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    Turnstile reacted to jimbo jones in DCFC Fans Forum POTY Award 18/19   
    Tomori for me. Lad is class.
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    Turnstile reacted to toddy in How important is the manager?   
    As far as Clement is concerned, he will never make a good manager while he has a hole in his arsenal.
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    Turnstile reacted to Parsnip in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    If we can keep Frank then I'd have a sneaky fiver on Derby going up autos next season.  We've played some brilliant football - just need to sort out the consistency.
    However I wouldn't write this season off yet. Frank seems to have us turning up.to the big games more than the Ipswiches and the Blackburns so if we do happen to sneak into the top 6, it's game on.
    No idea what we'd do if we did get to the Prem though! Might need one or two players bringing in!
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    Turnstile reacted to loweman2 in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    All the managers recruited have arrived with some form of credentials!
    the sacks of poo who have turned out on the pitch week in week out in the past four years have to shoulder the blame, many of them have arrived at our club with some relative success in their lockers but that has where they have left it, we seem to have team after team, season after season who do not have the heart, the commitment, the bottle, whatever you may call it to become consistent! They show in flashes what they can do and that is the worst part for me, it tells me that they can’t be arsed to turn those excellent displays into consistent displays.
    i am fed up with the guys that pull on the white shirt and trot onto the pitch, no commitment ! No consistency! No heart !
    like you @Inglorius I have now run out of energy !👍🐏
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    Turnstile reacted to OohMartWright in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    There was just no commitment. I can take losing when the players give their all and get beaten by a better side but I can’t accept such a lazy, can’t be arsed  attitude. They should be made to reimburse the fans who made the effort to turn up when they clearly didn’t.
  6. Clap
    Turnstile reacted to zaragozaram in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    appalling from start to finish
    No craft, no fight, no luck (because there is no fight) and unforgivably no heart 
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    Turnstile reacted to Shaftesbury st in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    I’m talking about over the season pal, he’s not at Chelsea and when he leaves out a £5 million striker he needs to realise there’s isn’t another on the bench. His love of Bennett is embarrassing, he won’t ever do anything at Derby. 
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    Turnstile reacted to Moist One in Steve McClaren Sacked Again   
    cannot polish a turd.
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    Turnstile reacted to Wolfie20 in Steve McClaren Sacked Again   
    That must be cricket then because they were useless football managers
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    Turnstile reacted to RamNut in Mel Morris to put the club up for sale SHOULD Derby fail to win promotion....   
    With respect that isn't true. Not from my perspective anyway.
    At the time the message from ramblur and others was that the club was debt free, and compliance with ffp wasn't a problem.
    Without wishing to revisit the arguments etc, i posted the overall company accounts, which showed significant annual losses and £95m of debt to MM. I stated that i wasn't an accountant but that the overall picture seemed problematic to put it mildly. Ramblur went off on one because statements about the accounts were his personal domain and he openly contemptuous and rude to others who strayed into that territory. (I avoided responding in kind, but by then he was taking verbal pot shots at numerous people including mods). Putting the tantrums aside, i still believe that the fundamental business model of a championship football club does not work. Billionaire owners are losing millions and clubs are struggling to comply with Ffp. 
    It was interesting to see a shift this season and to hear stories of austerity measures at the club and the academy. Good news as far as i was concerned. We also had one particular poster giving us what appeared to be good inside info, praising the executive and announcing that we had agreed our ffp  position - we seemed to be absolutely at the limit.
    without looking up the specific figures, the approximate summary of our position seemed to be somthing like (from  memmory)
    turnover @£25m wages @£37m  overall annual loss @£25m The points i was making were headline issues rather than accountancy detail.
    all transfer fees have to be funded by sales we need to massively reduce the wage bill mel is funding excessive unsustainable losses  Fundamentally the problem is that television money in the prem has caused salaries to mushroom. That affected the salaries payable in the championship too. But the television money was not distributed to championship clubs in equal measure to offset those salary increases. Unless this situation changes, the financial model won't work. The only way to avoid having huge losses is to significantly cut the wage bill. 
    Furthermore championship clubs cannot afford to pay transfer fees therefore the strategy is inevitably based on the development of academy players, freebies and loans. We have a great thread full of suggestions for signings, but there is no way we can afford the fees for most of those players. Not a very nice position to be in. 
    this season we have made moves to promote and develop academy players. We have made some good signings on low fees - especially holmes, (and i remain hopeful with regards to evans). The financial position will be much improved when the out of contract high earners are released. However....i don't personally understand splashing £5m on any player. We are caught in a predicament - chasing promotion on the one hand, and trying to fix the broken financial model on the other.
    Given all of the above, the rumours of mel looking for help, and seeming to conclude that he cannot continue to fund the losse, does not surprise me. The financial realities won't go away unless we fluke a promotion and then the financial landscape is totally different. (Chelsea's turnover for example is £325. £300m per season more than ours. And a huge chunk of that increased income is tv money). 
    So where do we go?
    we could compare ourselves to sheff utd and swansea.
    Swansea won't get many accolades this season, but they have promoted four academy players to the first team - roberts, rodon, mcburnie and james. The difference is that their young players are 21-22. Ours are 19. We might be two years behind. once we concluded that the previous generation of guy, vernam, hanson, kwarme thomas, farrend rawson etc were not going to be good enough, it set us back a bit. 
    Sheff utd have operated a very frugal acquisitions policy. (Compare mcgoldrick on a freebie to waggers at £5m). Signings like holmes and evans are what we can afford. They won't all work, but fans need to understand the financial realities and show some tolerance. The raging away fans at aston villa might do well to think about our financial position as compared to aston villa who have had premier league income and parachute monies. I think villa might get promoted this year, but if they don't then ultimately they will have to face the same financial conundrum as everyone else, and slash and burn.
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    Turnstile reacted to AdamRam in Mason Mount   
    Good player however nowhere near the standard of MM.
  13. Roll Eyes
    Turnstile got a reaction from KCG in Mel Morris to put the club up for sale SHOULD Derby fail to win promotion....   
    Read the accounts. Remember MM put money into DCFC when he was a Director before he became sole owner. He put a lot of money into Moor Farm.
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    Turnstile reacted to Srg in Derby County v Stoke City   
    Waghorn has played centrally the last two games and has struggled against two sets of extremely physical centre backs - Marriott would have arguably done worse. We just don’t have an option in the squad for this, and we don’t have the ability in the build up play to make up for it. 
    You’re right about Mount possibly being key to helping this, with retaining possession higher up with far more intelligence. 
    That said, Bryson isn’t touching this team now... let alone when Mount is fit again. Thankfully. 
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    Turnstile reacted to Nuwtfly in Derby County v Stoke City   
    2 points dropped. They were absolute dogpoo. 
  16. Clap
    Turnstile reacted to Srg in Craig Bryson   
    It would be foolish to offer him a contract.
  17. Clap
    Turnstile reacted to ramsbottom in Craig Bryson   
    Thank God for that.  He's been living off the 13/14 season ever since.  Take away his goals and you're left with a very average midfielder.
    Another player give the 'Russell Treatment', whereby if you run around a lot fans will forgive the fact you're only productive for one game out of five...
  18. Clap
    Turnstile reacted to EnigmaRam in Craig Bryson   
    Love Craig for the memories. A hat trick against forest and a great 13/14 season. 
    Problem is as much as he runs around a lot he’s very ineffective and has lost 5 yards he’s so slow.
    utmost respect for him but we need younger stronger quicker players in our midfield.
    good luck to him wherever he ends up
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    Turnstile reacted to rammieib in Craig Bryson   
    These comments annoy me - you can't take away his goals - you have to include everything....but what everyone should look at is what he offers now....
    I'm not sticking up for Craig Bryson - he offers absolutely nothing now and we should be saying thank you for your time but we're moving on.
    As for the poster who suggested offering him a new contract because we don't have many midfielders - No No No. FL should have players he thinks are good enough. If he does think Bryson is good enough (Which I'm sure he doesn't as a new contract would have been on the table by now and I am assuming it isn't) then fair enough but we should be aiming for top six - IMO Bryson is nowhere near this now.
  20. Clap
    Turnstile reacted to Srg in Craig Bryson   
    That's true, and thankfully for the majority, the one that matters looks to share that view.
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    Turnstile reacted to Mafiabob in Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday   
    Disagree, thought they were nothing special
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    Turnstile reacted to Tamworthram in Our love for Derby County   
    Special trains for away games. Those were the days. 
  23. Clap
    Turnstile reacted to Stroker Ace in Who is Frank on about here then?   
    Motivation works.
    The bugle sounding the charge.
    "Once more into the breach dear friends"
    Men have gone to their certain deaths in a headlong charge ever since, well forever. Motivated by nothing more that the encouragement of their leaders and peers.
    They would have gone nowhere if there wasn't a battle cry.
    100% motivation works. You might not win every time but you'll go down fighting with the adulation of the multitude ringing in your ears.
    The fans can be the extra 10% to push us into the play-offs this season. I have no doubt that's what won it for us against Wigan. 
    We can make a difference.
  24. Haha
    Turnstile reacted to Squid in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Goal of the month there because it’ll be the only goal of the month! 😁
  25. Haha
    Turnstile reacted to Owd miner in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Hilda has toad me there's no leg over untill we win again .... Best Chuck mi Viagra .....it'll be out of date 
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