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  1. Acceptable in the 80’s ( was that why this was the theme tune)?
  2. Think Samba is an exceptional keeper, was a bit lucky with the TL shot though as it seemed to be deflected onto his shoulder. Nothing seemed to drop for us all match.
  3. Sorry but just to add ( against my better judgement) I have to say , I never comment on a game I haven’t been to. I’ve never been a negative poster, in fact a happy clapper. If you want the forum to be full of negative posts by people that don’t go to the game then fine, I’ll just stick to being positive at the match.
  4. Ok. I took exception to a post and challenged it. A difference of opinion ensued. Eventually all the replies I got were condescending one liners that I felt were to antagonise me. My last post which along with a whole section of posts that were deleted actually said that ‘ I’m tired and emotional and shouldn’t have carried on the argument and that we are all DCFC and we can agree to disagree etc.’ There were also about 4-5 other regular posters that took exception to @Tyler Durdenposts. But it’s only me being called out. Ive had one disagreement with @Pearl Ram so I feel it’s wrong to bring it up trying to suggest that it’s me who is a problem poster. I’ve never had an argument over a singular post that I have made. But I do regret arguing about posts made by others. Nobody had an ‘I’m a better fan than you mentality ‘ in the thread if you read it back. I will apologise for challenging posts that I find completely unproductive and will cease to do so from now on.
  5. Oh the irony. Do you see it Tyler or not?😂
  6. Jimbo ram, if it was a one off rant, we all do it but all I read off this guy/girl is this garbage
  7. Think this post says it wasn’t worth your time, unless ‘couldn’t be arsed ‘ means something else where you come from?
  8. Lol, he/she had no faith, that is why the game wasn’t even followed !!!??!!?! OMG
  9. My point was, that I ignore many posts I don’t agree with but cannot let a negative post from someone who ( in his own words) can’t be arsed to watch a match because he thinks its not worth there time, when it’s one of the biggest games of the season!! How can you honestly regard yourself as a fan after your original post?
  10. Yes we all skim read posts and don’t agree with them without reply, but every now and then you read one stating that you couldn’t even be arsed to watch the game, never mind go to it, because of your preconception of it not being worthy of your time and then be negative, then I have to reply to it as I find, since the start of your contributions to the forum I struggle to find a positive/constructive one
  11. Take it or leave it? Sorry fella that’s not how a forum works. You post and people reply. In an earlier post I talked about emotions before and during a match. This is why we go/ follow our team. This is why every fan does this. Leagues are made up with many teams falling short of expectations, making a majority of fans almost masochistic in there loyalty. Today was AT THE VERY LEAST One game this season, a fan should’ve been involved in if possible. Supporting a team is a bit like a marriage- through good and bad time etc. If we we we top of the league and Florist bottom would you have been interested?
  12. Still Here? It was Derby Forest FFS . This is why we go ( some of us )
  13. Couldn’t be arsed to go to the game or watch it on sky. Can be arsed to type that though. Nice contribution as usual. I could be arsed to go and there were a whole range of emotions today. Nerves and excitement from the moment I got up to the final whistle. Great atmosphere in the ground and lots of better football for an away match. if you can’t be arsed to support your team in any capacity then duck off!!!
  14. Got back from the game and have only just been able bring myself to watch it on sky. Everything has been kinda covered apart from . .. WTF was Roos doing so far-off his line for the goal. Mistake from Bogle but Roos ran out. If he was near his line like he should have been, Grabben would’ve had to ...... well I don’t think he would’ve scored. Not saying it’s his fault as Bogle did FU but all to easy for grabben with Roos so far out
  15. He looks like a police photofit
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