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  1. The newer version of the Collymore song is overly offensive, although he did bring a lot of that on himself with the celebration with Dwight Yorke, after Yorke finished off Dean Yeates's career. (Still don't make it right though). The original version that is a lot more passive about him not being good enough to play for England is ok.
  2. i have adopted oneit's on retirement but i think he still might have a problem though.
  3. Since i was last in Nevada they have taken steps to legalise Cannabis and the consensus is that the bad effects of use are reducing. It is probably not the best example though as use in Reno and Vegas is disproportionately high due to the tourist take., and that is likely to lead a more safe legal use as people don't want to be cautioned whilst on their vacation.So they will pay the higher legal tariff.
  4. They will have the bread to make us a success though.
  5. If I remember rightly the Telegraph's headline was 21-0,the corner count.
  6. Yes the law was changed in 2001 to allow EU registered businesses to supply utilities in the UK and certain other member states didn't reciprocrate. I said at the time it would be a disaster in the making.
  7. Muncchetty is a dreadful journo When she calls the day on breakfast time. I turn my phone on just to make sure she's right. She's what they call an earpiece journalist with some divvie feeding questions into her ear, Jeremy Vine, Victoria Derbyshire and Emily Matlis are similar. That's the reason they get into trouble they mis-hear what's being played into their earpiece, and don't listen to the answers they are being given. A few years back we were listening to Vine at work and he asked listeners to ring in if they still drove a 30 year old+ car. An old dear rang in and said she used an 1970's Jag for her daily drive. He asked about the car she told him a few details, and then he asked if she still drove it!!! i just hoped it was the producer taking the p**s out of him.
  8. Phenomenal Post we need to keep thinking and acting along these lines.
  9. Think i have persuaded the other half to go and she's a red dog!!!
  10. We will be here mate one way or another
  11. Bring Graham Richards out. He didn't mind being banned.😚
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