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    Steadybreeze reacted to CornwallRam in Who was the worserest owner(s) of Derby County   
    I know it's a deeply unfashionable opinion, but I'd say that our academy and facilities are Mel's biggest mistakes.
    Great facilities don't come cheap. Mel once said something like the club is now Premier League in all but status. That's the problem. If we were in the Premier League, we'd have the income to support this massive infrastructure. We're not in the Premier League so we don't. What we have is a millstone of unaffordable expenditure.
    Everything needed to be focused on the first team until promotion was achieved. That's where my argument that the academy has been a massive problem comes in. I'll actually begin with a caveat - the new rules around EU players make overseas recruitment virtually impossible for Championship clubs, so moving forward the academy may well prove to be superb resource, but my point relates to the pre-2021 period.
    We know that the a cat 1 academy costs at least £2.5m per season. That is a big expenditure for a club turning over less than £30m. The problem is that it has been reported that Mel is putting in £3m a month. As an owner he can only put in £13m per season for inclusion in FFP calculation. That would suggest that he's putting in a lot for FFP exempt expenditure. The academy has to be the main reason for that. I believe that it is a reasonable assumption that the academy is costing Mel £5m a season or so.
    I know people are now shouting Bogle and Lowe. Yes, they will have paid for the academy for last season, but has it helped the club? Does it help that the academy is so expensive that it's best products have to be sold as soon as they start to contribute to the first team? But that's not even the main problem - the financial necessity to develop academy products to sell forces managers to select players who aren't quite good enough for the Championship. It's the only way you can develop them. That reduces the chances of promotion. 
    Our academy is so expensive that we simply have to make use of the young players it produces. That reduces the chances of promotion. Thus, the academy is one of our biggest problems. Yes, we have a squad with many exciting youngsters, but that squad is in danger of relegation. We can't afford a cat 1 academy unless we are in the Premier League.
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    Steadybreeze reacted to AGR in Jack Marriott returns to Derby, then goes back to Wednesday   
    To be honest I liked Paterson and Dutch Mike was a free, can't imagine his wages are ridiculous so can understand taking a chance on him. He was dreadful in his first few games but I thought he played well against Bournemouth and I don't think he's been given a chance since.
  3. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to CornwallRam in What is Tom Lawrence's Best Position?   
    In first.
    Left Back....in the changing rooms
  4. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to Brammie Steve in Season Ticket Refunds   
    Probably the cruellest, nastiest stream of vitriol I have read on this site.
    The phrase 'pick on someone your own size' springs to mind!
  5. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to oldtimeram in Season Ticket Refunds   
    Why promise payments would be made by September then if he does not have Govt permission?
  6. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to G STAR RAM in Derby County v QPR Matchday Thread   
    Dont like singling players out but Lawrence has literally walked through the last 180 minutes of football, looks completely uninterested.
  7. Like
    Steadybreeze reacted to ramtique in Derby County v QPR Matchday Thread   
    Lawrence worked hard?!?! 
  8. Like
    Steadybreeze reacted to RamNut in EFL Petition to get fans back into stadiums   
    Not for me. 
    not sure that the players would want 30,000 virus-breeders breathing all over them. 
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    Steadybreeze reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in David Marshall - Signed on a 2 year deal   
    Twice the keeper Roos is.
    Positives. He'd cost peanuts which is probably where we are shopping at the moment.
    Negatives - He's 35. So probably got 2 years in him at this level. 
    Still think I'd rather Dillon Phillips purely for his age.
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    Steadybreeze reacted to Gritty in Dillon Phillips   
    Yes; I'm a Charlton season ticket holder because my son is a fan and we live down here
    Phillips is an excellent goalkeeper in my view.  Easily good enough for a top 6 Championship side.  His shot stopping is excellent; his anticipation is great and he commands his area well. He breeds confidence.  In the whole of the season I can only recall 1 real mistake he made that cost a goal and that's not bad going at this level.  He saved Charlton countless times when I was certain the opposition were going to score
    His distribution with his feet is ok. Not bad by any means but he is not a sweeper keeper (at least not currently). If Cocu places a very high weight on distribution and Ederson style passes, he isn't that kind of keeper. But frankly, I don't see many Edersons at Championship level.
    I would sign him in a flash
  11. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to Birdyabroad in Good for Mel   
    Apologies if this point has been made in a separate post, but I think it’s worthy of it’s own thread.
    I, like the rest of us, was jumping up and down in front of my computer screen yesterday.
    After all the doom and gloom surrounding the club, with regards to possible/probable points deductions, it was so good to see a performance like that and a standout role from ‘one of our own’.
    I admit that I was one of those who couldn’t see how footy was going to return this season, glad to be wrong on yesterday’s performance.
    But, in the middle of all of this, the one man who should have enjoyed it the most is big Mel.
    I know he divides fans, the wasted cash on average players, the managerial merry-go-round, etc. Yet what no one can deny is that he has made every decision for what, he felt, was the good of the club; he has backed all of these decisions with his own money.
    The poor player purchases, etc, will hurt him a thousand times more than any fan.
    So, with Sibley scoring the goals, Bird bossing midfield, Bogle growing into the game and Knight’s stint at the end, hopefully Mel is smiling, hopefully he is seeing the fruit born of his huge investment in the academy.
    Hopefully this will help ease the pain for him of what must be a lot of frustration, hopefully this re-energises him and makes him see that some of his recent decisions, cashing in on Lamps, hiring Cocu, hiring class people like Rosenior, negotiating the move for Wayne, trusting the youth may, hopefully, pay dividends.
    Here’s a glass of 🍷 to Mel
  12. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to Steve How Hard? in Louie Sibley   
    Probably wasn't ready earlier in the season to be fair to Cocu. I think he's man managed the youngsters very well. The futures bright.....
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    Steadybreeze reacted to ilkleyram in Season tickets   
    I don’t think that there’s any way that DCFC can force you to buy a season ticket for 20/21, so no you don’t have to buy one. If you decide not to then you will lose the value of the 10% off should you choose Option 3
  14. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to uttoxram75 in Season ticket renewals (Deadline extended)   
    The amount of games moved for SKY or BT is definitely going to decrease season ticket sales imo. I can see the club having to do part season/half season/six game bundles or the like to try and generate sales going forward. 
    The whole dynamic is changing with the ability to watch games through streaming services. Not just Derby, this will impact many clubs.
    We've probably been selected for TV more the last two seasons because of Frank and Wayne which ironically may well cause some ST holders not to renew.
    I'm sure we will pick up some younger fans who may take the plunge to compensate but its not cheap, and young workers are often in low paid or insecure work and a £400+ investment is not easy to commit to.
    With the likely break up of the SKY football domination into several streaming sites, more and more games will be available to watch without all the hassle and expense of turning out on weekday nights. 
    Some traditional type fans will not renew as part of the football experience is meeting up with mates, having a few beers before or after a match (or both) making it a sociable event. Too many night games or silly kick off times make this type of experience more difficult.
    If I was Mel I'd look at having a section in one of the stands available for walk ups or whatever the term is, for those who don't have a season ticket but might well make a few games at short notice if they could easily sit with a few like minded people. Maybe a section of unreserved seats so its first come first served, sit where you want....dunno, I'm sure its possible and may well encourage a good few as the season progresses and were doing well.
    Anyway, I'll be there, Cocu and Rooney are giving me warm, fluffy feelings about next season 🐏
  15. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to G STAR RAM in £20m Championship Salary Cap   
    This stinks of hypocrisy for me.
    As much as I agree with the idea, we were not interested when we were trying to buy our way out of the division but now that has failed we want a salary cap?!
    Nothing to do with us what other teams are spending as long as they are not breaking rules.
    By all means impose a salary cap at our club, and why not go further by extending it to an individual salary cap, but keep our nose out of what other teams are doing, none of our business.
  16. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to ariotofmyown in Season ticket renewals (Deadline extended)   
    Maybe the club could look at some sort of Saturday 3pm season ticket? Maybe you get half the number of league games over a season and a small window to confirm your ticket before going on general sale?
  17. Like
    Steadybreeze reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Season ticket renewals (Deadline extended)   
    First time in 26 years of having a season ticket that I'm considering not renewing.
    Not because of where we are in the league because we've been in a lot worse states and I've never considered not going. 
    One thing is I don't really know what's going on at this football club at the minute. Investment is ongoing? Then the guys company gets wound up? We could do with Morris coming out and explaining. He doesn't need to name names. Just reassure fans about this investment which is quite clearly needed. 
    But the main thing is football in general. It's turning into a TV Sport. Our last Saturday home game at 3pm was on the 15th February. We now have no more. That is absolutely disgusting. Midweek games on the red button are ruining it. People won't rush to get home from work, look out the window it's cold, wet and windy. It's so easy to just stay at home and watch it. I'm it saying this is something I would do, but people will. If you want to look at the state of football and what this red button is doing. Wigan took 50 fans to Reading midweek. Yes I know Wigan are a small club. But 50 fans? That's wrong. 
    Last night me and a friend were watching the football and we're discussing this. So we went over the 23 home games. 
    This season out of 23 home games:-
    Saturday 3pm kick off - 7
    Date or kick off time moved for TV - 6
    Midweek games - 6
    Saturday 1pm (Police reasons) - 2
    Sunday (moved because FA cup game on a Thursday) - 1
    Easter Monday - 1.
    You can see all midweek games on TV and 6 games that were originally at 3pm on a Saturday got moved either by date or kick off time for TV. 
    So that means out of the 23 home games this season. You could have watched 11 on TV.
    Say an average ticket price for our games over a season is £25. (It may be more) but my season ticket is £432 which works out at an average of £19 a game. 
    So if you watched the 12 games on TV and bought tickets for the 11 that weren't on TV at an average of £25 a game. That would cost me £275 a season. Saving me £157 (Based on my season ticket being £432)
    Football is being ruined by TV. It's as simple as that and it's breaking me.
    I know people who work shifts. Who aren't renewing cos of it. They've rightly said that they can watch most on TV and the ones that aren't they'll get a ticket for. They still wouldn't miss a game either by being there or watching at home and in this day and age when money is tight (I live by myself) £157 is a lot of money.
  18. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to Millenniumram in Is Cocu improving Tom Lawrence   
    Just like criticising a player after one bad game, I don’t think you can make comments suggesting that Lawrence has definitely improved after one good game. After all, we’ve seen it all before with Tom - he has one good game then vanishes. Hopefully that won’t be the case this time, but he needs to show some consistent form for me to start believing he’s anything more than an average player at this level. 
    For me, Lawrence hasn’t changed under any manager during his time here. He’s not got better and he’s not got worse. He’s still exactly the same inconsistent player who has one good game in 10 that he’s always been - exactly the same as the majority of widemen at this level, in fairness. He’s never been as bad as some would have you believe, but he’s never shown the consistency to be considered a top player at this level. Hopefully this can be the start, but I remain to be convinced.
  19. Haha
    Steadybreeze reacted to Coconut in Dodgy keepers   
    Why, is he a bit of a tit?
  20. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to The Scarlet Pimpernel in What's Changed?   
    Social media has changed society. Angry people have become used to venting their spleen I'm afraid. Its still the vocal minority but the minority have found a collective voice.  (Imo)
  21. Haha
    Steadybreeze reacted to Hotter in GET CLOUGH BACK, MEL!   
    I said when he was sacked, we would live to regret it.
    I have said it several times since, when it was clear to me if not the masses that the essence of what NC created was being either diluted or dismantled.
    I struggle to see why the faith in Cocu from Mel when he has a guy capable of developing youth and unearthing future gems just 20 mins down the road with an already proven track record of doing so with DCFC.
    If it were my money, he would be top of the list. Perhaps someone can list all of these gems again to save me the time?
  22. Clap
    Steadybreeze reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in Black or blue   
    I am a little nostalgic for the Blue and White as it was the way when I started following, so yes, why not.
  23. Like
    Steadybreeze reacted to Premier ram in Police handling after the game was shambolic   
    we were in a mini bus yesterday , stopped at traffic lights when 4 middle aged Forest fans started banging on and spitting on the windows , they werent banking on us alighting the mini bus and showing them the error of their ways , felt a bit for one of them who my mate who is 6 foot 4 and 19 stone dumped head first into a skip , keep rubbish off the pavements kids , use the skips and bins provided
  24. Clap
    Steadybreeze got a reaction from JG400 in Morris has bought shame on himself tonight   
    Roll your eyes like a teenage girl all you like but that was a crass decision to include them tonight. What does winning or losing the game have to do with anything, or the time people choose to talk about it?
  25. Like
    Steadybreeze got a reaction from europia in Morris has bought shame on himself tonight   
    Thats some reward for acting the way they did, personally i'm disgusted to see them back this soon, not even sure i want them at the club at all. I wont be going Saturday, bit of a pointless protest seeing as the club already has my season ticket money but it doesn't sit well with me at all and i'm not going to give the club my support at the weekend.
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