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  1. Should have gone in for him when he was at Norwich I recommended him to a League 2 team's scout I know.
  2. See the pitch has a bit more grass on as of late
  3. Weirdly, though due to other health issues i have to inject on a regular basis(no dodgy comments please) so i am used to injections both self administered and the big ones at the Docs but the AZ vax floored me for two days, fortunately i am working from home at present so no days off BOO.
  4. Was at that game and sat on the other side of the cricket pitch, my old man got into an argument with a drunken Sheff U fan, who seeing our colours made out that we were the worst side he'd seen all season!!! Hmmm.
  5. The problem with Grealish is he believes his own gripe (sic).
  6. No longer with us Bob Monkhouse, Still laughing with us Sir David Jason.
  7. I sort of fell into it in the early nineties as I am material's engineer by background, but was involved in data transfer in the eighties from RR to the big airframe manufacturers when it was quite novel to send data digitally, then a chance conversation with a guy i went to school with, who worked for a health are provider led to me doing some moonlighting and it went from there. Still have a day job in Aerospace engineering, and run my own business at evenings and weekends. It's a great field to be in.
  8. Mine too and my business is in Data mining for health care businesses. Don't need one if you are good at networking and already have all the contacts you will ever need. Some businesses operate in a smaller sphere of operations. Thought I might need one when C19 hit but now I have am glad I didn't as I have too much work.
  9. Don't forget the manipulation of the stock market as well.
  10. So sad, A born fighter. 😢 RIP Mickey
  11. Does Susie know you are stalking her yet?
  12. Be interesting to see how many times we have played at Three O'clock on a Saturday in the last 30 years or so I am pretty sure that there were a a lot of games from the mid nineties onwards that we played at night.
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