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  1. Poster of the Year? I'd like to put myself up for this one because I've been in excellent form even in these uncertain times. Post of the Year? Many to choose from if you scroll through my forum activity. There have been a couple where my positivity has really put some of the negative posters in their place. @Tyler Durden has been on the wrong end of a few and I think he'll be the first to admit that he was made to look a fool by my sharpness. Thread of the Year? "Pastinaak's Many Failures" is an absolute belter. It appears to have fallen down the list a little but I'm
  2. I would've gone for Rooney for the effect his influence had on turning the team around from relegation dodgers to play-off dodgers. But for the same reason as @RamNut above - it's gotta be Chrissy boy now.
  3. 18th in the Championship...ugh I'm Huddersfield. Cheers @mozza see you next season!
  4. FYI some of my essays were hilarious. All I ever got was "Comical though your remarks are, war poetry is not the appropriate..." and all that crap. I'm glad you're not a teacher. Kids get enough negativity without you killing their dreams.
  5. I used to have a teacher like you. He used to write crap like this on my essays. He was a stiff.
  6. Reading down to 10 men! Come on Swansea!
  7. Well Patrick shouldn't have gone in there in the first place. He knows the lads don't like him.
  8. Van Ginkel, 27 years old, huge relationship with Cocu, should liven up the attack. He'll never get into that Chelsea team now. I'd imagine he'll end up back at PSV but I'd love him here.
  9. I can't get my head around the fact that Derby County fans are coveting a player that sits on Bournemouth's bench. And coveting him with little hope of signing him. Bournemouth! I'd hazard a guess that Harry Wilson is never getting anywhere near the Liverpool XI but I'd take him back here in a beat.
  10. Right that's it. I'm subbing out Roos and Waghorn and putting Ravas and Whittaker in.
  11. Two games left to offer our young players a chance to get some vital experience. Who cares about Leeds? We should concentrate on our own development now. Anyway our "young players" are our best players. And stop giving me evils.
  12. Send the children. Roos Bogle Brown Clarke Lowe Bird Knight Sibley Lawrence Waghorn Hector-Ingram
  13. 3 players for 2 positions means there'll be plenty of game time available for all. You have to take into account that one of them will snap a leg in pre season, one will have to go into hiding for a couple of months after his dogging video goes viral on tiktok... Derby innit.
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