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  1. Reffed my boys U13 game a couple of weeks ago. Basic foul by my lad. I gave the free kick and then the other fella jumped up and pushed my lad over in retaliation. Gave him a stern talk and suggested he might be subbed for a while. They couldn't understand why I didn't talk to my boy too. I tried to explain the difference between a normal foul and retaliation. Deaf ears that one. Later on I made a decision and was promptly called a f'in bald bamford. By a 12 year old FFS Mind you, he was right.😂🤣😂🤣
  2. Wow. Proper one sided thoughts here. Does the fact that Lawrence was fouled make his potentially career ending challenge ok? Yellow should be given for the challenge on Clarke but have any of you TV refs actually ever reffed a game? It's really really easy. Honest. I'm a ref and it's kin hard let me tell thee. Easy to yawp from the stand or your settee. Not so easy to be on the pitch and make a decision in real time.
  3. Just the way he deals with crosses. Its embarrasing. Clearly
  4. Nope. Saw them all at the time. I just wasn't 100% on the exact timings of them. I'd left my 'Roos is Crap' notebook at home that day
  5. Have you ever heard the word 'sarcasm'. Cheapest form of wit apparently. But also one of the most difficult to fully understand.
  6. At what point was my post supposed to help someone or indeed help anyone? The OP asked who would we rather have in goal from the championship. I replied with my opinion. I thank you for your all knowing one. Clearly I have never watched a game of football that does not involve Kelle Roos. Clearly I am clueless. Clearly Kelle Roos is not of Championship standard. He's either rooted to his line or looks like he's just seen his mum in the West Upper. I can't be arsed to reply to all but chose to reply to you as it was the most condescending version. Check out the Wigan match, on 20 minutes, Roos is rooted and leaves Davies to awkwardly deal with a ball. Got away with it. 45 minutes he waves to his mum Needless corner. 91 minutes he waves to his Mum again, and we end up needlessly conceding a potentially dangerous free kick. On all of these occasions there was no pressure on him yet he chose to not to take control of the moment. Many more instances over this season alone. I could label them all if you wish but a/ can't be botherd and b/ you don't deserve the attention. You'll clearly never see it. If you genuinely want your keeper to do what he does ( or more to point what he doesn't do) then I feel for you.
  7. I'd take every single Championship keeper ahead of him. Even Lee Camp and the daft lad Sluga at Luton Roos is terrible. Absolutely no doubt about that. I'd rather me be in goal than him and I retired from between the sticks at the age of 44 a full 7 years ago. I don't sarcastically applaud a catch though. That's just wrong. But he's proper crap.
  8. Not hysteria at all. It was awful. Everything you need in a game of football was lacking. I'm normally a happy clapper but last week was absolute crap.
  9. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me Carson wasn't dropped. He was injured and was unable to win his place back. Mostly due to perceived abilty at passing out from the back. Thats a fallacy. Roos is extremely good as a shot stopper. As an all round keeper he is dreadful to the nth degree. We had Brad Jones on loan from Liverpool and Nige bought Flappy Frank from Blackburn. Both were poo but no where near as bad as Roos. He's a truly awful keeper. A liabilty. If you can't see it. I pity you
  10. I have 2 tickets going spare. Due to unforseen circumstances I'm unable to go. £86 tickets.
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