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    Indyram reacted to angieram in Academy Thread 20/21   
    Get well soon, Archie!
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    Indyram reacted to B4ev6is in It is my birthday today   
    I dont boo
    I cheer lads on
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    Indyram reacted to B4ev6is in It is my birthday today   
    Well today I have turned 36 I hope the lads can get 3 points friday night for me but mostly I wish I could go to the game but I cant sigh.
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    Indyram reacted to angieram in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    Like many others, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been constants throughout my life.
    We often take for granted the stability of this country, feels like the monarchy is a big part of that.
    Privileged yes, but Philip had very humble and unsettled beginnings and repaid the country that adopted him with a lifetime of service.
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    Indyram reacted to SouthStandDan in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    WW2 veteran, patron to nearly 800 charities, set up the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme to help young adults make their way in the world.
    What a great life contribution, RIP Phil.
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    Indyram reacted to Brammie Steve in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    I met Prince Phillip on my first invite to a Buckingham Palace garden party.
    He was welcoming to everyone.
    Although my personal greeting was limited to "Hello" I was impressed by his sense of humour and warmth.
    He was an amazing man who has been such a support to her majesty.
    I honestly don't think any of us can fully appreciate how much we as a nation owe to Prince Phillip and I respectfully offer condolences to her Majesty and the entire Royal Family.
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    Indyram reacted to RebelScum in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    A genuinely top-guy! When I was on my first tour of Afghan my wife was invited to meet him, she was very nervous and took a great deal of persuading to go. She said that he walked up to her and said something to immediately put her at ease - these are what his infamous 'gaffs' were done for.
    RIP x
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    Indyram reacted to Yani P in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    We played the runaway leaders who were coming off a 7-0 win. We have half the squad missing with injuries, I think we played really well and competed with them for most of that game. The fact we are frustrated that we didnt get the point or more our play deserved shows how well we did.
    Big big games coming up but if we continue to play with that intent we will be fine.
  9. COYR
    Indyram reacted to Black ('n' White) Sheep in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Sticking with the same back 4 that finished the last game. Jozwiak and Roberts start with Lawrence seemingly in the number 10 role behind CKR.
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    Indyram reacted to angieram in Academy Thread 20/21   
    The win takes us up to 5th, which is pretty good when you consider what a young team we have. 
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    Indyram reacted to David in Quick "Take-over" Survey   
    Where I’m at is basically
    1) I hope Mel is in good health.
    2) I hope this deal is beneficial to all parties, Mel, No Limits, Derby County and us fans. 
    I’m not going to get caught up in the circus of dragging up his old tweets, scraping Google for any mention of his name or reading into his political stances.
    If the deal does go through and he takes over, I look forward to hearing his visions for the club and how we address the issues within the squad in the summer.
    I would also like to wish him good luck, rather him than me.
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    Indyram reacted to BucksRam in Transfer Embargo   
    Assuming this is true then the whole crux for me is yet again it's a demonstration of the EFL's complete inability to get its head out of its ar5e.  Unless you're one of those sitting pretty on £40m parachute payments, most clubs, ours included, are on their knees financially and given the chance will have taken the government's offer.  For the EFL to then not realign themselves with this is inept at best. To then punish teams is not only morally wrong, but downright vindictive, and self-destructive for the league they supposedly represent.  I really would have thought the Minister for Sport should step in with a WTF are you doing??!
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    Indyram reacted to Ellafella in Transfer Embargo   
    Precisely. It seems to be that the EFL haven’t extended a deadline that the Government has given for companies to file their accounts. For reasons best known to themselves so probably just an administrative technicality but further evidence that although the “lights are on at the EFL, nobody is actually at home”. 🤷‍♂️ 
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    Indyram reacted to angieram in Transfer Embargo   
    Firstly, the EFL working against the interests of its member clubs yet again? No surprise there, then.
    Secondly, what's the odds that the un-named sanctimonious git criticising those clubs on the list is from a team sitting relatively pretty on parachute payments? 
    How does he expect other clubs to respond to the pandemic? With practically zero income and players on watertight contracts that they cannot get out of, clubs have no choice but to "overspend". There's been a lot of criticism of clubs furloughing non-playing staff but what options do they have, in all honesty? None.
    There's no surprise accounts are being filed late. It must be an absolute nightmare for clubs to even begin to unravel the dire financial situations they find themselves in.
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    Indyram reacted to Coconut in Loan watch 2020 - 2021   
    Highlights at the bottom of their official site
    Played on the right of a front 3 by the looks of it. Not an own goal this time.
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    Indyram reacted to Black ('n' White) Sheep in v Luton (h) Matchday Thread   
    In other Derby related news... Jack Stretton has just scored again for Stockport.
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    Indyram reacted to TomG in v Luton (h) Matchday Thread   
    Our Jack scores for Stockport....again!
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    Indyram reacted to angieram in Loan watch 2020 - 2021   
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    Indyram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Loan watch 2020 - 2021   
    3 goals in just 165 minutes so far!
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    Indyram reacted to Mucker1884 in Rubbish   
    Public litter bins are provided for those small handfuls of litter we occasionally find ourselves lumbered with... the odd crisp packet, tissue, sweet wrapper, single empty water bottles etc.  Not for commercial volumes of empty beer cans, and the masses of packaging that accompany them.  That's what skips are for!  
    I think the question should be "Why should a payer of council tax pay for lorry loads of empty beer cans and takeaway cartons to be removed from an otherwise uncluttered open/public green space?"
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    Indyram reacted to JoetheRam in Rubbish   
    That's not even an excuse though. If they can't find a bin, hang on to their litter until they get home/see one.
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    Indyram reacted to David in Rubbish   
    What is it with this country? 
    I'm sure you've seen the images/videos from Hyde Park and Endcliffe Park this morning, we've had similar up here albeit it on a much smaller scale in a couple of locations.
    Is it some sort of protest over the lockdown that I'm not getting?
    What I'm struggling with is the idea that as some of them started to depart, they must have seen others leave the rubbish and rather than think that's out of order, they followed, the next party followed and so on. 
    Not sure if this has been discussed today in the covid topic, so apologies if it has, but if these are the scenes after 1 day in the sun with partial restrictions lifted, what's going to happen on the 12th and then later when they are fully lifted in June is it?
    You could argue the local councils should have planned ahead for this, placed large Biffa bins all around the parks, but then they would have been accused of encouraging mass gatherings at the locations, and to be fair, would it have even made much difference? Looking at the state of the parks, you don't get the impression any of them would have been bothered to walk 15 yards to a bin anyway.
    Really starting to feel my age now, as even when we were kids bunking off school and downing cans of carling we didn't leave rubbish behind like that. Madness.
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    Indyram reacted to admira in Lego Town   
    So after four long years, I finally completed Tonytown at the weekend.
    This is the Lego town that resides in my lower attic that comes in at 80 Sq Ft and 130,000 pieces.
    I think I underestimated the interest that there would be in it as so far this week, I have turned down a radio interview on BBC Radio Suffolk, offers to appear in newspapers, a local teacher asking whether she could bring all her school kids round and then the chance for it to appear on ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning.
    As things stand, the video has just passed 90,000 views on Twitter.
    I'm shunning the publicity as don't want parents knocking on my door at all hours asking if their little darlings can traipse through our house!
    Anyway, I have added a short video onto YouTube if you would like to take a look.
    Tonytown on YouTube
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    Indyram reacted to jono in A loveless marriage   
    It’s two fold isn’t it .. Regardless of results ... I just know we will all feel better when we are in the stadium and see the ball hit the back of the net.
    I’ve had some really glum days like everyone. We haven’t had that live community feeling that only match day can bring. We have now had 2 seasons as a low scoring side. it’s a double dose of of sour medicine.
    It will get better.
    My prediction is that Tom Lawrence is going to make us all love him as the season comes to a close. All will be well and come August/ September we’ll be ready to dust ourselves off ready to go again. The Polish Tank will be back, Duncan is going to be the sensation of 2022. COYR
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    Indyram reacted to Carl Sagan in Louie Sibley   
    I find this whole thing depressing. In the post-match interview it sounded as if Sibley knew he had to hold his tongue, but what I took from his comment at the end that "I'm not here to sit on the bench" made me think he won't be here much longer. Especially if Rooney continues to take credit for playing him in his right position for 45 minutes for the very first time this season. After which, we see another Messi-esque goal, which should surprise no one.
    Football's such a simple game. Derby are desperate for creativity and a goal threat. Absolutely desperate. So it's not hard to think we might want to play our most creative forward-thinking player and then put him in the position where he can do most damage to opponents. 
    I'm glad Louie is a genuine Ram and loves playing for Derby more than anything. It means there's just a chance he might stay if he has a run in the team till the end of the season.
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