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  1. Imagine it's too soon for most you've mentioned if not all. A loan now would fit in to what has been said about not blocking them long term. To qualify. I know nowt of the up and comings in the academy.
  2. Which wingers are coming through? Young lad came on as sub v Stoke. Who else?
  3. I am convinced that back in the day the Gallowgate sang Yer divna ner what yer doin man like yer nar Yer divna ner what yer doin man. Think Gazza was substituted at 1-0 to the Rams. Might be wrong. I might just be a radgy gadgy.
  4. It quite clearly states that he had a strain. He then isn't involved in the next game. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Nothing odd, weird, strange, bizarre or peculiar about it. Just a straight forward 'not fit". As in still injured. But you and others musn't let the truth get in the way of a good old bit of groundless speculation. I'll sign off on this one. My head hurts from banging it against the wall.
  5. It's in the article "But the midfielder sat out the game against Bristol City, as did striker Jack Marriott." "Both had 'slight injuries', it was reported."
  6. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-boss-phillip-cocu-3113908#ICID=Android_DerbyTelegraphNewApp_AppShare
  7. Go home and don't drink anymore alcohol. And i don't just mean tonight. Dont drink anymore alcohol ever. Like ever again. Ever
  8. Not when you're playing against that level tho From my experience it doesn't matter about your physicality when the opposition is so much technically better. You have to get near them to bully them. Always a step ahead. Know where the pass after the next pass is going. Streets ahead of us that think we could play a bit back in the day. Thought I was ok once. Had my eyes opened at 24 years old playing a Leicester team who were all double my age and I was playing the equivalent of conference north at the time. Its a different game when you're a butcher or a baker ( do they still have candlestick makers)
  9. VAR aint the problem.. Its the way the Laws have been changed to suit it and the interpretation of them. Spoke to a female footballer last week and to quote within forum guidelines (i think) she rightly said. ' how come you're offside just because you have massive jugs. Mel C would be onside'
  10. Cara Delevingne? Who's she? Am I old? Actually don't answer that. Spaced.it out again so I can still read it tomorrow. Anymore pics of wor Cheryl???
  11. Why are you such a Grouch. Oh. Bit 'Hazard'ous that
  12. I was poo and played at Alfretons level (and above) when they were much better than now. I wouldn't read anything into todays result.
  13. Can't pick a particular post out to quote But just to say.... FFS
  14. Not in the top 20 shirts in the DCFC megastore.
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