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  1. Wow! How long has that been a thing? It's got Cheryl gifs and everything!
  2. Anyway... for the first ticket - this is the evidence they've supplied. Who's to say if that's even my car???
  3. Went to Matlock Bath to get a Chinese, forgot it was Illuminations (only Jesus Christ knows why people visit these horrendous Illuminations, but they do in throngs) so had to park on double yellows for a few mins while I nipped in. That's another £35 unless @86 Schmokes & a Pancake can get me out of this one?
  4. My understanding is that these toilets are for the customers only. I'd imagine Pizza Hut would prefer people not to enter their restaurant in a soiled state without even buying a stuffed crust. If the parking charge people advise me otherwise then I'll be delighted to pay the £100 and thank them for authorising me to use Pizza Hut's facilities daily from now on, no matter what is dribbling down my trouser leg, and I can do so with my head held high.
  5. You sound like you know what you're on about. My ticket is for being "observed leaving the retail park". But there are no toilets on the retail park and I was touching cloth - in all seriousness, that's rock solid innit?
  6. Yep my Mrs' extensive reading up on the situation concurs with @Mucker1884. Recent changes means these 'invoices' are enforceable through the courts. Just like if someone didn't pay me for a service - if I can prove they've had the service then I can use the courts. But I shat mesen so they haven't got a leg to stand on this time.
  7. The Mrs had all this earlier in the year - i convinced her to call their bluff (on your advice I think!) and ignore the court threat. The next thing she got was a county court hearing so I had to pay her parking fine + the £60 court costs otherwise she'd have a CCJ. She got rate mad wi me. That's why this time I've decided to properly appeal.
  8. This makes me want to not eat polar bears anymore...
  9. So Chesterfield have started using CCTV to follow people who park their cars at the retail park to make sure you're not just parking there for free and walking into town - which is what I always do. Got a £100 parking charge this morning so here I am wasting my Thursday evening writing my appeal! No way am I paying this one... I will update once my appeal has been upheld.
  10. Summat like... Roos Bogle Clarke Bielik Lowe Van Ginkel Shinnie Rooney Holmes Waghorn Paterson Looks nice that does.
  11. I don't like it? It makes him sound Australian?
  12. Must be serious, David's gone full Michael Curry!
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