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  1. Is part of the loan deal with Everton have a clause about him having to play a certain number of games?
  2. It may be that no other player wants to
  3. Can people please stop abusing players ,Yes mistakes can be made and yes it hurts us fans ,but nowhere near as much as it hurts a player i am sure
  4. I love Derby County and have done so for for a very long time that and illness forces me to put up with his inane and biased reporting on Radio Derby oh for a return of Graham Richards and co
  5. Did you actually see Burns playing for Derby?Or are you basing it on the obese forest puppet that we seen nowadays?
  6. The bottom line is that Football is nit entertainment,the reason being is that fans cannot go to a game and be sure of being entertained.Entertainment is going to a show,theater,concert places that you can be assured you will enjoy otherwise you wont attend,If only that was the case in football
  7. havent you got anything better to do? definition on google Bon Ami - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Bon_Ami . For your information seems like theres 2 ways of spelling it
  8. He isnt the first and he wont be the last to give it back to the crowd and i say good for him.Which ever way you look at it it is abuse and it does not matter how much he is paid.He DID NOT cost us the game,We had plenty of time to win the game if more of our players had been playing to form playing to form.We even have somebody posting that because Malones car is dirty makes him a bad player lol lol
  9. woluld you have a manager full of false bon ami(no names no pack drill) or a very good manager with a face like thunder (guess who)
  10. Too true I am sure its a case of look how clever i am but in footballing terms not a gram of understanding that some people maybe not be perfect spellers or not the best at grammar,but probably know a hell of a lot about football and thats what this forum should be about
  11. if i knew what trolling was i might just reply but unfortunately i only speak english. PS i have had Mr Google define trolling for me.I can now say NO i wasnt trolling you.I was re-enforcing what you had said
  12. i think the disrespect is not aimed at Thorne but at pleople who are not prepared to face facts no matter how sad those facts are.
  13. And if you go high they can sail over the bar,They say the hardest to save is straight down the middle every keeper guesses which wat ro dive unless the taker has form of hitting the in just one direction,Has anybody ever actually seen a keeper stand still,I have watched football for 60 years and i have never seen it happen,
  14. its 3 seasons since we sacked a manager so that doesnt hold water just old news
  15. Surely the hallmark of a good team is one that doesnt play their best but still win points
  16. you naughty boy go sit in the corner
  17. parking a vehicle unattended with the engine running is illegal the spot fine is a whole£20 that will stop the buggers
  18. The point he is conveniently missing is the only time Derby County will sell a shirt with Rooney 32 on it will be when the customer request and pay extra for it(£10.40)
  19. Very true 2 Red are not doing it in the hope of corrupting people they are hoping to attract Ladbrokes ,Sky bet customers etc
  20. Betting on any sport will never be banned the government make too much money out of it
  21. Duanes my hero lol But seriously last nigh on Extra Time Shane Nicholson compared him to Igor only more so I hope hes right.
  22. Steve Gibson is probably with us on this one, They are also sponsored by Bet 32 and they also have a player with a 32 squad number
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