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  1. Was meant to be on call tonight so lucky to not just go , but have a few beers, so by the time I got back almost everthing has already been said . Can’t really elaborate on what’s been said already but still, pleased for Malone to get the goal after the grief he’s had off some ‘fans’, thought his Derby days were over. How great it is to have Duane back in the side !!!! First half looked promising, second not so much, sounds a bit spurious,I know but I won’t blame any one player for this, even Waggy who had 2 great chances ( one he made himself). We should have won , we didn’t but with Bogle on the right Lowe on the left we will be s different opponent. Laurence seems to have been slated again tonight when had a better first than second half but for a few poor choices doesn’t deserve to shoulder the blame every time we don’t win!! will be tough to take where I think we will finish this season, but I do think the word transitional is first time it’s relevant.
  2. Got shown this at work tonight by a Red Dog on a Florist site.
  3. Has she been happy clapping her own arse?
  4. Not sure I was defending the football played. Just not an advocate of booing. Can make a bad situation worse. You keep booing and I’ll not. Does that mean I’m “ happy clapping in my own arse”?
  5. It might of been that Dowells signing wasn’t Cocu it has been already said tonight. But it confuses us because he still plays and is quite clearly not good enough. This is what annoys me as everyone is pointing at Cocu but his hands are tied till the next window.
  6. Unfortunately the forum is being bombarded with this atm
  7. Some of us have felt the fame way but for a lot longer. That’s why we probably clash heads in posts. We all feel the same way mate. But good times will follow bad and I work with a notts county fan who can’t see our frustration
  8. Yes sorry about that as I Have dyslexia and rely on predictive sometimes. It doesn’t help with grammar though. I also have my 14 yr old lad to check posts whether he agrees or not. But , yes shove that last post up your ass mosly he types them for me , tonight he’s to busy playing fifa
  9. We may be clinging on to something but that’s what keeps us going year after year, your doom and gloom and sack Cocu etc helps no one. Man United play good football 👀🤷‍♂️
  10. You owe us you owe us both an apology for such an accusation. whats happened to this forum? Two people disagree and it’s bullying? give your head a wobble
  11. That’s football though isn’t it. I’m looking going to Leeds but I could say suck it we’re not going cause we’re not gonna play well and get beat! But I will and we may or may not. But I won’t be going then giving them stick at then end. I may as well go and support Man City and go once a year 🤷‍♂️
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