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  1. Hollybush

    Clough and Burton

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/6425126/stephen-bywater-wielded-sword-deliverymen-court-trial/ oh dear, serious stuff !
  2. Is Bywater his goalkeeping coach ?
  3. Hollybush

    Next season

    At least we won’t be humiliated at Burton Albion again
  4. Hollybush

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    We need to concentrate 👍
  5. Hollybush

    Why Do We?

    Thank you I told you it was doing my head in !!
  6. Hollybush

    Why Do We?

    Big ourselves up every year? I’m as guilty as anyone but we always seem to be bang average. Doing my head head in again, we ship 7 SEVEN goals against the worst two sides in this division when we’re going for a play off place for the premiership !!! Craig Ramage doesn’t help me at all when he says Sunderland and Burton are a given 6 points and we get embarrassed beyond belief 😥 Burton out THREE past Sunderland away for Gods sake please convince me I’m wrong, I’ve about had enough
  7. Hollybush

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    Excellent research by you too We beat Birmingham at home on Boxing day 2016 Burton beat us on August 26th at the Pirelli
  8. Hollybush

    Will we relegate Burton?

    Birmingham don’t play until Sunday , so no we can’t mathematically relegate them.
  9. Hollybush

    Colin Murphy

    He’s just lead Lincoln City out at Wembley, Nice touch by Lincoln 👍👏
  10. Just checked on Sky Sports Live Football and it’s the Sky game that night.
  11. Hollybush

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Correct they should have. they got the forecast wrong again didn’t they The game could have been played after a delay
  12. Hollybush

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    The conditions were and did improve, fact Name me a game where a game was called off because fans might have difficulty getting home
  13. Hollybush

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Correct, but it is a fact

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