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  1. Even the coach that signed him never got it right!
  2. Also checked some highlights and he looks very comfortable with the ball.
  3. Ok thanks. The issue with auto renewal especially in South Africa is I don't always get to see the games on RamsTV and proves to be a bit of a waste of money.
  4. If you sign up for the pre season friendlies for 10 Pounds will the auto renewal kick in once they are done?
  5. Can't be! Bielsa's plane has a big satellite dish on top!
  6. He has Wassall. He could keep Frank in limbo or Frank could buy himself out of the contract. The onus is on Chelsea as I see it! I'm 6500 miles away so I'm not sure of the contractual obligations in the UK!
  7. Once again, thanks for transcribing.
  8. Whether he gets the Chelsea job or not he should move on and let Derby get someone who will stick around.
  9. Thanks for the effort. It was nice to read while I was pretending to work!
  10. As well as all this attention in the media! Possibly a master stroke! I guess we'll know soon enough.
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