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  1. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    7 points from 21 at this stage of the season is a very disappointing return. Worrying signs of apathy and declining hope and interest amongst posts. Wonder how/where the following would place us in relation to competitors - Mr Soriano (MCFC) says he was influenced by the work of sports academic Stefan Szymanski, which showed that the best predictor of a club’s success was the wage bill of its playing squad. Source; Financial Times 8th December 2017 Murad Ahmed Manchester City and the ‘Disneyfication’ of football

    Yep that probably does just about trump Leighton James for Don Masson

    Russell not a big loss; Palmer is an excellent footballer who will be a great contributor with more game time; GR needs to stop repeating defensive stats in interviews and address why we score three away from home and lead twice and don't win. This is the difference between promotion and not; questions after today and 3 points from 12 ain't good
  4. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    For me a good signing, PL experience, decent record, seems value for money I think he'll do well with us
  5. Anybody play walking football?

    Thanks KK good to know - a nice quick response from them. Hope it all goes well and you get a lot out if it pity I don't live in Derby now as I would be tempted to give it a go myself. Might make some enquiries down here in Northants
  6. Anybody play walking football?

    I believe Derby County Communty Trust are actively involved in walking football - contact via http://www.derbycountycommunitytrust.com/contact/ best of luck be interested to know how you get on
  7. Thanks for this I wasn't aware of 'en Primeur' I'll visit the website
  8. Saturday Night Fever

    Ha yeah nostalgia eh? The days of meeting up on Saturday evening at the Yeoman (now McDonalds at Ashbourne Road/Kingsway) attempt as much of the 'mile' into town (the Yeoman to the Wardwick) as possible usually flagging by the time we got into Friar Gate and hope to be still able to get into either Tiffany's/Sadies/Baileys. Some significant early stress on the liver!
  9. Saturday Night Fever

    I see the 40th anniversary of the release of the film is being celebrated on BBC2 on Friday 22nd at 9pm. I remember Barry Norman giving it a slating on Film 77 and it going on to be very successful. Can't remember now if I saw this at the ABC in East Street or at the Odeon on London Road probably the ABC (definitely the ABC for either this or Grease which was released the following year). Certainly some white suits and the dancing class students were in evidence at Baileys, or was it Romeo and Juliet's by then? in Colyear Street over the months following. These were the days when we went to clubs wearing jackets and even ties! It made John Travolta into an international star. Anyhow looking at the reception Barry Gibb got at Glastonbury this year playing the songs all made into massive hits by the movie the music is still really popular all now absolute classics I guess. I will be watching on Friday and remembering Derby in the late seventies. At that time DCFC were past the watershed of the FA Cup semi final loss to MUFC (which I was at) and Tommy Docherty had recently taken charge - the spiral of decline had begun...
  10. Yep a nice choice. For us this year a champagne to get started Aldi @£11/ very good; a Sancerre either Tesco Finest or Waitrose; Mrs Monty likes Rose so a Minuty from Majestic; to finish a White Port Taylor's Chip Dry the latter already opened and sampled and very nice too
  11. With turkey as the traditional favourite what's in your glass to go with it?
  12. After-Shave/Eau de Toillette (Fragrance)

    I am getting a gift of something called Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet for Christmas - new to me but I shall post an opinion once 'worn'
  13. Show us your slippers

    Early Christmas present to myself
  14. Pets

    Ha yeah did think about that - a Christmas present for him from someone who knows nothing about football
  15. Pets


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