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  1. A Valentines Lament::: My nookie days are over My pilot light is out It used to be embarrassing, the way it would behave For each and every morning, it would stand and watch me shave Now as old age approache,s it sure gives me the blues, to see it hang its little head and watch tie my shoes!
  2. There was a picture somewhere which showed it all spread out including 10 £20 quid notes. Wine was Malbec. PS Didn't Trust me,! You been talking to my missus?
  3. They did:£200 quid donation to funds Bottle of Macallan, 2 bottles of red and box of Ferrero Rocher. Also a card of heartfelt apologies.
  4. I did see someone videoing the game escorted out early season. They came back in later very red faced and spent next 10 minutes ranting at every one near them.. So I'm not sure its allowable.
  5. @Millenniumram and @TexasRam I actually agree with both of you to a degree and we wouldn't have this thread if some of the goal shots actually went in. However I would point out that dawn tomorrow is 07:38 if you want to take your handbags to Markeaton Park.. Just joking!
  6. For people who may want to look at statistical analysis a bit deeper, take a dip into fivethirtyeight.com. It uses data from Opta and other reputable sources. Other pages give links to various stats methods without getting too mathematical. It is a bit of fun to follow; from memory last year it was fairly good a predicting final positions quite early in the season. I like that this year although Leeds go up Forest do not. Worryingly we are only 10 points off the drop zone if EFL goes against us. PS Gives us a 1/4 chance of a win at Swans.
  7. Six Sigma: Well that takes me back to when I had a Boss who paid me rather than one ( a wife) who doesn't. Not sure I would use it in football though as its more suited to processes to make things But taking a lighthearted look at it: 1: Determine: Customer needs and benefits: Collectively for football as a whole; more goals and exciting action. For an individual fan, promotion 2: Measure: Baseline and identify areas for improvement. Measure of goals is obvious. Excitement possibly shots, tackles, Less VAR 3: Identify root causes and determine improvements: Goals are too small, Goalkeepers and defenders too big. Solution: Bigger goals no player over six foot, body armour to encourage more contact. Ban VAR 4: Improve, Implement changes-Good luck with FIFA UEFA etc 5:Control: Determine before and after and decide next steps--No chance PS the "six" is nothing to do with the steps its about standard deviations from a mean-and we all know footy fans are deviants.
  8. Swansea 0- 0 DCFC Who voted but forgot to predict
  9. Only two teams have less goals for than us yet 11 have conceded more. This points to two things : Our defence is not as bad as some make out (basically average). If you rate entertainment in terms of goals then we are not good value. For all the euphoria over two high scoring wins against poor opposition, a better measure will come at Swansea. a team with very similar scoring, for and against as us.
  10. If you don't have it in the house how do you feel self righteous about dieting? There has to be some sort of upside emotionally. Her indoors is permanently on about "Syns" "Free Foods" "Healthy Bs" "Speed foods" all from Slimming World. Me I skip dessert (mostly). Who is losing most!!!
  11. I'm on a diet and was feeling quite self righteous about how well the denying stuff was going. Then: You mention my favourite dessert and I headed for the freezer and microwave!!!!
  12. I never had you as an "old softie" (turn of phrase), but you are so right! I met my Mrs Right (nickname "always") at the BBG October 69- DCFC v Man U. Still happy together now! Mind you as she fainted at my feet and I helped her out I missed much of the match which we won 2-0. Man U were a top top side then.
  13. What insults are chargeable? 😉
  14. Policemen on foot Milkmen Rag and Bone men Corona delivery vans Top shelf magazines (what was inside them?) Smoke in Pubs/Offices/Shops
  15. Happy Birthday and well done to the mods! Mind you apart from reading all our drivel I note @David has only averaged 14 posts a day. Must do better 😁.
  16. Read my post: Permanently offended people --People who wake up everyday looking to take offence at any thing. Be clear here, I think there are many injustices that deserve publicity but overreacting to almost everything is not helpful and detracts from the important stuff.
  17. Some of this modern terminology leaves me behind! Just what is this "Woke" thing that seems to feature everywhere these days. My old guy interpretation is that its some kind of "look at me!" signalling by all these "permanently offended people", POPs that seem to geminate and grow in social media.
  18. I think your allegory is not far off how the EU works: We send a pound, they send a few pence back with instructions on how to spend it. The rest they spend on figuring out how to limit what they give us back and watching that we don't break their rules. Of course they actually spend way more than that but hide the true cost somewhere where the accountants can't find it.
  19. Pretty much what I said several pages ago!
  20. In the prediction thread the average rating for this game so far is 5. To me a five is bang on average. How have our standards fallen so low? We play a 2 leagues lower side. Only mange a draw and do not register a single shot on target. That is not average that is pathetic. Worth a three at best only because we didn't concede.
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