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  1. Good point, but we all make the odd error 😂
  2. Looks like an astute signing by Clough £500,000 for the leading scorer in the SPL last season,out scoring the likes of Dembele at Celtic maybe ive had Clough wrong all along
  3. Obviously not as much as you
  4. It just said ' Leicester' they could have gone tits up for all I know apologies if ive upset you and your second team
  5. Why is anyone interested ??
  6. http://downatthemac.proboards.com/thread/105869/tom-ince
  7. Of course I'm real, I have an opinion and although it differs from yours I have every right to post it !
  8. Get rid, over weight and over rated !!
  9. No team will ever take that embarrassing record from us
  10. He's a lumbering oaf, get rid
  11. Craig Ramage managed to get a few comments about how good a player he used to be, scored 27 odd goals for Watford, blah blah blah
  12. He'll be back here when Rowett gets the boot
  13. Can anyone recommend any good bars / restaurants in PDC ? Cheers
  14. Burton will beat em tomorrow Derby will beat em next week Forest as good as relegated 👍
  15. Would you come back if you were Martin ?