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  1. Point of order - do cup matches count for the BCT? Drawing Forest in league or FA Cup is possible ?? (But unlikely ??)
  2. Lets be clear here Jurgen arrived at Liverpool as a bloke who was untried in the prem. Its taken him a lot of cash on a goalie and a star centre back to get his team sorted - plus 3 years to change the playing style.... Frank and Jody have been here for 1 season. Last night Liverpool's stats were close to Barcas Star quality and luck from Messi. We need that star quality too. IS George Evans our new Stimac? Can Mount become another Messi? Can Waghorn become the next salah dude ? Ditto - Marriott. At the end of the day - if the players step up then we are ARE Arrrree ready ! Frank knows it. We fans know it. The players are ready. They will beat WBA and Leeds Utd. Beating Villa at Wembley - thats another challenge... but Frank will make sure this team puts up a decent show. A team in transition. How is Curtis getting on - any progress reports ??
  3. Please be "model" supporters just in case new investors are "in town" to test the waters. Mel (sic) Derby fans are a lovely bunch. Mr X (paraphrase) Yes we've heard thst too! Mel (smile) They cant speak Russian. Mr X (drinking vodka) There is more to life than football. (take home message- keep your eyes peeled please for non uk investors huh ?)
  4. Totally agree I see the big thread now has 350+ posts. I once made the mistake of having the big thread posts bounced to my email inbox. clogged up my inbox for days. My heart sank when I saw the 400 reports waiting for me to read. 100 posts later I just about knew all thoughts about team selection. Once a train has left the station knowing it was 5 mins to kick off at 2.55 is dull too. yes nutshell posts could have their use. If I ask for a proper roadmap to the perfect nutshell post a long waffley thread of its own might be allowed ? Roadmap - a term which has its pros and cons. setting a word range between X and Y word count is good. please dont bloat this thread. lets have a new nutshell thread ?
  5. Update - beat Wigan quite well. Battled to a 1-1 draw with SW. Stoke seems to be the one I cant call. Go with you with your predicted win vs Rotherham. Team played OK away at Stoke - if its any comfort? ANY sign of Tom Lawrence coming back for Stoke game ?
  6. All in all Both Frank and the sheffield tv commentators agree 1-1 is a fair result. Both keepers earnt their corn yesterday. Overall I prefer the RamsTV commentary to the Sheffield TV one ( whatever the station is called. A bit too hyperbolic for my taste - similar to the excesses of Radio Derby but worse !) Their passion = driving SWFC onwards. But hey as Frank says "a tough match" and we move on. Looking at the fixtures Bristol do play Tuesday AND we dont play til the next day. ie we could be out of the top six before we next kick off - crazy !
  7. I'.m with Inglorious on asking the questions here. Questions that people dont ask at Weddings (who is paying for this bash?) (who picked the food? aka menu). Realistically does anybody read this forum. (what post has had most influence !!!) (they never read mate).(100% answer). i know it was my post that had the most influence? easy question : is Derby a Little bro of a Big Smoke or just a little smoke of a town with taxis too. Frank will laugh and say he doesnt know. Hard questions take time to formulate?
  8. so your take on things is that what happens on a friday night more or less has limited impact upon the biology of a saturday....apart from giving me the chance to make a shitty comment about Norwich ! Yes fair play to you - but SKY coverage wasnt that SPICEY..
  9. I currently have the photo of celebrations with Bradders upside down in mid air set as my phone wallpaper ! very uplifting to look at !!!!
  10. Our passing was better. we looked more like a team. Scored two and hit the post. Just the little things.
  11. Hey watched the Norwich game vs Swansea last night. They only scored one goal - all very pleased with the win. Made our showing in the week look jolly good. Comments please !!!!
  12. please inform me how many of you actually know what your fellow teammares look like ? I dont want any of that secret handshake stuff ? Do Forum members dye their hair. For postet-eterity can we have that photo please - in matching kit of some sort- possibly a matching disguise ??
  13. I like the idea of beating Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 or 1-0. In fact given the chance of a top six finish might increase with a draw. ...I'd take that too...Leeds will beat Bristol. A pragmatic manager like Fergie or anyone would set up to be 0-0 at half time. Our club captain and star centre back is out for the season. Yes how managers deal with injuries is part of the game...their game that is. However my gut feeling is that Frank likes his full backs to play higher up the pitch...to attack more. with Bradders in midfield this works for us. Wigan game showed the pot is still boiling. Coming back from 0-1 down was good. Sheff Weds will be more worried about stopping our (exciting) team playing ? Sure they just drew 0-0 with Sheff Utd. We drew 0-0 with leaders Norwich. So win or draw we are back in the top six. Yes we conceded 7 goals vs villa over two games. But table says we have more points in the bag than them. This is a steady as she goes post x Lets enjoy Frank learning his trade. nobody wants a loss this weekend. FL and Co most of all !!!
  14. 5/10 midtable 9/10 relegation places with 5 to play.
  15. Lets all relax please - we can enjoy the following two certainties - the will be surprises left in this season - and should we make the playoffs we are better equipped with frank and Co to battle through a playoff semi than under GR. personally I never go on rollercoasters in rèal life. And before you ask I watch Dr Who from behind the sofa. This season fear factor is a 7.5 out of 10. Scale ? 9/10 is out side the playoffs with 3 games to go. 5/10
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