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  1. Thanks VdM - for top punnery this forum is def my preferred platform 👀
  2. No he’s just trying to keep the thread on track
  3. Think it’s the right decision and he deserves his chance I’ve seen enough of a change since his interim appointment to think he can turn it round we just need the takeover to be finalised now
  4. nowadays music is just a click away and completely mobile - who remembers 'Dial a Disc' from the sixties/seventies a service run by I guess the GPO back then whereby you could phone in (dialling 16 I googled that bit) to listen to a current chart record. The record changed daily. There was a short gap between the record being replayed and during these few seconds it was realised you could hear other participants on the line - with people shouting out messages and even phone numbers...
  5. You may find your bank will offer a dealing service alongside your current account online. You will need to apply/sign up and this will be a basic trading service with no advice etc but can be a good way to get started. Also easy to keep a check on how your portfolio is doing. My recommendation would be to have a balanced portfolio with some mature developed stocks with an eye on the yield as well as potential growth in the share price. You could also consider an equity fund where there’s less input from an individual point of view but with billions managed can show good returns. This can eith
  6. Think it was on in the early seventies - Shiloh Ranch foreman was the Virginian a guy in a black leather waistcoat (James Drury) with Trampas (Doug McClure) and Judge Garth (Lee J Cobb)
  7. Do you recall ‘The Virginian’ that was ok
  8. how could I have missed out The Monkees from the late 60's
  9. What? This was Supermarionation...ridiculous little plastic puppets indeed
  10. got him down as a 'superstar' in the linked article! and Ted Moult with his pipe on - on primetime tv! - quality nostalgia
  11. 1960's; Fireball XL5, Stingray, Bleep and Booster, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Blue Peter, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet 1970's; The Sweeney, Monty Python, Old Grey Whistle Test, Top of the Pops, Columbo, Streets of San Francisco, MASH
  12. we were taking about this show on the dcfcfans zoom last night - from where the 'Route One' label came from. It was a great quiz show with six seasons broadcast between 1965-71 here's a link with a bit of background for those interested and dcfc and Alan Durban get a mention https://readtheleague.com/the-big-feature/route-one-and-all-that-the-quiz-ball-story
  13. Steve Zodiac & Co - great tv - Gerry Anderson stuff was fantastic
  14. record shops like these often had acoustic booths/hoods where you could listen to a requested track from a selected record - don't see one in this pic but from the speaker on the wall looks like they played to the whole shop. I seem to remember buying records in a shop like this on Derby market place between the market hall entrance and the Cornmarket corner coffee shop (Kardoma?) - anyone recall this shop
  15. Not bored at all @angierameven thinking about maybe getting a deck myself - and playing some of my few remaining albums picked up a tv after repair at a local workshop a few months ago the place was stacked out with decks and turntables - what’s with all these I asked the engineer, gone crazy during lockdown he said lots of people getting the old hi-fi out of the attic and recommissioned...
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