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  1. Don’t think you can drop Martin. Could clearly see he was knackered today. Needs the international break. Maybe it was a mix of 3 games in 7 days and the illness? Deffo put Waggy or Holmes on the right though!
  2. I think Martin missed Holmes today. Holmes and Pato compliment Chrissy very well, alternatively Waggy. Chris seemed too generous to flo today
  3. About 5 years ago, I had the pleasure of having a coffee with Kelle, it was in Starbucks, we spent an hour together talking about football. Couldn’t speak highly enough of Stevie Mac. I really like him, he’s 26 which in goalkeepers years is 21, he’s very young and still has lots to learn but he will get there.
  4. Thinking about it, I would say Martin as well. Now Bryson has left, I feel like him and Curtis are two players that just get it. More so Chris, I feel like he’s one of us. Can see why his name pops up when the captaincy was in question.
  5. Random thought but everyone has their favourite players etc, but who do you have the upmost respect for that plays for our club? Could be for any reasons, dedication? Work in the community? also, if you could spend 30 minutes with any rams player over a coffee, who would it be and what would you ask them? i’m still thinking of mine!
  6. March last year I was hit by a drink driver. It didn’t cost me my life but it cost me several thousands of pounds. If it was 2 minutes earlier, it may have cost me my life as I was stood outside the car with my head in the wheel arch. I can’t forgive somebody for doing something so idiotic after 8 days, the club needed to ease them back into the squad. Neither were performing incredibly well, it says to me that you’re in our match day squad on price rather than performance. For me it also softens the clubs stance on drink driving.
  7. Isn’t it nice to have someone who feels so at home here. Someone who never ever gives up and loves playing in front of us. With Bryson going and Keogh taking a back seat, Chris will help the fans feel closer and more engaged.
  8. Here’s a question for you all... CM19, if he carries on, he’ll be our most important player this season. An absolute true professional and a great example of never giving up, do we give him a new contract? I know it’s so soon but Chris is comfortable when his family and future is settled.
  9. We haven’t mate, he’s past it and finished 👀 sorry, my mistake that was just the views of a few and not actual facts 🙃
  10. In my honest opinion, I don’t care about them drinking. If someone posted a video of Mason being sick from drink then fine, we all do it. Providing he isn’t due in training tomorrow or has a game 48 hours away, feel free to relax. if you want to do this and drive? That’s a different story. Stay as late as you want, just stay safe and do NOT be an idiot.
  11. I’ve just driven the route Tom and MB would have taken last night. To lose it would require a mixture of a lack of awareness, slow reactions and very high speed. it’s stupid and they’ll both know they’re lucky to a. Walk away alive and b. Walk away with a career still. Drinking is fine, driving is fine, drinking and driving? It’s never ever fine. I’m 24, I’ve made mistakes but never done anything that puts mine or anyone else’s life in danger.
  12. Could you have imaged saying that just two weeks ago? You’d have been tested for substance abuse. Amazing what football can do!
  13. Serious question... How could you hate him? 60 goals in 3 seasons only to be binned by a manager who got EVERYTHING wrong (NP)? Maybe he was binned off because of his illness but the fact he can come back into the team so quickly and play like that gives me great hope for his future here.
  14. Just wanted to point out something interesting, Martin & Lowe were written off but now seem like they could become very important to the way we play.
  15. I’m hoping he does. Reduced wages, 1 year with the option of another 1 IF he continues to show the effort, desire and quality he’s been showing so far this season! Just for clarity, I have every expectation that he will!
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