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  1. And around 5000 Derby outside the ground as i remember.
  2. Just remembered i saw Secret Affair at a private do at Sheffield Uni. (Ranmoor house).
  3. Whilst not an expert on Contract/Employment law, this may be illegal and will require the agreement of every stakeholder. I can't see it as an "enforcement" For example take our new Dutch centre back come re-start he may not want to get injured playing for Groningen prior to starting his Derby career also Derby may not want him to either. If Uefa/Fifa/ Fa/Efl or whoever come in and say all contracts will be extended, these bodies are not the law of the land(s), so i don't see how if someone doesn't want a contract "adjusted" i can't see if an interested party objects how it can be. It will end being like Bosman where EU law took precedence over Football law.
  4. Wrong he was forcing them to take on Credit agreement with interest, then this put them below the minimum wage.That is why it was illegal and what the duck is it to do with DCFC and what they pay.
  5. Not front runner no but i can think of only two or three in front of him
  6. In that case I have got Steve McLaren and John Gregory
  7. Here, Here i don't think he is far off POTY.
  8. McKellar did play for the Scots U18 whilst at Ipswich (before he joined us)
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