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  1. Can't stand that bloke. Stealing a living he is. (Manford - not Curtains).
  2. Pastinaak

    Lyndon Dykes

    Rooney doesn't need midfielders.
  3. Pastinaak

    Lyndon Dykes

    Oh yeah our strikers are on fire! Last 6 games... 0 goals between them.
  4. I think the same. I'm honestly expecting (hoping) for the same kind of effect Gary McAllister had when he signed for Liverpool. I was a tiny tad apprehensive for a while - can't bloody wait now!
  5. Were they able to tell if he/she is a ram?
  6. I think you can get some bargains at Mothercare at the moment... https://www.ft.com/content/45ce2202-fff0-11e9-be59-e49b2a136b8d
  7. The trouble is the shop bought mince pies are just getting too good. Co-op do the puff pastry ones which are amazing, Costa coffee do a really nice mince pie and don't get me started on that Sainsbury's all butter range. It should be regulated.
  8. Bloody ell B4! No mate I don't reckon John Stones wants to replace Keogh! 🤣😂 There a Scottish Highland League thread in the Football Forum, have a look in there - that's where Derby do their shopping!
  9. I was just trying to add a bit of quality seasonal content to YOUR forum! But if that's your attitude I'll take my traffic generating content elsewhere thank you very much. John Lewis (bit crap):
  10. I suppose there's a possibility I might be remembering it wrong.
  11. I remember the midwife making me watch some stupid video to drill this rhyme into me like I was some kind of idiot... "No matter how tired you feel... shaking the baby is a last resort" So patronising.
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