    2
    Makedoh    2
    Mazzaram    2
    Division Four

    Mckram    2
    MK    2
    mozza    2
    Mucker1884    2
    Nookiebear1    2
    Premier ram    2
    ramant62    2
    Rampant    2
    Remy the hare    2
    Roboram    2
    Sean    2
    SKRam    2
    Squid    2
    StevenageRam    2
    taffyram    2
    TibshelfRam    2
    True Ram    2
    Tyler Durden    2
    Van Gritters    2
    ViewsFromTheMiddle    2
    WharfedaleRam    2
    Wolfie20    2
    Xlor    2
    admira    1
    Division Five

    BarbadosRam    1
    Barnetbyram    1
    Bar Lamb    1
    belper.dcfc    1
    BodminRam    1
    BramcoteRam84    1
    Brummie Steve    1
    CHCDerby    1
    Cisse    1
    Coolascustard    1
    dcfcfan1    1
    DCFC1388    1
    DCFC4LIFE    1
    Eargasm    1
    EnigmaRam    1
    Ellafella    1
    EssendonRam    1
    Fraser_23    1
    GenBr    1
    goldstar    1
    Hathersage Ram    1
    LazloW    1
    Mafiabob    1
    Mark of Ayrshire    1
    Division Six

    Milleniumram    1
    Mostyn6    1
    oohmarkwright    1
    oldtimeram    1
    papa_lazarou    1
    Pastinaak    1
    Pearl Ram    1
    RadioactiveWaste    1
    Ramchester    1
    ramjit    1
    Ramos    1
    RamNut    1
    Rample    1
    Saity    1
    SaintRam    1
    Saturn5    1
    Sexydadbod    1
    Sfox1993    1
    Simmo's left foot    1
    Simon Bradley    1
    SouthStandDan    1
    Sparkle    1
    StarterForTen    1
    SuperHans11111    1

    swansea ram    1
    timlondinium    1
    TommyPowell    1
    Van der MoodHoover    1
    Woodley Ram    1
    Yani P    1
    Point scorers are 'highlighted'  
    Congratulations to @rammieib  and @S Hunter for making the perfect prediction .
    Well done to all other point scorers .
    Derby County 1 Bristol City 2 ,  Marriott = FRGS..
  16. Cheers
    MattTheRam reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in NEW PODCAST: Bristol City, Stoke... and Forest previewed   
    Here's our latest Rams podcast - analysing Cocu's first defeat as Derby manager, asking if three at the back is really the answer, and looking forward to Forest in the cup.

  17. Cheers
    MattTheRam got a reaction from Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW podcast, Ep 58: Wayne's World   
    Massive fan of the podcast, it's a very important fixture of my Monday evening run! 🤣

    Keep on smashing it lads! 
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    MattTheRam got a reaction from ariotofmyown in SBW podcast, Ep 58: Wayne's World   
    Massive fan of the podcast, it's a very important fixture of my Monday evening run! 🤣

    Keep on smashing it lads! 
  19. Cheers
    MattTheRam reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW podcast, Ep 58: Wayne's World   
    Morning, latest SBW podcast below - cheers!
    Derby County are off and running for the 19/20 campaign, as Chris, Tom and Anton look back on the Rams' unbeaten start against Huddersfield and Swansea. There's also analysis of Derby's new signing, Wayne Rooney (!), as we ask where he'll fit into the side and chat to MLS reporter Steven Goff from the Washington Post.
  20. Clap
    MattTheRam reacted to Rampant in Academy Thread 19/20   
    Darren Wassall and his team deserve a pay rise. They're obviously a key component of our club and it's future so I hope we pay them top dollar so they aren't prised away.
  21. Cheers
    MattTheRam reacted to mozza in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Huddersfield Town v Derby County.
    5th Aug 2019, 7:45 pm KO.
    Addingham Ram    5
    BathRam72    5
    bucktwo    5
    Cookie    5
    gravyboat    5
    MattTheRam    5
    rynny    5
    AbuDerbyDave    3
    Ambitious    3
    Anna    3
    Animal is a Ram    3
    archram    3
    cosmic    3
    Dean Saunders hat trick    3
    Edtheram    3
    Grimbeard    3
    HantsRam    3
    harwich ram    3
    I-Ram    3
    JamRam    3

    LeedsRam1999    3
    LE_Ram    3
    OohMartWright    3
    OUTSIDER    3
    1967Ram    3
    RamDotFi    3
    Raving    3
    richinspain    3
    sheeponacid    3
    S Hunter    3
    Sprrms1983    3
    Tcdcfc    3
    Ted McMinn Football Genius    3
    TexasRam    3
    The Orange Pimpernel    3
    zaragozaram    3
    Carra    2
    FrostedRam    2
    gccrowdpleaser    2
    JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta    2
    Kenavo    2
    MidWalesRam    2
    r4derby    2
    Van Wolfie    2
    Division One

    Andicis    1
    Barnetbyram    1
    belper.dcfc    1
    CHCDerby    1
    Coconut    1
    DesertRam    1
    DCFC4LIFE    1
    Elgin_Ram    1
    erathirea    1
    Fraser_23    1
    GenBr    1
    Gisby    1
    Heisenberg    1
    hintonsboots    1
    jimbo jones    1
    KCG    1
    Kernow    1
    Lurky    1
    Mafiabob    1
    Mark of Ayrshire    1
    Mazzaram    1
    Mick Brolly    1
    MK    1
    Mostyn6    1
    Division Two

    mozza    1
    Mucker1884    1
    Nick_Ram    1
    oldtimeram    1
    Owd miner    1
    papa_lazarou    1
    ram1964    1
    Ramchester    1
    ramit    1
    ramjit    1
    Rample    1
    Ramsamwidge    1
    86 Schmokes & aPancake    1
    Sean    1
    Simmo's left foot    1
    Simon Bradley    1
    SKRam    1
    StevenageRam    1
    True Ram    1
    Van Gritters    1
    Will Hughes Hair    1
    Point scorers are 'highlighted'   (everyone atm , but will change)
    Congratulations to @Addingham Ram , @BathRam72 , @bucktwo , @Cookie , @gravyboat , @Matt The Ram and @rynnyfor making the perfect prediction .
    Well done to all other point scorers .
    Huddersfield Town 1 Derby County 2 , Lawrence = FRGS..

  22. Like
    MattTheRam got a reaction from mozza in v Huddersfield (A) - Predictions   
    Huddersfield 1 - 2 Derby 

    FRGS: Tom Lawrence
  23. Clap
    MattTheRam got a reaction from rynny in v Huddersfield (A) - Predictions   
    Huddersfield 1 - 2 Derby 

    FRGS: Tom Lawrence
  24. Like
    MattTheRam reacted to Zag zig in Captain Keogh   
    Bielik as back up, Evans too, all of a sudden we could look more sorted.
    As for Keogh, how many managers have now decided he’s our leader? Some will no doubt despair at all these “mistakes “ but I think it just shows he is the most respected player in our camp for a succession of Managers to keep picking him.
  25. Clap
    MattTheRam reacted to Hathersage Ram in Captain Keogh   
    Captain Derby. If we had 10 others who played with his passion and commitment, then we would definitely get top 2
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