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  1. FFP going into next season

    What about players entering last year of contract where we are planning on offering an extension but they then decline? Ie. We then go from valuing at Xmn to zero? That sounds risky Can RV ever increase above purchase price? Ie. Hughes was home grown but would he be valued at zero prior to sale leading to profit of 5mn? Or 15mn prior to sale leading to loss of 10mn? Interesting to me all this!
  2. FFP going into next season

    This RV thing confuses me. So we bought Butterfield for 6mn. Let's assume we (over)valued him at end of last season as still worth 6mn. Then we try and offload this summer and can only get 500k for him. In ffp terms he costs us 5.5mn this summer?
  3. One person's banter is another's abuse
  4. Would missing out on the play offs

    At the beginning of season I expected this to be a season of transition. This coming summer is when more players out of contract and was going to be window when he had a little more freedom to shape his squad. Had we started season slowly and gradually improved and we had just got into play offs in recent weeks I'd have been delighted and thought we'd over achieved. Because we over achieved prior to Christmas, the current situation seems disappointing. But if I reappraise on basis of what I expected at start of season I think we are doing ok. This summer is key I think the renewals of Fozzy and Thorne look, in hindsight, questionable. I worry we've limited our ability to change things around in midfield in particular. We've got Thorne, Ledley, Huddlestone, Johnson all definitely here next year so I struggle to see a space in squad for the dynamic midfielder we need to inject pace. Bryson (who isn't a GR player regardless of whether fans think he could do a job), Butterfield, Hanson all need to be shifted and that's easier said than done. So I worry a bit that we will struggle to make the changes we need there. My hope is that the answer is Elsnik! And we already have that player!
  5. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Neither Forsyth nor Thorne (who I realise isn't playing tonight) have been the players they were pre-injury. But maybe it will just take them a while to get back up to speed and they'll help us finish the season well
  6. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Ledley has played better than Thorne this season.
  7. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Hmmmm. I think I'd have Ledley in over Thorne. He's been in the team a while now and he's been 'ok. But Ledley offers more going forward
  8. Cyrus Christie at Fulham

    Pulis happened. He likes tall defensively minded full backs. Shotton is playing instead
  9. Transfer Deadline Day

    Jerome looked superb when he came on last night. He'll do well
  10. Transfer Deadline Day

    GR views Johnson as an option on left wing. Plus Bennett still here. Thomas may be going but that's 4-5 wingers depending if Bennett stays.
  11. Transfer Deadline Day

    Reasons for Martin delay 1. He's really unsure about the 3 hour commute from Derby and wondering whether he's better off in the U23s but seeing his kids more often 2. He has some medical issue that requires them to investigate further 3. There's 4 hours still to go. They're doing interviews for Reading TV etc and want to release pics of him in the shirt. Interviews with him for the fans etc. Why bother getting it out until they've done all that I reckon it's 3
  12. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    2nd half a bit better (couldn't have been worst than first). Jerome the one bright spark. He is seriously quick. And he was inventive and the assist for the disallowed Anya goal was magical
  13. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    This is awful. Turgid.
  14. James McClean

    This sets out a reasonable overview of the poppy issue and also his charitable side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_McClean
  15. Lee Gregory

    In my case, I'm just idly speculating

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