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  1. Scunthorpe 0-2 Derby Frgs Marriott
  2. Will be drinking in the pub before and not in the ground from now on. Stupid price for a pint which isn't that good anyway
  3. Think that Frank has held off signing for Chelsea cause he does want to say farewell to the players and staff on Monday. He doesn't strike me has a person who would just sign and then off he goes. I'm sure Mel is in the loop and who knows Frank probably roughly knows what his Chelsea squad will be for the coming season and will give Mel a list of potential loans that may be available for the incoming manager
  4. Drogba seems to be pushing his own agenda as he clearly sees himself as part of the backroom staff with Frank at Chelsea
  5. Unfortunately Morris didn't score 200 odd goals so he might not be good enough
  6. But who is actually waiting for who? Is Frank waiting for Chelsea?Or are Chelsea waiting for Frank? Or are Chelsea waiting for Derby to get someone in place.
  7. Agree with above and I for one wouldn't be unhappy if Frank went and we got Hughton. A little like when Jim Smith came and look what happened then
  8. Personally think you the clubs fans of Chelsea have thrown your club legend under the bus. He ain't ready, but he will never turn the Chelsea job down. Yes you saw some good displays by Derby last season, man u , Chelsea, Southampton and Leeds to name a few but you didn't see some of the displays against lesser teams in the championship. I like Frank and want him to stay and it's very much up in the air, but this is to soon. I still don't believe Frank is your number 1 target and if he is, it's because others don't want the job, two transfer windows where they can do nothing and the best player has just left. Along with a fan base who turned on a manager who won the Europa league, took them into the champions league and also another final. Good luck Frank if you go you'll need it
  9. I really don't see what Chelsea have done wrong, they lost the manager that they wanted to keep. It was sarri who wanted out due to the treatment he received from his own fans. Chelsea are now looking for a new Manager and guess what just may be Frank ain't actually there number 1 target. If he isn't why should they approach Derby.
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