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  1. Yes but the dirty ones cheated to do it, our lot did it with class.
  2. Without the mighty Igor too, and the goalkeeper's first match too.
  3. Sooner have Norman Stanley Fletcher.
  4. All players contracts are date specific until June 30th in England/FA.
  5. Reminded me of Officer Crabtree from Allo Allo. "Would you lick a drunk?"
  6. If Igor had been fit we would have won by a cricket score😉
  7. Thanks for this i wanted to say exactly the same and you have summed it up perfectly from my standpoint. i still don't think he was wrong in going to Durham in the circumstances and position he was in.(would have done the same myself) However he shouldn't have tried to hide it.
  8. Like they say every cloud has a silver lining, this may be the opportunity that the UK needs to resurrect it's manufacturing base skilled jobless looking for careers and business to start up-s and an errant distrust of China and it's products. BY and large British made products (and European) are better made than North American or Asian ones (with some exceptions) but it is not in the realms of possibilty to revive industry and start producing products that add value. I too am lucky my day job is stable at present and my business (unrelated) as benefitted from the present issues, although as my clients are mainly NHS trusts i have deliberately not milked the golden cow. The better half works for RR.
  9. Actually not quite true Management have 10% cut and 10% deferred to be repaid in March 2021 and the rest have had 10% deferred again to March 2021. Furlough workers or shielded workers still receive full pay once they return they will be classed as 10% defferal. By the way main board have had 20% straight cut.
  10. Yes would be my choice too. Bill Shankly said at the time that it was the best display of football he had ever seen. I would go further there is more chance of Keogh dating Miss World than seeing that again.
  11. Swab tests are not a good way of testing for a -ve outcome. It is easily possible to miss swab the virus especially after couple of days of contracting it. It is only useful as a +ve in terms of accuracy. Blood test are much more accurate or -ve.
  12. That could be more to do with the effect that social distancing has on the mind rather than the crowd effect. Noticed that that Glasner did a bit of safe confrontation to the Ref at the final whistle though.
  13. With that i agree with you DFR, We have a lot to be accountable for particularly lack of accountability when it comes to the need for the nanny state.
  14. Yet 31 years on the terrestrial TV tv still shows the whole game in it's entire format . A Man City v QPR game in 2012 on sky just won't. The Aguero goal was less important and exciting as McGovern's in 1972, the only thing with McGovern's is it wasn't on Telly. 😉 All we have is this:
  15. Come in your Beetle You must have come in your Beetle ..............................................
  16. Nigel Pearson was also stoking up the guilt trip a couple of weeks ago i noticed saying that the EPL would be unforgivable if a player died as a result of resuming football. Being a Heanor lad i know a few around my age who know him, and believe it or not they said it wasn't him to come out and say that off hand so i am beginning to think someone on the Watford ownership is yanking his chain a bit. They also not known for their stable ownership over the past few seasons.
  17. Yes was also at Highbury for the game where we gave the scousers a chance. Got into trouble with the ex wife for going as it was just after Hillsborough, she was concerned about me going to football, this ended up resulting in a row that lasted a good week after. ended up watching the title decider round me mum and dads just to get away LOL.
  18. Agreed I do think Watford are deliberately making it awkward for the Premier league to finish the season.
  19. Yes far more people watched Thomas's goal, as it was live on terrestrial telly☺️
  20. Probably on the side of the operating table just as he was put under the anaesthetic.
  21. Like many other people my age I caught HK Flu in 1969 Quite poorly for a week or two No lock down then either. They estimate that 80000 people died in the UK alone. Still a great year to be a Ramsfan though
  22. Holidays in the uk are no cheaper B4 in fact like for like they are more expensive.
  23. Listen to Mourinho, he believes the standard of football is far higher in the Champions League than any recent World Cup. http://en.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/23400.html The man knows what he is on about.
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