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  1. Trevor Hebberd, Paul Blades and Mel Sage. Three excellent and consistent players who were part of the great team from 1987 to 1990. They never seemed to get the recognition they deserved from many of our fans.
  2. Kyle McAllister - He has the skill and pace of Harry Wilson, but not his shooting ability from long-range. He will need a few games to gain confidence but if he is given the chance, he could be a useful substitute at the at the start of the season and then a first-team regular.
  3. I would prefer a young manager that will play attractive football and will stick around for at least 2 or 3 years. We can't go back to the older Manager such as Hughton, Pulis or Allardyce playing dull football. Mikel Arteta would be my choice. I think Guardiola will be at Man City for another 2 or 3 years and he will not stand in his way. if Arteta was approached by Derby. He is familiar with English football and will be aware of our great history and more importantly, our potential with so many promising young players.
  4. 1. Connor Sammon - no football ability, but he has been blessed... a millionaire and he has lived the dream of being a Footballer 2. Claude Davis - not even one good performance 3. Craig Fagan - he had one good game in the Play-off Final , but was useless otherwise, we got our money back 4. Martin Kuhl - Set a bad example as captain of a young team, on and off the pitch 5. Ian Wilson - offered nothing in our relegation battle of 1990=91 6. Eddie Lewis - I knew we would be relegated as soon as we signed him.
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