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  1. Pastinaak

    Ongoing Stuff

    26° today. August heatwave in full swing. Drove through Alfreton, saw a load of drunks sat outside the Blue Bell... One of them dressed as Santa. That's proper Alfreton that is.
  2. Pastinaak

    Today I Learned

    A spiny anteater can make it's own custard because it produces milk and lays eggs. The only other animal that can make it's own custard is the platypus.
  3. This is the same front 3 that faced West Brom at about this stage of last season. Same result again please boys.
  4. I want Chrissy in the first 11. Purely sentimental.
  5. Pastinaak

    Haircut, sir?

    It's all about the Turkish for me these days. £18 gets you a cut, shave, hot towel, back, sac and crack massage... they even burn your ear hair away with a blowtorch. Never got that from Gary Birch.
  6. I'd like to get into football management. It must be one of the most exciting vocations in the world, if you're a football person. If Rotherham offered me a job now I would take it. I'd do everything I could to make it a success, I'd immerse myself in the club and the town and I'd enjoy every high and low. But If Derby came calling, no matter how much fun I was having at Rotherham, I'd go to Derby. I wouldn't be able to say no. Even if I didn't feel ready. Rotherham's probably a bad example because it's an armpit but your get what I'm saying. Frank's only got one life like we have, he has to follow his little old heart. Make your peace Spaceboy x #teamfrank
  7. Manu and Liverpool is a tough start. A draw against Leicester isn't the end of the world either. Chelsea have Norwich and Sheff Utd next to steady the ship with 6 straight forward points. Then Wolves and Liverpool will properly show where they are. I personally hope Frank does well.
  8. Anyone else take a full 2 minutes to work out who FT is?
  9. Early days chill thee boots. Holmes and Marriott will make a huge difference. Gutted to have lost my (stolen) match threads though.
  10. Good team. Glad to see Bizzle back in. Marriott will have a part to play.
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