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  1. Now somebody in the crowd is just screaming at the top of their lungs, repeatedly.
  2. The solitary Derby fan is making me cringe 😅
  3. Every fullback has made a horrendous mistake this season. It's the Championship. Bogle has been eyed up by Premier League clubs for a reason.
  4. We've come out the much better side at the start of the second.
  5. What a goal! Brown from the edge of the box.
  6. Derby goal! No idea who, goal mouth scramble from a corner!
  7. Tidy enough, but barely touched the ball in the first half.
  8. We haven't managed to get Sibley on the ball too much in the first half, he seems to have the extra quality when he gets it. Hopefully in the second half we can get it to him more.
  9. Whittaker great ball over to Sibley, his head just misses. Good chance.
  10. Another chance for Derby from a set piece. We're causing them problems from them.
  11. Moukoko looks very dangerous. Has pace and power and is causing our defenders all kinds of problems.
  12. Dortmund came very close there, good last ditch defending from Derby to get it away.
  13. Game of very few chances after 30 minutes.
  14. They look dangerous every time they go forward, but they definitely seem vulnerable at the back. Both good footballing sides.
  15. Great chance for Whittaker, shoots at the keeper though.
  16. Dortmund keeper just made a great save from a corner.
  17. We're fortunate to be blessed with really good options at fullback. Lowe and Bogle as the first choice are the best fullbacks that I can think of in this league.
  18. My hero? I actually would have liked Marriott to come on, I assume you're painting it out like I'm a Martin fanboy. But as per usual, you don't know what you're talking about.
  19. Petty point scoring, lovely. Never emotions involved in football games ever, how could anyone use hyperbole to describe a matter so trivial?
  20. True, but Villa were only 3 points off playoffs in that time. We're 7.
  21. Our good run of form this year coincides with the period that we collapse in most years.
  22. Why should it matter? Ultimately we're all happy that we won, just some like to go back over comments in hindsight for cheap point scoring.
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