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  1. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Exactly, why we have to put up with MM I do not know. I can remember how wonderful life was under the "Three Amigos" regime and what a fantastic playing squad we had. Why can't it be as good now as it was then?
  2. Well there's always Deon Burton around and still playing.
  3. Olsson to DC United

    Chris Powell even went on to play for England after his cheap departure from Derby
  4. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Isn't that known as eBay?
  5. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Fahrenheit or Celsius?
  6. Sam Hughes - Joined Leicester City

    John Sjoberg was a tough defender but had the turning circle of the Torrey Canyon.
  7. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    Looking at the eyeballs there must have been a power cut!
  8. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    A good significant post. Basically, if WH leaves for that price we would be paying off most of his contract with the transfer fee and making up the difference from within the club. That would mean the only achievement is one less on the wage bill!
  9. Ollie Watkins - Signed for Brentford

    If he's not been seen in Debenhams then there is no credibility to the story
  10. I'm new to the forum but have read postings with interest for years. I think Curtis Davies will be a good signing. I won't be surprised to see Keogh leave as previously stated on here but if he had been substituted after 75 minutes in every match we'd probably have been promoted.

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