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  1. a prolific striker and a competent keeper,and a style of football that entertains without worrying about the opposition
  2. i want to feel sorry for rotherham,they had the heart,but then i think of their tasteless chairman,so ferkem.roll on next season
  3. if we had a striker instead of a waghorn,we would have been a goal up,the game would have been ours
  4. i thought this was a must win,and we start with waghorn and roos,roos who took dropping deeper to new levels last week playing behind the goal line for the first goal
  5. mel should make his last dressing room appearance, and offer the squad a final win bonus, to give the lads some extra incentive and desire.his last chance to leave a positive legacy at our great club
  6. what really annoys me,is that we are one of the worst teams in the worst league i can remember,thats how far we have regressed.if rooney and co stay,we will have another cocu situation come november/december,another manager with a squad assembled by a clueless bunch,and maybe once again the real problems,ie.rosenior and co get to stay on
  7. i actually hope rotherham stay up,just to prevent another yorkshire celebration and p#ss take at pp
  8. our set piece routine was dreadful,try to land it on the head of a player thats not been able to head a ball on target all season,priceless
  9. no,the worst thing is no keepers,waghorn,and keep dropping further and further back as the game goes on,everone apart from the management can see the goals coming
  10. two shots on target at home,in a must win game,says it all really
  11. we just never learn you could see a goal coming keep dropping back,inviting pressure
  12. looks like dont lose not must win,hope i'm wrong
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