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  1. Would you stop for some random guy shouting at you as you entered work?
  2. so not only do you expect the manager to be fortune teller but also a weatherman ludicrous
  3. sorry to hurt your delicate ears,buut some folk on here need shouting at
  4. there are around 15000 primary ACL reconstructions carried out yearly in England where footballers are concerned this is what gooogle has to say who have also suffered ACL injuries, which are now among the most common causes of lengthy lay-offs for footballers.16 Jan 2017 ,So its nobodys fault nobody to blamr .SO LETS STOP THE BLAME GAME AND WISH THE GUY A SPEEDT RECOVERY
  5. Do we know how much the new contract is worth? Has anybody though that no contract equals no fee when/if he leaves
  6. Middlesboro 1 Derby 2 FRGS Rooneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. Morris outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt should i start a a new thread lol
  8. actually 1967/68 season we finished 18th Hector scored 24 goals in 68/69 season we won promotion into the then 1st division for the 69/70 season but Mackay had left before we won the league title,Yes as i keep saying Mackay was a very good player who made a difference to the Rams but Derby were not considered to be a great team until they won the 1ST division title after Mackay had left.Also for the final time how can you say that Rooney wont have a similar impact on the evidence of just 2 games Oh and yes i saw every game he played at the BBG season ticket holder in C stand from 1966 onwards before that i was in B stand from 1955 thanks to a generous uncle who took me every week
  9. ok i have thought about it and it a big yes from me on condition you get me Mel Morris autograph....must be on a cheque made out to me for any large amount
  10. It must be remembered that Mackay walkked into a team consisting of keepers Boulton-Green defenders Daniel-McFarland-Robson midfield Durham--McGovern-Carlin forwards Hinton-Hecter-OHare-Wignall If only Rooney had been added to a squad of that quality..I am not saying that Mackay was not a great player who we watched over a period of time,but Rooney has had 2 games for us.
  11. Also lets not forget that Mackay was not part of our league champions team he left in 1971.We need to wait until Rooney has played for us a season or so.Isaw every home match Mackay played yes he was very good playing in as team of very good players.Hopefully we will be able to say the same about Rooney at the back end of next season But in any case comparing them is like comparing Bloomer with Matthews both geniuses but playing different rolls
  12. All players are given playing instructions so what qualifies you to judge that a player wasnt playing to Cocus instructions?
  13. Surely a contender for Pointless Post of The Year and its still January
  14. why do you contradict yourself? this his part of your post= It was never intended to be read by the player. There’s a big difference between that and tagged a player in a comment so they’d see it. I wouldn’t go up to Dowell and call him a fraud, nor would I write a message in any form directed at him calling him a fraud.
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