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    I know nothing reacted to G-Ram in Roony has to work with what he has got   
    We've made better signings for free this window than we have paying over inflated fees for absolute rubbish in recent seasons. Morrison is 100 times better than some of the signings we've made in the same position in the last 5 seasons 
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    I know nothing reacted to Miggins in What made today a special day?   
    I think they've moved on from primitive dwellings and now only bijou garden residences will suffice!! Hedges are so yesterday!🦔
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    I know nothing reacted to Kernow in Sean Lock has died from cancer aged 58. RIP.   
    Incredibly sad. It’s amazing how people you have never met, and never know can have an impact on you.
    I’ve been thinking about this all day and watching odd clips. It’s a shock when you don’t even know somebody’s ill.
    My favourite might just be the one comment he makes to Rachel when she’s showing her beard and Viking hat. I won’t link it, because of the nature of the comment. But it’s a few words and it’s absolutely brilliant.
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    I know nothing reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Sean Lock has died from cancer aged 58. RIP.   
    Very sad about this,he's my all time favourite comedian and his series 15 stories high was fantastic.
    Rip Sean,a one off.
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    I know nothing reacted to Heisenberg in Sean Lock has died from cancer aged 58. RIP.   
    How terribly sad.
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    I know nothing reacted to Mostyn6 in What's the worst thing you've ever done   
    I’ll go:-
    when I was ignorant, and lacking the intelligence I think I’ve now got, I’ve racially abused people, I’ve been homophobic, I’ve discriminated against the disabled and mentally ill/challenged and been sexist. In fact, I doubt there’s an “ism” I haven’t tinkered with and I doubt there’s an “ist” I haven’t behaved like (in discriminatory terms obviously). Then my exposure to the real world expanded, my horizons broadened, my empathy and humanity bloomed and I grew up..
    in spite of all the despicable behaviour and things I said, I never once felt hatred though. Looking back, it was an attention seeking thing, to make others laugh, or to show off or fit in. 
    To add, that’s no excuse. I still find myself in moments of shame thinking back, but my social circles have been reinvented and my environment changed, the standard of people I socialise with massively improved. 
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    I know nothing reacted to Carl Sagan in Game not on TV in concourse   
    I would suggest it's a good thing to encourage fans to watch the actual game rather than have the players see the stands emptying well before the end of each half.
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    I know nothing reacted to Miggins in What made today a special day?   
    Your garden sounds wonderful, @maxjam! Hedgehogs are so endangered now and they need all the help we can give them. We have had our hedgehog house down for 2 years with no visitors so it was so wonderful today to see one inside! Hope you get to see one very soon. My husband, Steve, works in Moorland restoration in the Peak District and so we try to garden organically, be 'bee friendly'  and do all we can to encourage wildlife to our garden. All the best for your nature garden!!
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    I know nothing reacted to Miggins in What made today a special day?   
    HI, @Beetroot! Thanks for your post! Hedgehogs are in so much in decline at present that they need all the help they can get. They used to travel through loads of gardens at night, sometimes by up to a mile but now that we have replaced hedges with fences they can't travel as they once did. The population has declined drastically recently and they need all the help they can get at present. Glad you can help! X
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    I know nothing reacted to Miggins in What made today a special day?   
    We have had a hedgehog house in our garden for the last two years and today there was a hedgehog curled up inside. So excited! I could see a little bristly bottom just inside the door! Will feed it appropriate food and give water and encourage it to have lots of babies in our garden. So excited by this discovery!
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    I know nothing reacted to Stagtime in Holiday Plans 2021   
    Zempire tent set up in heavy rain at Woodgate Beach Central Queensland yesterday. Lovely Winter day today, 27deg but a bit humid.
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    I know nothing reacted to Wolfie in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    That's reminded me of one. Not annoying as much as just "why?"
    When people go to the bother of answering questions about products on Amazon with "I don't know"
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    I know nothing reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Leeds United Premier League Adventures   
    A tradional west yorkshire mating ritual.
    Thankfully the footage finises before the insemination ritual, the female then eating the male before laying the egg sack in a warm dark place and garding it with 20 bensons and a bottle of lidl vodka for 48hrs until the hell spawn emerge from the sack (only the strongest susviving, by eating the smaller ebrionic leeds fans within the egg sack).
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    I know nothing reacted to BucksRam in Benjamin Mendy   
    Agree. Had several debates on this topic over the years.  If he's found guilty then he absolutely deserves everything he gets.  But until then he'll still be assumed guilty anyway until proven otherwise just by the way it's portrayed in the press. 
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    I know nothing reacted to Ambitious in Derby County vs Notts Forest   
    I've heard from a close friend that works inside Forest that they've had to ban crayons from the training complex as too many of their players were eating them as a pre-match meal. 
    Lets get the record straight: Chris Hughton is undoubtedly a good manager, who has proven the case over-and-over again. I think it's just that their team is an utter shambles that even the guy who has never achieved anything less than a top 4 finish in this division when given a full pre-season wherever he has been (believe he's done it 3 times already, including 2 promotions) can't get their awful, deplorable, rancid, appalling, atrocious, dire, horrendous, horrific... simply DEPRESSING squad moving the right way. 
    Awful team and should be a comfortable 8-0 win. 
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    I know nothing reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Points deduction incoming?   
    Let them give us a 5 point deduction, 10 points, 30 points, I dont care anymore.
    Infact I care about as much as Mel or Rick Parry cares about us honest hard working fans that spend too much time thinking about our club.
    You see this is the thing, rich people have ruined football. We have rich people arguing and fighting publicly whilst the actual football club goes to the wall and the fans suffer.
    The only way Mel redeems himself for me is if he sticks his middle finger up to the EFL and fights them in the trenches. Take them all the way knowing how much money it will cost the EFL. We may end up with a 21 point deduction, but make sure Parry comes out of it with a bloody nose.
    Dont let the baaaaaaastards win!!!
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    I know nothing reacted to Miggins in Charlie Watts.   
    He was so mild-mannered compared to his flamboyant band mates and very dapper when he chose to be and for me this made this slightly enigmatic man much more interesting than the others. Charlie and the band have made a huge contribution to the music industry over an incredible number of years. I was always a Beatles fan but I thankfully came to appreciate the Stones in later years. I  loved that the family referred to him publicly as their beloved. No greater tribute could be paid. RIP Charlie.
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    I know nothing reacted to Reggie Greenwood in Our own song (yes this again)   
    Yes " By the light of the silvery moon " was our song and sung on the popside in the 70's . Not sure when it fell out of favour/
    Can also remember when the Heanor lads used to chant "Heanor , Heanor " and the popside would respond "Sharples , Sharples " ( You would have to have watched 70's Coronation St to get that 😁).
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    I know nothing reacted to ossieram in Our own song (yes this again)   
    Years ago on the popside we sang " by the light of the silvery moon " and "home on the range" for no particular reason, but they both sounded good with a few thousand blasting it out.
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    I know nothing reacted to Rev in Charlie Watts.   
    I did like the story of him laying out Mick, and said "I'm not your drummer, you're my effin singer"!
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    I know nothing reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Charlie Watts.   
    A great drummer. Not just for what he did but for what he didn't do.
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    I know nothing reacted to TimRam in New joke thread   
    The Very Young Ones.

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    I know nothing reacted to uttoxram75 in The Humber Bridge Appreciation Thread (and other bridges)   
    Dove Bridge, the old road bridge between Staffordshire and Derbyshire now part of a public footpath right of way, tis a thing of beauty guiding weary travellers back home to god's own country.

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