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  1. That is a piece of football history. Please keep it in a fire proof environment, don't let Mason Bennett anywhere near it.
  2. In just, Ask me again after Friday.
  3. Might have to take up the trackie bottoms a bit Phil 6" taller lol.
  4. FA have set out rules for Female professionals but I haven't seen anything for males. Fortunately it isn't anything to do with the EFL poo show.
  5. It isn't the government stopping it at all The FA put the % of Internationals Rule in to stop a free for all. If anyone wants I will post the link to the government's tier 2 sports person proposal, again I stress it is still a proposal to be ratified in HOC. Long read though so only if someone wants a bedtime read!!
  6. From what I have read of the proposals and I stress the proposals the main problem will be speaking English fluently
  7. Unfortunately -ve swab tests aren't the most reliable, it relies on the technique of the person conducting the test on the patient, and the viral load of the patient at the time. The DHSC are conducting analysis on testers and types of testing kits and locations to determine best practice.
  8. Not Fact over 2.5 goals a game are you Dan Ram as well as he spoofed your Missus or summat?
  9. Hi Dan, Has he done your Missus or Gran?
  10. +vat on the loan fee, 240 k agents fees and the vat with that c. 150k and contribution on the wages say 800k to 1M it won't be far off 5M,
  11. Very Sad, played in the first match at the baseball ground I saw live and member of the boys of 69. RIP Richie
  12. Just checked and it is the Watney Cup final Stiles didn't play for Man U in the October 69 game. Soz getting old and forgetful.
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