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  1. My sister used her season tickets and got 3 seats right at the back. Then went back on general sale and bought 3 tickets quite easily in the 223 block? Something not quite right with holding so many choice seats back for general sale. It’s like handicapping season ticket holders.
  2. Though I’d let some dust settle before a replay, so re reading your post you didn’t want to speak for other people but then you did by claiming Frank let ‘a lot ‘ of people down. Buts that’s up to them to confirm. Ok. i never read a post etc because you “ never placed that pressure on him” phew Sure he’s grateful. As a “staunch supporter “ so you think he set the team up to play “drivel”? The world domination was of course tongue in cheek. I normally wouldn’t have replied to your post, in fact the same night I apologised to a poster for my reply as emotions were high and we'd all perhaps had a drink, but it was that “ I’m not your mate” comment?? I know were not mates, but the word mate is used as a connection that we are both male / human and not enemies. we are both passionate about DCFC so no hard feelings eh? As I could be bouncing next to you at Wembley after a 3-1 win🐏✌️
  3. Fair play to the Watford fans! Not sure I could wave a flag at 6-0 down! hopefully won’t come to that!!!!!!
  4. Keogh has been doing this all season, unfortunately it’s never come to much, but I knew one day that crazy horse run would be a stroke of genius. Keogh always got a crazy run forward and a match winning assists in him.
  5. Suprised beating Man U at old Trafford wasn’t in the list of great victories. For me as I didn’t get to Elland Road was the best game I’d seen. My 14 yr old lad jumped on me and hugged me . Don’t think he’d hugged me since he was about 3 .
  6. You can’t defend Mac as he lied publicly about staying or Rowett for his awful, no tactical ambition!!
  7. Pretty sure the 1/3 ( the fact it is franks first season) has to respected . Would you swap FL for 2 snakes that left us for a few more quid? There not legends,there snakes
  8. Just been looking through Leeds forum and I saw this post- I do wish at times that the fans would put on a more friendlier face at times but that is a whole other conversation. wonder whether their fans think that they intimidate the opposition when really they have more of a negative affect on their own team?
  9. Was it their first season? Were they Hammered by FFP? Did they have the minerals to try and get a championship team to play in a premiership manor? and still make the final. Anyone else so that? If he’s not already I’m sure he will be
  10. Adomah would have had Malone on toast IMO as he gets drawn inside constantly and leaves so much space down that flank
  11. I really can’t find anything positive to say about Malone. I think he is a very poor LB. watching the game back he did turn his back and block a couple of shots but that’s it. Instead of closing down his man, just back-pedal pointing at him, then not going with the runner, to following tomori to a man only to be told by tomori where he should be, constantly out of position woirh tomori having to cover, the card where it was his poor touch ( he didn’t actually foul him tbf the guy saw the lunge and went over it) the throwing incident, ending up with Lawrence booked also ( we now understand why he perhaps wasn’t ok). I could go on all game, he really is a liability imo, Villa would hammer that flank. I’d rather have a half fit middle aged Cole than Malone, I really don’t see how he is rated by some people?
  12. Can’t mate, I was confident I’d get it off as there’s no reason to be refused. So once you’ve asked etc. Will be doing even less work than normal now 😂
  13. Big shout out to where I work for refusing me the Tuesday off work, as our group had all booked to stay over. Thanks Amey you’re all bar stewards
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