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  1. I agree, however I do think we'll see Martin in a number 10 role, just behind the striker(s). I can see him playing a part.
  2. I get what you're saying completely. The frustrating thing with Nuge was he would often get chances he should bury. West Brom at home comes to mind, I think he missed a 1-on-1 when we needed to score? There's a few that springs to mind, I believe Chris would have put those away.
  3. I worded that badly, sorry. He will score goals, I can see him getting 8-12, I meant we won't be relying on another 20-25 goals a season.
  4. I get what you’re saying but so far so good, surely? I think he’s had a great pre-season so far, he’s assisted or created pretty much all of our goals apart from Anya’s. He’s also done his defence duties rather well. I don’t think we’ll be expecting him to score, but I think he’s definitely got a part to play in our attack.
  5. I've had to steal this for Twitter! PM me your twitter and I'll credit you! 😅
  6. For me, he doesn't need to score but I want him to. Would get his confidence up massively. If he carries on the way he is, I see absolutely no negatives about his pre-season.
  7. I wouldn't say wound up... more? Rattled?
  8. Hi James, just spoken to the fairy at the end of my garden. She said that 60 minute football matches don't have a 40 minute break after 15 minutes, therefore that result didn't stand. All the best for the season.
  9. Hi James, just to let you know a football match is 90 minutes long and was abandoned at 45, which means it was irrelevant. All the best for the season
  10. Bennett has done no harm in keeping himself in the light. Martin has also put a fair shout in for one of the forward spots. With Martin on the pitch, it will reduce pressure on the creative midfielder as Chris will be just as creative.
  11. What you on about? This is the first team!
  12. Kicked off with only a 1 or 2 changes, looks like this lot will complete the game.
  13. I knew exactly what you meant mate but I didn't have the answer and you gave me an opportunity to gain a few likes 😅🍻
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