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  1. Did he play as a winger then. Must have missed that.
  2. Lot of baloney on here. Foot in, foot down with pace. Job done. Keepers cant dive up and across in time. My old man kept a record. I took over 70 pens. Never missed one with that rule All relative I know. The moment you go central or low you're giving the keeper a chance. Foot down, foot in. Still gives a bit of leeway. If you can't get it somewhere in that area you shoudn't be playing football never mind taking a peno.
  3. You're not interested in the financial benefits, yet you want it to not jeopardise the financial future of the club? The financial benefits mean there is no jeopardy. You contradict like you are Danny Mills.
  4. Villa play off. Taking my 3 boys to Wembley to see their team was immense. I'd taken them to see England before but this was Derby, at Wembley, and I was taking my 12, 9 and 8 year old. Seeing their excitement in the build up and then getting a massive cuddle and kiss from my middle boy when Jack scored was amazing. The part that really did it tho, although it may sound strange, was seeing their disappointment at full time which filled me with an amazing sense of pride. That was the moment when I KNEW they were going to be Rams forever.
  5. It will be delivered. They normally turn up a few weeks later.
  6. @DarkFruitsRam7 £4.80 for a dark fruit in the ground😱😱😱
  7. You can only blame Wassall for that if you're looking for a stick to beat him with. Horrible, freak injury. But not down to Wassall.
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