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  1. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 1-2 Derby frgs vydra
  2. Happy with the signing, my only concern is the weight of expectation. Hes coming in from being a premiership reserve player to what a great percentage here believe to be the player to turn around our fortunes. I hope he does, but if he doesn't have an immediate impact, please give the lad a chance.
  3. v Preston (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3-2 Preston frgs Martin
  4. For once back the manager

    Absolutely bang on !
  5. The Blame Game

    I think it's butterfields fault cause he hit a side ways pass after two minutes and it set the tone for the rest of the game. I think it's keoghs fault cause the goal went in off him i think its Jonny Russell fault cause he cant cross i think it's rowetts fault cause he picked the team i think it's mels fault cause he paid for that pitch and we don't have any technical gifted players to use it to their advantage i think it's Sam rush's fault cause the sponsorship with ipro fell through and the players only get water at half time now I think it's Thornes fault cause he's always injured i think it's Hughes's fault cause he left for Watford sick of all the moaning Derby fans, support your team or stay at home!
  6. Repeal and Replace

    There may well be teams out there who would take our players but I just can't see them affording their wages. The players we have are on very high wages, remember we got Bradley Johnson from Norwich who had just been promoted. Now, he would have got a pay rise for this and for us to then entice him here we would then need to pay him even more. I don't think many supporters out there really have an idea how much these players earn , me included however there must be a reason for nobody to come in for them.
  7. Repeal and Replace

    Agreed we should have had a clear out but what do you do when nobody wants your players. The bottom line is that the players earn to much and they don't want to move. Until their contracts run down were up sh** street without a paddle
  8. Why only 27,000 today

    The holidays may have a little to do with it but for me the supporter does want entertainment. Unfortunately the two players we had who could do something different have been sold. They've not been replaced so we are left with a team of workman like players, who when up against technical players ( like wolves ) look clueless. I like everyone had hope at the start of the season but seeing us dismantled so easily against a side who haven't been long put together will only mean the attendances go from 27k to even lower.
  9. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Having sat/stood in most areas at the baseball ground and also at pride park, I have to say the worst stand for atmosphere is the north stand. I will never sit there ever again
  10. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    Don't disagree with that but my take on it is that you need players up to speed if replacing injured players. Also the competition is great to be in for players returning from injury. Rather have george Thorne playing in a league cup game than a U23 match, that's why it's important to get a result
  11. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    Don't think it is, need this competition to ensure fringe players get proper game time
  12. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    Vydra , hamstring injury ! hope its not the same grade 1 has george Thorne cause that's him out till October !
  13. Che Adams

    He's not really produced unbelievable performances that everyone's talking about so some will say he's not better than what we've got. Unfortunately our so called forwards haven't exactly set the world alight. It's an interesting one as he seems more of a central striker. I'll be very disappointed if he comes in for £5+ million and gets a start before vydra. I really do think that vydra is the one GR has to give a run in the team. He is made for playing upfront with a hold up striker. It worked with deeney at Watford I'm sure it can work with Martin.
  14. v Grimsby - (A) Cup Predictions

    Grimsby 0-2 Derby frgs Vydra
  15. Gary still assessing this squad

    GR knows exactly what he's got and I personally think a point on Friday was a good result. It's clear he's after a wide player who can drift in and play up top with the striker. If I was Anya,Blackman I would be thinking my future lies away from Derby. The midfield choice between Bryson/butterfield is the one problem call he is unsure of. Even though butterfield didn't have the greatest of games on Friday I still think he's the one who could be the surprise package this year. That said I've no doubt Bryson will play midweek and a good performance from him may well see him in the starting team next Saturday.

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