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  1. The hope is that we’ve been saving all our goals for this game....let’s hope that is the case AND that Rovrum don’t pish on our parade by winning their final two games
  2. ...agreed - I seem to remember in an interview after we started to pick up a few wins a question was asked what was being done differently. The answer was keeping it simple and uncomplicated.....then versus Cardiff too many changes were made and we have been chasing shadows..as proven under Cocu, these players don't react well to change or over elaboration Keep it Simple, Stupid...
  3. ... ditto - great set-up plus I can walk there from where I live 👍
  4. Always remember this quote from Mel after he dismissed Paul Clement.... totally bought into it and was such a positive soundbite 'We wanted to build on the squad, develop them, get on a rising tide of performance and let that carry us through into the Premier League - whether that was this season, next season or beyond. I think, for Paul, that was too long a view.' Looks like the tide is out at the moment and possibly for some time to come😔
  5. Has it always been this way or have some contributors always been so judgemental....whether it's players, managers or owners it seems some people are idealistic and will never be happy. The club is bigger than the individuals that temporarily occupy the roles within the club. I follow the club and will give my support to those who play or are acting in the best interest to drive our club forward.
  6. yep...it won't be long until the EFL's next pursuit against us for chanting 'black and white army' as some nutter somewhere will misrepresent that the chant is about or teams skin colour 🤦‍♂️
  7. ..is that really a question..? Never been an advocate of knee jerk appointments or dismissals. All I was alluding to was the fact that this group of players should be capable of much better things. Whilst I was saddened to see us part with Cocu as I had bought into his 'project', we should quite quickly see if there was a disconnect between his philosophy and methods with this group of players.
  8. Well whoever it is, he/they need to have an immediate impact...which I'm hoping shouldn't be too difficult. We are currently 11 games in to the season and have the same amount of games until the end of the year and the opening of the transfer window.
  9. ^^^ ...This is how I see it too...It’s been said before we try to score the perfect goal, building a series of passes together so by the time we actually get in the final third the opposition is well organised and outnumber our ‘attackers’. There were so many times yesterday and in previous games where I have counted 7 or more opposition ‘defenders’ outnumber our 4 or 5 attackers. Teams are well prepared to play us. They know how we try to play and we offer no surprise element. Simply put, we are easy to play against because of our predictability to play perfect football.
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