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  1. Unfortunately this has been a valid point for a while now . Thought Huddlestone might have been a player to help create but even he dissipated 2nd half
  2. I know this had been mentioned earlier and I do accept this but there was a few one on ones where I thought he was hesitant and not the fossie I remember. However I'm not slating the guy just hope he can get back to where I thought he was pre injury as I thought he was on of the best left backs in the championship
  3. I used to regard fossie as mr dependable defencively but today he looked out of sorts and they looked dangerous every time down their right. I hope this is just coming back after injury syndrome, but how much time can we afford him? Think everything has been covered already but what concerned me today was an incident first half when Wisdom was gesticulating (keogh I think) to go forward and instead a poor 5 yard pass was played to him. Instead of breaking himself to get to it he completely disregards it throwing both hands in the air as if to say what was that? Letting the ball roll past him. Luckily we picked it up. I'm not commenting on his whole game as his world class tackle when I was hoping he would just take the player out before he reached the box!! But that to me displays an attitude we can't afford.
  4. Match Day

    Usually arise about 10.00 then pace up and down the front room looking at the clock till about 12.00. My lad will roll out of bed 10 mins before we leave as my pacing becomes a canter of nerves! Only respite is re-reading match day thread. Leave about 13.30 quick medicinal tramp juice at the ground
  5. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Vydra did look sharper and offered Martin more
  6. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Thought we looked more dangerous from corners than for s long time , least it's getting past the first man!! thought keogh played well and wisdom, butters is the weak link. Draw ok thought Martin or nugent might of nicked it towards the end but they did hit the post so maybe a good point away.
  7. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Bad miss from Martin
  8. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    How's THAT not a penalty from the corner????
  9. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    I'd love to see weimann get some of luck, but he does remind me of my cat chasing a torch light round the front room, never gives up, never get quite gets it
  10. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Harsh handball, good shout for a penalty on butts.
  11. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    Would of come away disappointed today if we were playing A lower league side , but in perspective this is a class side. They may not of got out of 2nd gear (or did they??) I feel confident our shortfalls today won't be exposed by many championship sides think we are 2 players short still but can't wait for Friday COYR
  12. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    😂 That darn sniper👍
  13. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    I thought Carson made 3 great saves in the first half. Huddleston and wisdom will be great this season, and I agree with most posts, we have lots of so called wide players but no real wingers
  14. Rotherham United v Derby County - Match Day Thread

    Yeah, it's a bit more complicated, he's had a season ticket for 5 seasons now and only 11. But it's not really his age it's fate has thwarted every plan to go away for the last 2 seasons. So when we finally go it was a bit flat. Just hate that red dog ground. Maybe next season. ✌️

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