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  1. Between 1995 and 2001 I didn't miss a single Monday night in the Blue Note. Great days.
  2. In fairness to the baying crowd, we were promised Serdar, son of Zlatan. And we got quite excited. Then we thought we'd found £25m and was buying the Brazillian Raphina. And we got quite excited. When you end up with a 'Colin', any 'Colin', after dreaming of the son of Zlatan and Raphina and getting quite excited... even Colin would concede that's a bit of a downer.
  3. Aye. Reading would've sacked Cocu, Rooney and be well on their way to sacking Rosenoir by now.
  4. As a mitigating factor we had no fit players. Cocu's reign has been littered with valid mitigating factors more than any other manager in history. And he never complains or uses excuses which to his credit. He never wins any games either like.
  5. Detective Pikachu Good pokemons but not a great story. Morgan Whittaker/10
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie. Really good fun. Duncan Holmes/10
  7. Maybe he came back from the England game with a bit of tightness in his left calf like I've got? You can't run around on that until its has a couple of weeks rest.
  8. I'm struggling to keep up. That Rooney/Bird partnership was a massive success story a few weeks ago... they're both crap now are they?
  9. Amazon Prime. 'Bean to cup' coffee machines. I also like the look of them home beer dispensers like the blade but I haven't got one yet. I've dropped some hints so hopefully for Christmas. All these new rums. Barefoot shoes.
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