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  1. Lol, but no one was moaning apart from the poster you were defending?? he/she/other just got called out on comments
  2. Ok. First I’m accused of being offended by a so called fan saying “ duck off Derby “ when I wasn’t. Now I’m being accused of telling someone they shouldn't say something as you don't think it's right( copied and pasted that in case of a miss quote @Andicis) when I didn’t even go there. ????😂😂😂😂?????
  3. Who said I was offended? I certainly didn’t. MY OPINION was that with his comment of “ duck OFF Derby “ ( sorry @Andicisfor the miss quote) must of surely expected a response as we were all disappointed. But Duck off ? OK
  4. Not sure he needed to @ you. Your frustration and contempt for the team has been consistent. The “Duck you Derby” comment, I think was quite extreme and you must have expected a response? I understand it was through frustration, but everyone on this forum will have been disappointed. Duck you Derby though? Really?
  5. Just watched Cocu’s interview, he is saying the right things, understands what is wrong. Thank God. I play a bit of Poker and a big part of this is looking for tells ( when someone is being untruthful) . Marriott had 4 tells and used them in many questions. From this I’m guessing he wants to move and will be suprised if he is with us at the end of next season. Pure conjecture of course.
  6. According to sky Bamford scared Clarke into the mistake 😂😂😂😂 Bamford is about as scary as a telly tubby
  7. Great defending from Bogle translated by the ref as a foul 🤷‍♂️🙄
  8. He should’ve really let that go back to Roos as it was a bouncing,slow, pea roller, instead gives it back to Hernandez 😂
  9. It was a bad challenge, how he stayed on shows the standard of refs we have 😡
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