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  1. RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    Class, but nicked from Liverpool's original 'Jesus saves - but St John knocks in the rebound'.
  2. Rowett

    Maybe, but how much of that relates to players he inherited, doesn't want, yet can't (as yet) move on ? Do you know what this year's wage bill is going to be?
  3. Player / Fan connection

    Can't level that at the Ladies team, though, although they do look good. Got a feeling I'm going to be in trouble now. Dive, dive, dive.
  4. RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    He'd have romped the modern game ,angie . Just pure class, and although he was a character, I don't think he was trouble to anyone. Mind you,with the benefit of modern fitness/ training , I reckon a lot of our old favourites would still have blossomed. I would have feared for the great Alan Hinton though - tackling and tracking back,nah. Pinpoint crosses and thunderous shots though,yeah. I wonder how many potential Alans just don't make it today. Very sad. Very hard choice, but Charlie was my hero too. Don't think he was too enamoured with the signing of Hales, though, and I thought this was the beginning of the end. I can remember one game near the end, when Charlie was out on the right (ish) and his boot had either come off, or his laces had gone. Some fool played the ball to him, and he belted it straight back (with interest). That's when I sadly realized that the end was nigh. Oh, but what a glorious,glorious reign.
  5. FFP going into next season

    Just as I said that sometimes you might have to look at (sometimes part) of another company within the group ( Seem to remember QPR had this 'problem' ), the reverse warning could also apply. Don't automatically look at the consolidated accounts, as these will usually include the results of the trading company (the football club, though there could also be other trading company/companies), the company that also consolidates the group (as above), and any other companies within the group. In Cardiff's case the other companies appear to be Cardiff City Stadium Ltd and Cardiff City Premier Seating Ltd. The club's accounts show accumulated losses of £119m, whereas the consolidated losses were £139m. On the other hand, the club net deficit was£108.038m , whereas the consolidated figure was £80.771m (though part of that is blocked out above, and I've made my best guess). Our own fans should be happy that we only really have to look at the club's accounts (so far), and don't have to look at the consolidator (Sevco 5112 ,from memory. ) .Indeed, if you started looking at the 2 Sevco companies , and Global Derby, you wouldn't know what was going on, as some pretty large amounts were whizzing round in 15/16 . Mind you,your 'ouch' is still merited
  6. FFP going into next season

    Last seen in Prisoner Cell Block H , along with one of our members
  7. FFP going into next season

    No, I'm on a roll - taking the p here and there and running for cover.
  8. FFP going into next season

    Good old Shippers pointed me in the right direction. Pity,as I would have got there. Was starting to picture him playing? against Crawley.
  9. FFP going into next season

    You just wanted me to input them all, and I rose to the bait So sorry ,TomH , how on earth did I manage to miss such class? Sorted that Clough midfielder, as twas Ben Pringle. Came from Ilkeston, which isn't far from the NE. Tbf he was born there,so that's where I got it from. Now for the list, though some of these were bought in,some did better (or half better) elsewhere and some weren't much good :- Adam Bolder,Jeff king, Steve Cherry, Ian Evatt, Alan Cork, Martin Taylor ,John Robson , Ben Pringle, Tom H, Richard Jackson , Barry Butlin , Steve Elliot, Andy Garner, Kevin Francis, Phil Gee, Jason Beardsley, Jonathan Hunt, Lee Camp, Lee Grant, Izale McLeod, Matt Carbon, Martin Chalk, Rob Kozluk, Tony Macken (seem to remember he came over with Dave Langan) , Pablo Mills,Adam Murray, Lee Holmes, Don O'Riordan, Paul Williams, David Penney, John Sims ,Gary Twigg . May have missed a few more, as I only had a quick glance. How the hell did I manage to forget Steve Bloomer?
  10. A new Cold War

    Colin v The rest of the world.
  11. Just seen 'Half Fan Half Biscuit' appear on the listings, utch. Your twin? That's enough rib for a few months now, or you'll have me in that wicker wotsit.
  12. FFP going into next season

    Higgins was the Derby Boys guy. That other Clough one's bugging me. I'm thinking midfielder from N East non league for some reason.
  13. Dolly Smith RIP

    Oh no it doesn't. Sorry, not really the thread for (my) frivolity. RIP Dolly
  14. Shouldn't do it in those, no matter how desperate.
  15. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Their CEO can go seek reimbursement/ compensation from the Abominable Snowman. Sick of reading all their gripes now......and yesterday, and the day before.

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