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  1. Summat like this? Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori* McDonald Knight Shinnie Holmes Lawrence Martin Marriott Subs: Carson Davies Lowe Huddlestone Mitchell-Lawson Bennett Waghorn But that leaves Dowell, Evans, Malone, Forsyth, FloJo, Anya all out of the squad & i bet i've missed one of our best pkayers out too. So it looks to me like we: Have too many left-backs Have not enough right backs Need a really good new keeper Need a new commanding centre midfielder We probably need a new wide player *I'm 100% certain Tomori will be back so I'm just including him as a current player.
  2. Years ago I had a can of Stag Dynamite Hot chilli and it was so hot I couldn't even keep it in my mouth - I had to bury the plate in the garden. For a long time after that I was telling everyone that Stag Dynamite Hot Chilli was so hot they shouldn't sell it to the general public. Then last year I dared myself to try it again and it wasn't even slightly hot. Just tasted like crap canned chilli. So I must've had a weird rogue can before and now everyone thinks I think Stag Chilli is the ultimate test of oral masculinity. Ffs.
  3. I'm ignoring your comment. As far as I'm concerned he penned 3 novels starring himself and that's how people are going to hear the news from me. It's the best thing I've heard in ages.
  4. I forgot about them. That's still only 4 though. What about the Sibleys? Can they shoot?
  5. Lawrence springs to mind. And Lawrence.
  6. We're not but B4's prediction might not be as crazy as it first sounds. I hope he does make some solid progress again this season and starts adding goals to his game. 20 is a stretch but if Cocu fancies trying him as a striker he might surprise us and bang a few in.
  7. That is some keen grammar policing dude. Even the nerdiest of nerds wouldn't usually bother with that crap.
  8. I give up. I can't think of anywhere that rhymes with teepee pen...
  9. Pastinaak

    DCFC tattoos

    Minnie on the right leg, Mickey on the left. My pyjama top has just Mickey on it but he's wearing pink so people always think it's Minnie. What?
  10. Pastinaak

    DCFC tattoos

    Just thought I'd give myself a Ram tattoo to see how I feel about it. That ram is really hard to draw!
  11. Maybe we should've played him in goal at Wembley?
  12. I reckon Tomori is nailed on for us next season.
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