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  1. Christie's Future

    I guess that's the point. Who knows. It's not for me to decide but he will have my full backing untill he's no longer with us. But I like him and can see a good player in there. I hope he gets the chance to prove how good he is while he's still with us.
  2. Christie's Future

    I know and I would never expect a player to be able too. My point was, what do you seriously expect from a young man still learning his trade? Yes I get confused by some of his decision making and lack of positional sense but who's to say that with some work and patience, he can't become the full back we need. Maybe your right and he's had his time, but that's not our decision to make. So I just think we should except his floors and not get carried away with the expectation of being able to sign all these players who, quiet frankly with our track record, won't know who will be his manager come end of season.
  3. Christie's Future

    I just think we expect to much as fans. Almost as if we expect every player to be world beaters or them to be on form every game. CC is a good solid player who plays for a good international team who are managed by a good manager. I'd rather trust these guys and stick with him. Unless you can point me in the direction of a fullback who gets forward like ronaldo and defends like bonucci ( the juve lad) for a couple of million 😉
  4. Christie's Future

    I like Christie. I think he could become a very capable fullback/wingback. He knows he's not the finished product and that's why I think we should stick with him. I'm hoping GR can work on his positioning and then with confidence he'll flourish. I think TI and CC could become the best way to unlock teams in my opinion. How much did we pay for CC and how much would you. Red to pay to replace him with a " finished product "

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