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  1. The renegade robots are long dead, the metal ones rusted, the humans bled.
  2. A better problem to have, I think. We can have midfielders on the bench that can change game plans if things aren’t working out
  3. This is true and Cocu certainly doesn’t seem to fall into the ‘not changing a winning team’ school of thought. There is, however only one way to find out if that team selection can perform to that standard again. Would like to see TL have to fight for his place back. Rooney might be the exception, but it’s nice to know we can play without him.
  4. I’d like to think that as Rooney is making the transition from player to coach he is already starting to think like one and would perhaps see that he doesn’t necessarily have to be the first on the team sheet if we were suddenly playing well with him on the bench.
  5. Whilst I understand your sentiment, we should let them be the architects of their own downfall. I have thought the same on occasion but if it meant us losing all remaining matches would it still apply? Unfortunately I think they will be top 6 🤮
  6. Yeah, have to agree with you. We don’t have the insight into his chopping and changing but I like to think it is as you say, to get to know his squad inside out. Some of the poor results maybe coming from trying different tactics with different players etc. The Cocu out brigade, I think just didn’t factor all this in, after the kind of football we played at Hillsborough and at Pride Park yesterday shows IMO that the potential of a great footballing team may soon be realised. His critics seem to now be in the small minority of die hards but the weight in their arguments are losing momentum. Patience for a new manager with a plan, is easily promised but difficult to grant, it seems. I am also exited to see where this takes us, none of us are immune to disappointment along the way of course, but watching the difference in class between us and Blackburn’s play off hopefuls made me proud to be a Ram.
  7. Hopefully we can give the lad a better chant?
  8. Anyone else googling train times to Norwich?
  9. Watching him tonight, we really need to hold on to him. There are games when he’s not on it , just like every footballer. But when he’s on it 👊👊🐏🐏
  10. Martin with the assists tonight. Let’s not sell this guy please!
  11. Well the sun was shining and we won 1-3 the tram was a pleasure.
  12. Despite the horrendous weather forecast, our away form and the nightmare Tram, I’m really looking forward to this. The Sun will shine, a 1-3 win and a taxi back to the Station Tap and I’ll be a happy Ram. To be fair, two out of three will suffice. 👊
  13. Having to listen to the Florist match with Red dogs 🤮 Need some good news forum!!!
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