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  1. feisty

    Rams or England ?

    I used to follow England matches closely but a few years back I lost all connection with the team. I didn't watch many matches in the Euros and none of last world cup. I felt the players had no connection with the public for some reason. That's changing right now. Not sure why. I am watching England matches again. But I'd take a Derby promotion / trophy over a WC win (even a League Cup)
  2. feisty

    Frank's punditry- Clues on how we'll play.

    This thread is superb. It's peak footie fan in close season. We are analysing every action and word Frank says to try and divine his plans with Derby. Wonder why our families think we're obsessed???!
  3. feisty

    Frank's punditry- Clues on how we'll play.

    I didn't notice any great tactical insights. Rio was very good though. But hopefully he's saving all those insights for when he's at Derby
  4. Think 'Guy' got Man of the Match quite a bit at Bradford
  5. feisty

    Squad. What do we need?

    His Chelsea kids will have played against our kids so he'll have an idea I guess
  6. feisty

    Squad. What do we need?

    I don't think all our players are insured? And would be surprised if Olsson is given he's injury prone and therefore expensive to insure?
  7. I don't think you can play Thorne and Huddlestone together if you want some dynamism in midfield. Lampard's "Fast, attractive football with a high work ethic" doesn't really sound like either of them but it certainly doesn't sound like playing both of them. I'd play Huddlestone alongside Elsnik and or Guy; and have Thorne either on the bench or I'd sell to QPR
  8. feisty

    Squad. What do we need?

    Won't be easy to sell all of those (and impossible to sell Olsson who is injured for the season)
  9. feisty

    Squad. What do we need?

    I did a blog on this a while back. It was way too long but is here in case of interest: (https://dcfcreflections.blogspot.com/2018/04/summer-2018-restructuring-squad.html). This was when we were rigidly playing 4231 So much has changed since then of course! I think a lot of what we need depends on what formation and style Lampard wants to play. If he plays with wing backs then maybe Wisdom will move to centre half as one of the 3 and we will get a new right wing back with Lowe and Forsyth on the Left? If, on the other hand he favours a flat back 4, then I think more of the analysis in my blog stands. In that case, and assuming Vydra will go, I'd move Lawrence central and prioritise another winger and a striker. I don't believe Martin will stay personally but I simply have no idea what Lampard means by fast, attractive football underlinined by a strong work ethic. That sounds great but both Pep and Simeone would claim to play like that and the styles you play and formations you play to achieve that can be so different.
  10. feisty

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    I've been very sceptical about this appointment but he's signed now and so time to get behind him; put negative thoughts behind me and look forward with hope. I do think he has handled himself well in his media interviews and comes across as having a good work ethic. I desperately hope he does succeed so that Derby succeeds!
  11. Different managers, and their choice of systems and tactics, have a big impact on players performances. Chris Martin and Ince thrived under Mac. Vydra just couldn't get going under Mac. Conversely, Rowett got the most out of Vydra and arguably more out of Baird (who was derided at one point before performing well under GR). But Martin just didn't fit. I don't believe any player on our books lacks talent or the ability to play at championship level. But whether they do perform, depends on relationship with manager and his system and tactics. So let's give all players who are here at the end of the window a clean state. Including Butterfield, Blackman, Anya, Johnson if still here. They'll only perform better if they have our support. And will perform worse if fans give them grief.
  12. feisty

    Scott Carson

    Mitchell is a promising young lad. Played for England u23s.
  13. feisty

    If your reading this Mel.........

    No. Zidane managed Real Madrid B in Spanish equivalent of the championship Lampard has been a coach on the Chelsea u18 team managed by Jody Morris. He wasn't the manager but a coach. Not the u23s. The U18s. Kids. Some of whom are still at school.
  14. feisty

    If your reading this Mel.........

    The point is we don't know. It's a gamble. A huge gamble. Do we need to gamble? I'm not sure we do. Playing red and black at the casino is exciting. But I wouldn't bet my house on it
  15. feisty

    Lampard too expensive?

    I agree some gambles pay off. Some spectacularly so. A lot don't. I don't want to gamble when we're in a delicate state financially o/a FFP and need to make good decisions now more than ever so our hands are not tied in future. Others are excited by the gamble. We'll probably never agree. Still it'll be interesting if he gets it

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