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  1. CapeTownRam

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    You are right! I thought VAR was going to be a good thing and to be honest, after last night, I don't think so anymore! It should be the refs choice whether its right or wrong! Much more exciting!
  2. CapeTownRam

    Would you ever...

    It's only the 9th of Jan!
  3. CapeTownRam

    Do you think Frank is here for the long run?

    I agree. He wants success not money!
  4. CapeTownRam

    Recent Ex Derby Managers

    Makes you appreciate the effort Frank, his team, and the players have put in.
  5. CapeTownRam

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Even in his interviews he looks like he's tripping!
  6. CapeTownRam

    Who moves out?

    What's Keogh going to be doing?
  7. CapeTownRam

    Crazy Keogh hating

    He is awful! Always looks bewildered... a deer in headlights. It may do him the world of good to get dropped and work his way back. In the meantime DCFC can win some games! I do think Frank will be looking for loan defenders before the end of the month.
  8. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    for sure! I know about those but the quality is pretty poor!
  9. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Fox seems to be part of DSTV and I don't subscribe to that, Explains why I can't get Rams TV. Its a pity, there would be only 2 people watching, a Leeds fan and myself!!!
  10. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Can someone from RamsTV explain why I cannot watch most games in South Africa? I know it has to do with broadcasting rights. I have searched the local TV offerings and there is nothing to indicate that today's game is being broadcast live locally. I don't get why i can't use this service when no other service is available. I've been a Ram all my life and I want to watch the games dammit!
  11. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Don't worry. The money will go to the respective owner... Prince Andrew, Philip, Henry the Eighth is waiting for your deposit! He claims he is the rightful owner... I believe him!
  12. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    no problem, send me your Fiver in the meantime! I'll organize everything (I promise)😁
  13. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Not sure what a fiver gets you in the UK, but is SA we can buy a house, car and a year's worth of groceries!
  14. CapeTownRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    It will depend on sky selecting games. ahhh... ok. So if sky doesn't broadcast it's on RamsTV. probably better for me to pay per game then!

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