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  1. Yeah absolutely - I just meant that I could understand Revel's wife saying that he's just a stranger. I'm the same.
  2. Normal i reckon. I havent spoke to my 'father' for 30 years, never will again - honestly couldn't care less. My brother recently told me he's heard he has stage 4 cancer. When he dies it'll just be another day.
  3. Haha I love these! Cats are proper Bamfords! This is the most beautiful animal video I've ever seen...
  4. Lovely City. I know where I'd go.
  5. Bit of Stevie Wonder? Baby, Everything is alright, Uptight, Jason Knight!
  6. Just had a look on the Blackburn Rovers forum to see if they had any IDK's talking about Jozwiak. It's a pretty dull forum. There's no love there, between posters, no closeness. Not like we have here. Anyway, interestingly according to them - Bradley Johnson earns almost twice as much as Bradley Dack in spite of being less than half the player. Weird innit?
  7. Anyone have any experience of Eurocamp type places? For some bizarre reason we want to take the dog on holiday this summer - Mrs P and the kids will fly while me and the dog will fire up the old lady and drive down to the South of France or wherever. Any recommendations of dog friendly, Haveny, water parky, beachy french caravan site type places?
  8. How many of Duncan's 50 games have been as sub/holding midfielder/right back?
  9. I can simplify this... Answer these two quick questions: 1. Have you ever looked at what you're wearing and worried that you might get raped because you're showing too much skin? 2. Have you ever worried that you won't be taken seriously in your profession because of your gender? If it's 'no' to both then you're most likely a man and you are benefiting from male privilege. White privilege is exactly the same.
  10. I like to think that my White Privilege thread ages ago, now deleted, was a big part of getting politics banned from the forum.
  11. No. That's not it at all.
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