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  1. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    That’s a relief
  2. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    A pity we don’t treat it like a big game and a cup final
  3. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    That’s over FOUR hours now that we haven’t scored a single goal against Burton bloody Albion not good enough!!!
  4. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    I think you may well upset Mr Rowett wiv that one 😂
  5. Will Hughes Watch

    Starts today 👍
  6. Not a sell out ?

    8 miles away, innit
  7. Not a sell out ?

    Burton sent us 100 tickets back last season ! WTF
  8. time to go to war

    Anyone got a half and half scarf ?
  9. Paul Merson

    He’ll no doubt be more mobile than our Tom
  10. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    I’m surprised they never went for the dynamic duo over Owen 👍
  11. Bristol City v Derby County

    We got what we deserved. we'll bounce back, a long long way to go yet folks 👍
  12. Ramage talks sense

    Very serious incident has closed the M5 in both directions which will cause major issues for all in the area Ramage making light of it by suggesting that they should be put up overnight paid for by the BBC. i hope there are no serious injuries, you are a disgrace Ramage
  13. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Anyone else thinking that we should have got Irvine when we had the chance ? we'll possibly see what we're missing tonight
  14. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Bloody hell, thats at least two i forgot about them !
  15. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    It comes to something when that tinpot, non league club down the road with a manager who hasn't got a clue, seem to know what they're doing !

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