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  1. Err ram io

    Unbeaten in December since 2014

    back to the drawing board !
  2. Err ram io

    Unbeaten in December since 2014

    perhaps we should ask the team about Stamford Bridge watering spec ?
  3. Err ram io

    Unbeaten in December since 2014

    can somebody do a study on the average rainfall each Dec vs each Jan ? Rams teams dont like wet Pitches ? solution - find a soggy pitch for midweek training ? Moor farm too well draining?
  4. Err ram io

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    given we are looking short of proper defenders at the mo - the nightmare is picking up another injury at the back - maybe its a good idea to give Pearce some game time ? If SM was to pick up something or RK or TF - we are going to need him ? Wet heavy pitches promote injuries or am I wrong ?
  5. Err ram io

    Great style of football

    Can we play a team with a midfield of butters bryson and thorne (3 players each with a point to prove to GR) ditto strikeforce of Nuge, Lawrence and Bennett? (ditto). or is that childish??. hmmmm
  6. Err ram io

    Bogle support thread

    i think we might make changes to the back 4 against Chelsea: 1. Curtis might play with Tomari 2. full backs may be Wisdom and Fozzy ie rests for Jayden Scott and Keogh. 3. Lets give Kelly Roos a game. 4. midfield run by Huddz with Wilson and Mount. or do we rest all 3? 5. strikeforce of Lawrence Waghorn and Marriott. or do we rest all 3 ? plan B start with Saturday's line up but bring Bryson and Evans on early (all at half time perhaps ? ) ....why ? because win vs Brum is x3 more important to our long term future ?? idea is that team selection dynamics have more actual momentum than looking after certain players ?? its a tricky one ??
  7. Err ram io

    SBW 33: QPR & Norwich

    Very good podcast - great --- please keep up the washing !!
  8. Err ram io

    First school report of the season...score ?

    I agree 4 goals already this season and this includes not playing every game.
  9. Err ram io

    First school report of the season...score ?

    Hi Bris re Mr Lawrence please can we send him to appropriate geometry class so that his free kicks line up with corner not centre of square shape aka goal. (Recent strike at QPR being only too straight) Need to stop other school teams from bullying our Tom, perhaps ?
  10. Err ram io

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Difficult questions: Fozzy vs Malone (two teams both going with Malone see above) My verdict play Malone at home then Fozzy away ? Curtis vs Tomori. Got to keep those clean sheets. Curtis and Keogh vs Sheffield United. Then play Curtis and Tomori away from home (game one) Keogh and Tomori (game two). Each CB gets two games of the next 3? Jayden vs Andre. 3/3 for Jayden. Rest him for the Chelsea game ? Holding mid (jonno replaced by Huddz at 60 mins). Other mids Bryson and Mountie. Let's keep the same midfield combination for all 3 ? Replacement midfielder can change if Huddz does well and gets promoted to starting 11. Front 3 Marriot Wilson and Lawrence vs Sheffield United. At 60 mins bring on one of Waghorn/Bennet/FloJo (aka impact subs if needed). Away from home start Waghorn as he gives more control in final third. Does Nuge get a start ? Yes midweek away match depending on Jacks form vs Sheffield United. Easy question : Goalie ! If Mount gets injured on international duty start Huddz Bryson and Jonno.
  11. Err ram io

    First school report of the season...score ?

    Educationally the class is due to resit its GCSE/A levels for the fourth time in five years. (2019 exam date). Last exam results (taken at Fulham High ) were poor. Parents (aka Fans) and school board (aka Mel) not impressed with the then educational theory. This year new teaching staff brought in, with new pupils to increase school class sizes and average pupil ability. Headboy on sick leave due to return. Had Rams scored 8 rather 6 goals away from home we would be top 4 of school league. Percentage mark is 75%. Relationship with OFSTED (aka local media) appears to be workmanlike and productive. Agree with point made about class room needs to experiment to learn about difficult subjects. Suggest rotation of teachers is still possible. With new student teacher (JT) coming in for a secondment?? Grade for effort A Grade for results B (C being mid table.. .) Overall in future can the teachers use their contacts to get more new class pupils from London area - with longer term replacement of central midfield being a concern? (Point made by others on this thread). Education will lead to progress but to which college due we wish to enter (solid one of university of Midlands), or depressing one of yoyo nature .... Teachers must work to create lesson plan for next two years of study. Foreign exchanges beckoning for star pupils - adds extra zip to in house school plays. Pupil Wilson can't be far away from such drama club trips. Can class make it to college on ability rather than results ? Depends on our automatic response to prevent other schools school bullies roughing our kids up on the way to the sweetshop. Having head boy back might help here? Given NQT nature of staff - all is good. Excellent thread - some great posts here. (Ex teachers need to be ignored - especially as their classroom budget is currently twice that of most schools in this league. Failure to pass exam at Fulham High still irritates. As mentioned above the theory of education is complex, including styles and practices of teaching). Medical examination (aka sports science) must continue to avoid any playground accidents in winter months! Overall - good stuff from all. Computer department keeping track if all communication issues. Are we allowed to give all laptop users an A* or as Frank says "one doesn't write ones own reports" (????)
  12. Err ram io

    Some Random Thoughts

    Exciting team - would possibly add curtis to the scheme. Johnson and Nugent don't make it to your bench ? Who said " you don't win anything with Kids"....overall age of the team will continue to drop. Fresh youthfull energy is good.
  13. Err ram io

    Some Random Thoughts

    I think progress will be driven by results - get the team into top 6 by Christmas and a steady as she goes transfer policy will become evident. If we are in the 7 to 10 place slot getting new talent...becomes the driving force. 1 feel we need a quality centre back good in the air (?) And a quality centre forward also good in the air. (Former think Curtis!) Our wingers and full backs will improve. Sttikeforce of Nugent/Mariott/Waghorn will improve. Midfield will sort itself out. Will anyone sell us a proven goal scorer in January - an option for plan B when the current 3 dont/can't deliver ?
  14. Err ram io

    Rammy rousing

    True Value of Rammie is his penno taking experience. Up at Moor Farm he got the guys so drilled they thought they had become leftfield. With Chelsea 0-0 coming...penno drill required ! Rammie our secret penno weapon!
  15. Err ram io

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Fozzy in Malone out!!

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