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  1. I think we already have a full house at half time!!
  2. It's a poo hole on Burton Road, full of flash cars and wanns be gangsters, similar to the coffee shop place at the bottom of Curzon street where all the flash cars gridlock the street of a weekend
  3. All was going swimmingly with the Cure until they played Forest :-(
  4. Talksport are not worth listening to, nobody is doing any business of note, Prem included. They talk absolute twaddle (polite statement) Do they really think FL would do over Mel, after being offered his first ever management gig? Fu***its
  5. Just chucking my two bob bit in here, and feel free to shoot me down, but wasn't there a ticketing issue whereby folks could not get the seats they wanted and that general sale folk got the pick of the bunch? I think if the first allocation went as we all thought it should, the shush brigade would have been sat elsewhere. Just a thought..
  6. I take it you are not his biggest fan then? Was under the impression he was engaged to help out a weak defence with a bit of experience. Injuries to key players and suspensions did not help, players who worked with him said he has been a great help in progressing their game but, hey ho, it's his fault
  7. Totally agree Bob, my father in law lost a really nice beanie (understated small ram) went back to get a replacement to be told, 'ooh no, we dont sell them anymore, they were ever so popular', I give up!! although their running tops are serviceable, that's about it. Everything is tatty, badly made and logo's too flippin obvious
  8. Just one lane closed as at 3pm after a lorry fire. Should be clear by 4.30
  9. Kirky may be Derby affiliated, but he's a manc red supporter
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