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  1. Repeal and Replace

    Wolves set up 3-4-3 so we were light in midfield with 4-3-3- we should shave gone 4-2-3-1 after about half an hour just to simply try and block and frustrate concerning that we didn't really change until there was only half an hour left
  2. Does tha hate Forest?

    Top work on the phonetics but tell me does the user name 'owd' rhyme with loud or 'owd' as in road if the latter surely you should be 'ode' miner
  3. 2 simple problems 1 simple solution

    Sorry lost that goal - still feels like a defeat!!
  4. 2 simple problems 1 simple solution

    We lack height in defence, we didn't try and force a short corner; we didn't have anyone on the posts someone on Carsons right hand post may have kept the ball out (although it was a great header) and no one would have specific responsibility for picking up the full back I'm guessing so in a zonal system the nearest players were Russell, Baird and Johnson (I think) of these Johnson would probably be best pick to try and defend it Positive - it's all coachable Negative - should never have lost that game at that stage
  5. Rowett's availability...

    Torsten Lieberknecht
  6. Ramsplayer

    Good tip thanks
  7. Ramsplayer

    This is really poor don't know who the commentator is but dead air and no picture of the game being produced suddenly we get a corner - from what??

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