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  1. Robin Ince at a comedy night in Northampton a good few years ago now - completely lost the audience and had to be rescued by Chris Addison. Ince has since done ok on tv but that night was a bad one
  2. To get the best tea I think it’s more about the basics firstly you need filtered water and then don’t boil the water just below boiling is best I would say about 95 degrees
  3. Bingeing on rewatching Friday Night Dinner. Reminding myself how good Paul Ritter was - he was excellent in Chernobyl. RIP Paul.
  4. Good list DFR7 - European Super League.?
  5. Jimi Hendrix Glenn Tilbrook
  6. I was forecasting us to get 9 points in the remainder of the season but that included 1 from today so I’m behind already I think we’ll stay up I expect ‘Rams tv’ to be biased towards DCFC - the clue is in the name
  7. Marshall 5 McDonald 4 Forsyth 5 Wisdom 6 Mengi 5 Shinnie 6 Bird 5 Sibley 4 Knight 4 Lawrence 6 CKR 6
  8. Marshall 7 Byrne 7 Wisdom 6 Clarke 6 Forsyth 6 Sibley 7 Bird 6 Shinnie 7 Lawrence 8 Waghorn 6 Gregory. 6 CKR. 6
  9. Monty


    Yes I always go ‘double bag’ myself just in case #oncetornneverforgotten 😜
  10. From one angle looked like he tried to kick Byrne lucky to stay on
  11. Think roberts should have started
  12. Well at least the first and last letters were right - I blame Keogh 😊
  13. Since window cleaners went ‘ladderless’ raging inflation has happened 🪜
  14. Knew this thread would end up getting cheeky
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