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  1. This team are poo & are going down End of .....
  2. Mel has spent a shed load of money & there's no doubt his heart is definitely in the right place. However, his tenure has been an absolute disaster. Look at we were when he took over & look at where we are now, both on the field (position in the table) & off it financially. There's no doubt at all though that the worst owners over the last 15 years were the 3 crooks. Yes, they do qualify as they were here until 2006.
  3. It was at the end of the 1969/70 season after we’d finished 4th in our first season back in the big league. The ‘consolation’ of not being in Europe was that we were allowed to enter the Watney Cup, a glorified pre season friendly tournament which was played on a group basis followed by a semi & final We became inaugural winners of the tournament by beating Man U (with Charlton, Law, Best etc) 4-1 in the final at the BBG
  4. Altobelli 1982 World Cup final subbed on for Italy after an early injury, scored the 3rd goal & was then subbed off exhausted apparently
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