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  1. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    Not always the case that parachute payments gives you a head start. The great majority of them might already be spoken for in lucrative contracts paid in desperation to try and stay up. Think Sunderland. i agree but i still think we will be working in single figures of millions when the market for quality players at the right age demands teens,so the longer it takes to get promoted the harder and less likely the task becomes
  2. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    mel has been ok writing cheques for single figure millions,the game has now moved on and i dont see him having the clout to pay teens of millions needed for the talent to go forward,given that if we dont get out this season there will be three more teams with parachute payments in the league next year making the task even harder
  3. v Sheff Weds (A) - Predictions

    1-0 rams hope we get the same dreadful wed side that gifted a poor cardif 3 points a few games ago
  4. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    too young to be on our current radar
  5. did anyone else suffer

    did anyone else suffer that 90 minutes of so called football at Sheffield last night.how can anyone seriously consider cardif promotion candidates
  6. Brentford V Derby County

    i thought rowetts lad was a ram,he needs to have a serious word in his dads ear SOON

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