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    I know nothing reacted to Jourdan in Reasons why we are where we are .   
    I have been very critical of Mel over the years. But I don’t think all of the blame should be dumped on his shoulders. A lot of it, but not all of it.
    The people he trusted - managers like Lampard, Rowett and Cocu, executives like Rush and Pearce, the recruitment team, senior first team players - have not delivered when they needed to stand up and be counted. Professionals held in high regard in their field just simply haven’t lived up to the billing.
    So it’s an organisational problem. Mel hasn’t had anyone competent to lean on. All clubs need a good structure with people doing their jobs well. It says it all when in six years of Mel being at the helm, the only people that emerge with credit are Wassall and the academy coaches and that’s largely because they are a separate structure and not polluted by first team affairs.
    When I think of every bad decision Mel has made, you have to wonder who was his sounding board? Why did no-one step in and stop Mel in his tracks? For every bad decision, there was someone in the background who thought it was a good idea or didn’t have the heart or guts to set Mel straight.
    That’s why we are where we are. Yes, Mel has made plenty of mistakes and as such his legacy won’t be a particularly favourable one. But for every mistake, there is someone who failed to give him sound advice or failed to carry out an accurate risk assessment.
    That’s where the prospective new owners need to fare better - get the right people in place off the pitch and it will have a positive effect on the pitch. Worryingly, it seems that most of the key people will stay where they are with their fingers on buttons.
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    I know nothing reacted to GenBr in Reasons why we are where we are .   
    The rich list is a load of baalocks. Whoever compiles it has no idea what Mels net worth is. Even if it was accurate it doesnt mean any of it is just sat as cash in his bank account. He would be in an idiot to sell any of his assets in the middle of one of the deepest recessions the world has seen.
    I would say the main problems have been Covid and Sam Rush. Covid made it a lot harder for Mel to keep putting money into the club due to the lack of revenue. Made it necessary to sell whoever we could and we've been paying for the Rush spending spree ever since it happened. The squad has never recovered after that.
  3. Clap
    I know nothing reacted to Millenniumram in Derby must go for it   
    Some of them might actually have to help our their families financially...
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    I know nothing reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Life's better with a sea shanty   
    Showing your English language skills again there.
  5. Haha
    I know nothing reacted to David in Life's better with a sea shanty   
  6. Clap
    I know nothing reacted to David in Life's better with a sea shanty   
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    I know nothing reacted to kevinhectoring in Top 5 teams you hate most   
    my best friend at school was a forest supporter - his dad was. His hero was Ian Storey Moore, mine Hector (though my own dad always told me Todd was really the one to admire, he was probably right about that and many other things...).  Anyway our childhood pact -  my second team was forest and his was Derby.   My early memories at the BBG - every game involved fans abusing McGovern who, it was universally agreed, was bobbins, why IS he on the pitch? (my dad used to cover my ears).  As a kid I just felt sorry for him. Cloughie tried to sign Storey Moore when he left Forest, it was big news. My dad once took me into the Broadway pub to say hello to Archie Gemmill and his gold bangles, to get his autograph in exchange for a whisky (times have changed). So he was another hero no matter which club.  And Gladys - whose corners, gravity defying penalties and white boots are etched on the brain - played there before coming to Derby (but I only realised that later). So for me, these and so many other connections. Never more than a friendly rivalry, always thought they were a great club. Sorry if that offends anyone.
    Leeds on the other hand .. 
  8. Clap
    I know nothing reacted to Sith Happens in Top 5 teams you hate most   
    Its really because of Leicester the rest of us suffer ffp rules today. 
    Not only did they con businesses out of millions when they did, they retained their playing squad and got promoted. 
    Was out and out cheating, surely they should have sold off all their saleable players rather than rip businesses off.
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    I know nothing reacted to Tamworthram in Top 5 teams you hate most   
    I don't actually hate any other clubs but, the five I dislike most are probably the following (not necessarily in this order) :
    1) Forest
    2) Leeds
    3) Stoke
    4) Millwall
    5) Birmingham 
  10. Haha
    I know nothing reacted to Boycie in Wayne Rooney and his Adidas trainers   
    Give over, scousers only wear suites for court.
  11. Clap
    I know nothing reacted to angieram in If you train right you'll be in me thoughts.   
    I thought Rooney handled that whole press conference very well. Big contrast between the national journalists just wanting their soundbites on his career and the local ones who actually know something about the club. I don't think Rooney put a foot wrong (excuse the pun).
    I like the fact that he steers the discussion back to the players and the team and what they need to do to be in his side. Maybe we will see some surprising departures and/or arrivals. Picked out Shinnie for a special mention in how a player can improve.
    Very diplomatic when asked specifically about Gordon and Holmes, said a lot without actually saying it! 
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    I know nothing reacted to Mick Brolly in Ted McMinn   
    Good news i understand that Ted has now returned home to continue his recovery.
  13. Like
    I know nothing reacted to loweman2 in Blue shorts   
  14. Haha
    I know nothing reacted to uttoxram75 in Marcus Rashford   
    Unfortunately there are some childish people on here so If any one requests a picture of your wife’s box please report them immediately.
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    I know nothing reacted to peachmyster in Play off Final   
    Starting mason Bennett cost us the game 
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    I know nothing reacted to IslandExile in When the crowds are back, Rooney bounce?   
    Option 3. Find his own way of engaging with the fans.
  17. Clap
    I know nothing reacted to angieram in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    I am very pleased with this appointment,  which surprised me, because I originally didn't want Wayne as manager. I think that I was influenced too much by his patchy form at the club and the style of football we were playing at the time. His interviews didn't warm me to him either.
    However, since he has been in temporary charge I have completely changed my mind. He oozes knowledge of the game, he seems to like to play his football the right way by utilising the best of what he has available.  His directness suits us and I like his honesty. He seems to handle the media circus around the club really well (He's had plenty of experience of this as a player.)
    The players are putting in a real shift for him and I suspect those who aren't might not be with us much longer.
    I am happy to be won over and wish him every success.
  18. Haha
    I know nothing reacted to David in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    love you really @Millenniumram 😂😘
  19. Clap
    I know nothing reacted to LazloW in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    No more so than any other appointment. 
    We have just sacked a footballing legend who won multiple titles. Few people would have assumed that was risky, but look what happened. It’s a complete lottery, but what he has done so far has been positive, so let’s give him a chance for now and see this as good news. There will be plenty of time for negativity and told you so’s in the future.
  20. Like
    I know nothing reacted to Ellafella in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    Great to see these words. My view of WR has altered diametrically since it was first announced that he was joining us as a player. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to football. I think having Mac3 "upstairs" is also a great help. There's an awful lot to be positive about right now despite the rubbish that is being printed. 
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    I know nothing reacted to Leicester Ram in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    Well deserved, despite what’s happening off the pitch right now, Rooney has definitely got a firm grip on what’s happening on the pitch.
    We’re solid defensively but are still positive going forward, this team is working really hard for him and I feel confident he’s going to keep us up. He’s earned this appointment now, he didn’t get it purely for his name and reputation.
    Good news at last.
  22. COYR
  23. Like
    I know nothing reacted to Turk Thrust in New joke thread   
    I went for my COVID jab and the doctor asked me if I had had a sudden loss of taste. I said no. I always dress like this
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    I know nothing reacted to secretsquirrel in Technology - For Better or Worse   
    For me its the BBC sounds app-selective listening when i want
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    I know nothing reacted to Inverurie Ram in Derby County Flags   
    We Are Derby, Super Derby, We Are Derby, Super Rams.

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