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  1. If anything it'll be Wednesday and Rotherham not getting any more points.
  2. No point in sacking Rooney now. We missed a golden opportunity before that last international break when we had a few games left. I'd have sacked Rooney then and got on the blower to Chris Wilder to come and sort this mess out. For now though, if it was my club, I'd be telling Rooney that if he can keep us up then he can have a free hit next season. Total backing, bring in his own players - a personal guarantee of a full season to implement his own style. Hopefully with that carrot in mind he'll drag a few points out of the lads and keep us up. And while he's doing that I'd be on the
  3. Do we have the actual data to confirm how many times you've been correct in this particular prediction? I want to believe you but, you know, you seem to say this a lot and we're crap.
  4. The club needs a psychological reset. A relegation would force that but it would be a lot cheaper to do it in this league.
  5. Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter also. That's nearly the whole adult cast dead now. Glad I wasn't in them movies.
  6. I've found that many of my tactical insights, team selections etc. don't recieve the 'likes' they deserve. I generally put that down to my ideas going over the heads of most forum members, I have to keep reminding myself that not everyone is Pep Guardiola! So I simply throw in the odd Cheryl gif a couple of times a week and she bumps my numbers up nicely.
  7. That's not fair. David Marshall has been relegated with Norwich, Cardiff, Hull, Wigan - in fact he's been relegated with EVERY English team he's ever played for... except us... Must have an iron stomach by now that one.
  8. I think we'll stay up. Looking at Rotherham's upcoming fixtures, Birmingham, Boro, Brentford, Barnsley, they're gonna struggle to get the points they need to inch ahead of us. We only need to pick up the odd point here and there and we'll be rate. It's a shame for the neutral though because after bringing in England's greatest ever goal scorer (sponsored by 32RED), announcing to the world we're gonna be the next Sheikh funded Man City, having a Spanish playboy promising Champions League football... it'd be absolutely hilarious if the team abjectly slip into league 1.
  9. Hes dooing is best 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. Lol it was The Long Mile today. Had to be put down after the race. 7th racehorse to be killed on in a British race this week. Some of these ponies just can't cut it can they 🙄 It just ruins the occasion for whoever gets them in the sweepstake.
  11. Obviously I'm assuming we'll still be getting that £150m of players that we've been promised...
  12. Other teams' fans will be saying the same about us next season when we're out playing Northampton and Fleetwood.
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