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  1. I mean, Sterling has kicked on so much due to Pep since then, so I think anyone would choose to play him, alongside Henderson winning the Champions League. The squad was poor when he took over, but it isn't now. His side selection today was bizarre, Trippier over Trent Alexander Arnold for one. I have doubts that we'll ever go the whole way with Southgate. He's a good guy, he trusts youth, but I don't think he has what it takes. Two semi finals we lost out of two with him.
  2. So when do we get to criticise Southgate after the World Cup semi? Does he get to use that as a defense forever? How is a Nations League semi final impressive when we had by far the best squad of the 4 teams that got to the semis, and we poo the bed vs the Netherlands, and scraped past Switzerland.
  3. Andicis


    Almost never finish games. The stories in the games just don't really keep me engrossed anymore, and some of them feel too long. The last big game I finished was Red Dead Redemption 2, but I was finding myself doing that to justify paying for it, rather than enjoying it completely. Probably just nostalgia but I used to enjoy the single player aspects of games much more.
  4. Winks is pretty good defensively. I watch a lot of Spurs, he's a deep lying playmaker who puts a lot of good challenges in. He's the answer for us at CDM for me. Maddison needs to be in, I think he's our best creative midfielder. Oxlade Chamberlain has been pretty decent since his move to midfield, but obviously Mount would be a good one to try to integrate into that spot.
  5. Should be Maddison and Oxlade-Chamberlain for me. Winks is more of a holding mid. I'd play Winks at holding and then those two to give some midfield balance.
  6. Rubbish team. Barkley, Rice, Rashford and Trippier shouldn't be starting for England.
  7. Yeah, I'm calling ******** on that. Once players earn a certain amount, some of them get comfortable and stop putting the effort in. See half the players United have signed recently. How much they earn has plenty to do with performance, of course dependent on the person.
  8. What's wrong with booing though? Abuse is bad, but booing is a generic way of showing discontent with the performance. Also don't understand why it being worse before means we can't be unhappy with it now. To clarify, I'm not condoning any form of abuse to the players, more the generic act of booing.
  9. It's genuinely quite embarrassing when people cite the war as if it's somehow relevant in today's day and age. Definitely part of the Brexit rhetoric, and has been the whole time. The whole traitors thing is pretty tragic too. People somehow can't accept that other people vote the way that they did because they believe it's best for them. I support Brexit, and I find the whole thing a little distasteful, same as the ''people who support Brexit are stupid'' line that has been banded about.
  10. It's not nice to swear at him, but I don't have a huge problem with it, because that's part of football. However, if fans are telling him to go back to where he came from, or any paraphrased form of that should be ashamed of themselves. No place for it.
  11. Good attitude. Fair play. He was honest, and seems to have a winners mentality. I like that.
  12. Well with a GE, we actually get the result put into place. With Brexit, we're still yet to leave. So how can we have another yet?
  13. But I don't think a second referendum stops people feeling cheated. If remain wins it, leave voters feel cheated. And the cycle continues. I think we have to just shut up and get on with Brexit, but it's clear Parliament have no intention of doing that. Therefore, a GE would be a fine alternative I think, just due to the fact we're essentially gridlocked and with no real way out, other than one.
  14. Which is fair. But that's what they have to do. Doing another referendum is for me, a bad idea. Because it just means to me that parliament have ignored the people. Thing is, Parliament are really tying the Government's hand, because going into negotiations with less cards on the table because your own Parliament won't allow you to use them to negotiate isn't great for forcing the EU to give us a good deal.
  15. Because if remain are to win, leave would ask for a third referendum. If leave is to win, why would remain listen to it anyway, they didn't the first time. MP's in parliament need to accept what people voted for, and instead of trying to obstruct us from ever leaving, accept that's what's happening and be proactive in trying to get a deal. It won't happen. But that's the way forward.
  16. The first one was done in that understanding. It was a once in a generation result. It hasn't been a generation, it's been 3 years. They haven't actually done what they said in the first referendum yet, so are you saying the 17.4 million votes no longer count?
  17. And when one side wins, why should the other side accept it? The first referendum hasn't been respected, so why would a second?
  18. Not very well. The games we have seen from him he's been at best anonymous, at worst wastefully poor. Not even seen really a glimpse of a good player there yet.
  19. Joshua Ruiz being in Saudi Arabia is pretty unforgivable, however Eddie wants to dress it up.
  20. Apparently Billy Joe Saunders is fighting on the undercard for this too. Must be a bit humiliating for him. No surprise that Eddie Hearn managed to get himself involved though. I watched the first one, it wasn't great.
  21. So? He has a contract. Why should he give up his contract? He has a right to sit and wait it out if he wants, we gave it to him. He would play whenever we wanted him to. He's probably settled in the area with his family.
  22. Why on earth should Martin put a transfer request in? He has a contract we gave him, it's not his fault we won't pick him. He's a model pro. Keogh could earn as much anywhere else in the Championship, because he's a bloody good player.
  23. guess this counts as professional now? 😂
  24. I agree. But I'd do it completely in the knowledge that a lot of people would think that I was a ****** for doing it.
  25. You certainly can. Not saying I wouldn't do it for the money, but that doesn't help in stopping people thinking that he's a rick.
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