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  1. I need to buy an iPad for my 9 year old for his school work. My 4 year old has an iPad but she's losing her patience with him borrowing it. What do I buy? The market is a mess!
  2. Tough gig for Jake that is! Good luck to him though. He's a 100% normal lovely bloke. Our kids go to school together and play footie together. Although when I first told the Mrs who he was she came home the next night and said... "omg I was talking to that footballer bloke in the playground and he actually had his initials sewed into his tracksuit so everyone knew who he was!" "Umm, that was probably just his training kit Louise, that's fine..."
  3. @RamNut I was so moved by your story that i made a little hand drawing your new lodger. What do you think?
  4. How depressing. ... Wait, are puns allowed on this thread?
  5. Haha we actually called that the bumhole loaf! Dirty bacon grease splattered travertine?
  6. Mrs Pastinaak's sourdough game is strong. We love a good bandwagon in our house. And to you laymen, the black one isn't burned - its supposed to be like that and it's incredible. @froggg'll know.
  7. So many shows are like that. I don't know about 'You' but i remember watching 13 reasons why after a recommendation here - absolutely shocking. Im embarrassed to have watched it. Just managed to finish Afterlife 2. It's crap. They're all crap. Everything's crap. I remember years ago staying up till tomorrow binge watching the first 3 seasons of 24. God that was so good.
  8. Pastinaak

    Max Bird

    Earlier in the season when Knight was playing regularly, someone on this forum said that according to the academy coaches, Bird was the furthest ahead. I thought that was strange at the time but then he emerged amazingly. Anyway, sell anyone but Knight, Bird & Sibley. These are the holy trinity. Sell Rooney first.
  9. Google reckons it was Chris Woods on the bench but i actually watched the game and google wasn't even invented then so...
  10. Penalty saving sensation Dave Beasant was definitely available as sub that game. I remember it like it was yesterday. Google will back me up - give me 5.
  11. That's deeply pathetic. Is he old enough to drink that beer in the photo?
  12. Bet you say that to all the girls.
  13. This is my gym setup so far. You're all jealous of my plyo box. (No eye old school as it should be).
  14. Just set myself a little gym up in my workshop so i can start following the home workouts that my gym are streaming daily. Being a fat alcoholic is so April.
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