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  1. Haha
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Chester40 in Our own song (yes this again)   
    I always thought Zombie vie the Cranberries would make a good one.
    it’s in your head, in your head.
    Derby! Derby!
  2. Like
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from TigerTedd in Rams That Scored on Their Debut   
    Not quite but was one hell of a run.
  3. Clap
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Wistaston Ram in Rams That Scored on Their Debut   
    He did against Middlesbrough I think.
  4. Clap
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Bianoic in Rams That Scored on Their Debut   
    He did against Middlesbrough I think.
  5. Cheers
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from IslandExile in Bobby Duncan   
    I can only find that Tranmere were keen on taking him on loan but nothing confirmed anywhere.
  6. Haha
  7. Haha
    Derby_Dave reacted to Charlotte Ram in EFL regulation 24   
    EFL regulation 24 covers the fielding of a weakened team in a championship league game see below,
    Regulation 24 The Requirement to Play Full Strength Sides in League Matches 
    24.1 Each Club shall play its full strength in all Matches played under the auspices of The League unless some satisfactory reason is given. In the event of the explanation not being deemed satisfactory the Board shall refer the matter to a Disciplinary Commission which has the power to impose such penalties as it shall think fit.
    My preposition  is that if the EFL forces DCFC by means of this Embargo, to knowingly have the Rams field a weakened side at the start of the season, then they will be guilty of breaking their own regulations, and to my mind if we some months later we were able to strengthen the team, and go on a good set of results, we could seriously affect both relegation and promotion in the league.
    My view is that given we only currently have without any additional players a team that will find it very difficult to get results, then the EFL is playing with fire, and for once maybe it could be Mr Gibsons team that could be adversely affected.
    I am going to write to the EFL to point out they will transgress their own regulations if they do not see sense.
  8. Haha
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Mostyn6 in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    Thanks for that reminder!!
  9. Haha
    Derby_Dave reacted to Jimbo Ram in EFL Verdict   
    People take him seriously 🤔
  10. Clap
    Derby_Dave reacted to jono in EFL Verdict   
    What really stings and gives life to the allegations of a vindictive nature in all this, is the “the EFL reluctantly” .. why reluctant ? There was some wrong doing, the Independent panel gave a sanction .. so that’s it .. why “reluctantly” ? It stinks as an attitude and is fundamentally wrong on so many levels. You have a system where there is a complaint and a system that provides for an independent panel to adjudicate but somehow the The body that represents the clubs, that drew up the system in the first place isn’t prepared to accept its outcome in an appropriate manner .. Why would you appeal or even reluctantly accept a verdict given by a system you designed ? The independent committee is designed to give a balanced view, to remove the partisanship the EFL shouldn’t be showing in any case , but clearly is. 
  11. Haha
    Derby_Dave reacted to B4ev6is in Abu Derby 2.0?   
    Link and sauce please
  12. Haha
    Derby_Dave reacted to Yani P in Sports minister emails.   
    Nah but they will claim it if it's a success
  13. Haha
    Derby_Dave reacted to Wolfie20 in Kyle Lafferty - joined Anorthosis Famagusta   
    ........ and breathe!
  14. Haha
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Eddie in RamsTV Subscription increased by EFL   
  15. Like
    Derby_Dave reacted to G-Ram in Matt Crooks - Signed for Boro   
    Its the sort of horribleness we miss. Too often we get bullied and beat by physical teams. I wouldn't be against having some spite in the middle of the park. 
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    Derby_Dave reacted to hintonsboots in El DerbyCo   
    Time to close this embarrassing thread. How on earth he even bypassed our legal team/ board amazes me.
    A poor mans Michael Knighton , and that’s stretching it. If I had to draw an exact comparison, it would be Lord Melbury from Fawlty Towers.
    Get it locked ⚽️
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    Derby_Dave reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in Lampard   
    Some of the football was pretty Meh at times..
    If he had stayed without Mount and Tomori I suspect that last season would have been a big struggle for him with no better finish than Cocu achieved (and the usual crowd calling for his sacking).
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    Derby_Dave reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Lampard   
    The signings, by and large, were dross.
  19. Like
    Derby_Dave reacted to GenBr in Albert Adomah   
    Are you saying he was wrong about CKR? He's good for team spirit, but if we weren't desperate we would never have signed him.
  20. Haha
    Derby_Dave reacted to whiteroseram in Olly Allen   
    Could we persuade him to take a step down? 
  21. Like
    Derby_Dave reacted to SaintRam in Our Recruitment Is To Blame   
    Now do every other club v Brentford.
    Our recruitment isn't good, by any means, but Brentford's the best in the business imo - for the purposes of turning profit.
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    Derby_Dave reacted to rammieib in El DerbyCo   
    I don’t want this idiot anywhere near this football club.
    Pretending a house is yours when it isn’t to counter rumours of not having money is an embarrassment.
    I do not want him associated with this club.
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    Derby_Dave reacted to S8TY in EFL appeal   
    I love football and I love this club but when is it just going to be about football !!! You can blame players and managers and coaches for bad performances on the pitch but how the club is run is down to one person and that’s Mel .....he’s a fan and Thankyou for trying and using your own money to try and help us go forward but the fact is the mess off of the pitch with the efl etc is down to Mel ...I for one will be glad when he’s gone and that is meant with no disrespect to Mel Morris 
  24. Haha
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Chester40 in EFL appeal   
    The future’s bright.
  25. Haha
    Derby_Dave got a reaction from Reggie Greenwood in EFL appeal   
    The future’s bright.
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