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  1. And they've only got three stands.
  2. For me has to be Clarke for all the reasons stated above. If it was on 2020 only it would be a three horse race between Wiz ,Dickie and Wazza.
  3. Does he need a lift? i'm free in a couple of hours.
  4. Maybe, We will have freed up a fair bit of outgoings if Chris goes and with Anya and Hudd going.
  5. Probably, but i think we will look to a younger model for the future. I like Waggy he is the new Johnny Russell of the team, with respect to teamwork he is the glue. But for a new main striker i think Phil will fish in a different pond.
  6. Chrissy's technical standard is premier league, the issue that stops him being a premier league player is his National League pace. That's why he isn't playing in the premier league (or as far i can remember linked with a transfer to a premier league club). The players around him have to make up for his lack of mobility either by very accurate passing and being in the right position to receive the ball off him(that takes a lot of energy and perception). This is why now with youngsters we need to change to someone who maybe less technical but has more pace and directness. Unfortu
  7. Yes another of the boys of 66 gone. RIP big man.
  8. You were lucky, when I said jumpers they were really bits of fluff from our belly buttons matted together wi spit from rats I shared my cardboard box with.
  9. Yes David as has some of us trapped in here all lockdown making us click ads to raise funds.
  10. Chill Norm we have all got cabin fever.
  11. I Would have thought less than Anya or Hudd, However in this Covid world who knows.
  12. I still think that Phil will have a go at signing Zoet (probably on loan with a view to buying at the end of his contract) next season. He has been bombed out at PSV and obviously being his go to No 1 for four years will be on his radar. Still only 28 ish
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