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  1. New Gold Dream

    Few idiots spoil the day

    I went to the match and I was on Row R. The young teenage offender was also on Row R and clearly identified by some fans and was quite rightly threatened. Some stewards came to the scene about 5 minutes later but did not eject anyone. He should be identified by CCTV at the ground and banned for life for attending all Derby away matches and given at least a 5 year home ban. Some of the language used by a tiny minority of supporters was disgusting and they should have been arrested by British Transport Police at the Rotherham train station or by the local Police who were slow to react to fighting amongst some fans after the game. The trouble was initiated by about 10 of our so called fans, some of whom were arrested. They should be fined at least £1000 and banned from going to home and away games for 5 years. Unless you punish these idiots effectively, you will only encourage further idiotic and cowardly behaviour.
  2. New Gold Dream

    Derby world cup style squad

    GK: Poom, Shilton, Carson DF: Sage, Blades, Wright, Stimac, Laursen, C.Powell, M. Forsyth MF: Gemmill, Eranio, Carsley, G Williams,, P Williams, McMinn, Callaghan, Hughes F: Saunders, Goddard, Wanchope, Rasiak, Davison Tried to think of England only squad of Players that I saw in a Derby shirt. Did see players such as McFarland and Hector but they were past their prime.
  3. New Gold Dream

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Goodbye and Good Luck to George Thorne, Anya, Martin, Butterfield, Pearce and Elsnik.
  4. New Gold Dream

    Hull (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread

    I would like to see us use players that are on the fringes of the squad. It would also be good to see some of the young players that played so well against Chelsea U-23 team on Friday. I think this team will still be good enough to beat Hull and all of them will be highly motivated to prove a point to FL and/or attract a loan deal to another club by Friday. It does not matter if we lose because we won't win this Cup, well, not this season anyway. I am aware that the chances of seeing even half of this team in the team are unlikely, but it wood be good to see more players feel as though they are part of the squad. Roos Anya Pearce Wisdom Lowe Thorne Guy Elsnik Holmes Marriott Josefzoon Subs; Carson, Gordon, Bird, Butterfield, Martin, Jerome
  5. New Gold Dream

    Got a question for John Percy?

    Do Football Managers at clubs (or their agents) or those out of a job use journalists to approach football club Directors or Owners that they want a job at that club, even though there is a manager currently already at the club? I have a strong suspicion that Gary Rowett's agent may have approached Sam Rush that he might go to Forest but would rather have the Derby job while Steve McClaran was still the manager.
  6. New Gold Dream

    Our support....

    I left 5 minutes early to go and watch the T20 Derbyshire v Leicestershire match. Unfortunately, I only watched 2 overs before the match he rain started and the game was called off. Does that make me a disloyal supporter? I care passionately about both my local football and cricket clubs and I have a season ticket at both. The idiots at Sky decided to schedule both matches on the same day and around the same time. Most loyal supporters will support the club through good times and bad and the decision to leave early is a personal choice if you are not happy about a performance or just need to leave early for transport reasons. It is not a sign of disloyalty. Switching your support to another football club because they are a better team is.
  7. New Gold Dream

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    George Thorne needs to be loaned out to regain match fitness. Many other footballers have come back from serious injuries and continued to have good careers. You don't need to be an athletic and energetic footballer to be a central defensive midfielder, it is far more important to have good positional awareness and a good passing range. Players such as Claude Makelele, Steve McMahon and Henry Newton are three good examples. I would not sell him, send him out on loan until January and then bring him back in to the squad. There are other midfield players that are surplus to requirements and need to be sold such as Butterfield, Johnson and Hanson.
  8. New Gold Dream

    Ideal starting XI for Reading (A) - Discussion

    Assuming Frank will play all his new signings. With three new signings in two days, at least half of the following players will leave on loan or are sold such as Blackman, Butterfield, Anya, Thorne, Martin, Nugent, Zanzala, Hanson, Gordon, Vernam, Guy, Roos, Bennett. If we sell Vydra, Tammy Abraham will probably arrive on loan. I still hope Vydra stays and he will get us another 20 goals this season. I expect the team to be: Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Wilson Mount Huddlestone Josefzoon Vydra Jerome Subs: Mitchell, Pearce, Johnson, Bryson, Thomas, Bennett, Nugent

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