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  1. Wow some of those financial numbers quoted by Simon Jordan are an indictment on the whole of football - looks like the Crouch review, legislation and a regulator will be the route out of this crazy situation
  2. Yep I thought Tom Glick was an excellent CEO and with Tim Hinchey and Jake Reid there was a highly commercial outlook.
  3. surely this is the time when we should be opening up as many communications channels as possible and being united as a supporter base
  4. Trevor Birch's comments 'hope it's all dealt with this season'
  5. yep very impressed with Wayne today - inspiring words from him
  6. More proof if it were needed of the broken state of English football and the need for restructuring both from a football and financial viewpoint
  7. yep we didn't get an answer re covid impact and other clubs - the tv income comment was just a general point about income in the championship and not directly related to the current situation not sure how much income from rams tv was generated during covid
  8. these were just general financial impacts he mentioned as I outlined in my post - and the tv income was an overall point again as I noted. The discrepancy between the PL and the championship is very significant
  9. this response was in answer to that exact question from ED - unfortunately due to verbosity at the end of the question we didn't get a specific answer
  10. just fact checking my earlier post some general financial impacts MM mentioned 1. 8 championship clubs receive parachute payments of between £12-£42m pa 2. L1 promoted clubs have a much lower salary cost with a 5.5m tv and solidarity payment 3. covid loss of £20m in the case of DCFC - clubs with more fans have a bigger proportionate hit from covid 4. as an overall point Tv income in the championship is one twentieth of a PL game - he compared games between 'smaller' PL clubs with low fan bases and 'larger' Championship clubs with higher fan bases ambitious clubs in the championship trying to be competitive have a higher impact of the covid losses i.e dcfc
  11. No most of the discussion was historical comment/review - nothing really practical about the immediate future
  12. wow going back a while for that one Crewton - just checked it was 1969 our first season back in the old division 1 - great days
  13. According to the BBC website ‘A majority of fans would support a men's World Cup every two years instead of four, according to a survey commissioned by world football governing body Fifa. A biennial tournament is part of Fifa's plans for a revamped football calendar’.
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