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    1967Ram reacted to Archied in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    3 points in the bank and that’s all that matters for the rest of the season , Rooney is doing a good job and also has that touch of luck, if cocu had made the sub s choices yesterday there would have been uproar , negative, defensive ,handing the game to them would have been the universal cry , as it was they didn’t nick one back for a draw and poss go on to win so all’s good ,
    on to the next game and hope for another 3 points , there is a good chance we can climb out of our situation at the bottom 👍
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    1967Ram reacted to G STAR RAM in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    Get out of it.
    Was a pathetic dive.
    Should have been embarrassed and should have received a yellow card.
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    1967Ram reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Why can we perform against the better teams in this league, but not the dross?   
    To be honest I think Boro are a better version of the likes of Rovrum. I think we can take heart from the performance because it wasn't pretty. It was more of a roll your sleeves up and battle type of affair and I thought we were good value for the win. There seemed to be a tweaking of the style too. It wasn't exactly hoofball but we did seem to set out to not allow them to press high up the pitch. It suggests to me that Rooney and Rosenior are aware of the problem we have against sides like Boro and found a pretty cute way to address it.
    In this league it helps if you have some technical ability when you come up against the better sides, but to do well, you have to be able to win ugly too. Today I thought we showed that actually, we can do that too. It was a pleasant change to see us really frustrate a team and I don't think we ever looked like losing. Had we not given away a few silly freekicks late in the game, there'd not have been an anxious moment, to my eyes at least and I think that's a big step forward. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Mick Brolly in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    Graeat to listen to Shaun Barker talks alot of sense. 
    And definitely not had a lockdown trim. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Duracell in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    To be fair to Jewell, he was nothing if not reflective and honest about what happened. I view January 2007 to January 2009 as being a dire situation greater than the sum of its parts. Everything was wrong, from player recruitment, management, ownership and club culture, but add it all together and it was disastrous. We were careering into chaos from the moment we had that spat about bonuses, and following Davies' departure, I think we were beyond help from any one person.
    Nigel Clough didn't, and still doesn't, get enough credit for the rebuilding job he did. It would have been very easy for us to fall further down the pyramids, but he steadied the ship by signing limited players who actually wanted to play for us and him. The next half a decade was about creating green shoots of recovery and he laid the foundations for the awesome 13/14 season - and in the process, he turned us into one of the only profitable football clubs in the country. It's a scandal we've squandered that and now, in 2021, we're pretty much exactly where we were in 2009, the reigning Worst Team of All Time.
    Slight footnote on the article - really good read, but I can't stand this use of "the likes of" in football journalism. Twice it uses the phrase, including "here were other hefty losses to the likes of West Ham United and Aston Villa." Unless there's a long list of teams too long to mention wearing claret and blue thrashing us that season. They just mean WHU and Villa. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Anag Ram in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    I remember feeling really sorry for Darren Moore that season. He was a warrior but slow. If he'd had a half decent partner we wouldn't have been so porous. 
    I'll never forget Torres fronting him up, taking it past him and being about six yards beyond him by the time he turned round. I knew then we were doomed. 
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    1967Ram reacted to TuffLuff in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    Here’s my two penneth:
    This is nothing but more of the continual fluff pieces to make out that Sheffield United are unfortunate rather than a set of players who aren’t good enough. Yeah the two situations are different in as much as any two situations are different but there’s a lot of similarities too. 
    There’s a lot of ‘going to Derby ruined my career’ stuff in here. Not a lot of individuals reflecting on themselves and saying that they contributed in ruining a great club for the best part of a decade. 

    It essentially draws on the individuals to bring out the differences in character rather than looking at the clubs/leagues as a whole which help show a more accurate picture of why both clubs found themselves in a mess
    Edit: My main point is that this article, like many about that season isn’t about our club, it’s usually about another struggling club using rentagob opinions by people who didn’t hang around long enough to fully understand it.
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    1967Ram reacted to Anon in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    It's always really interesting to read about experiences of the 11 point season. One thing that slightly irks me, however, is that it always seems to be the jobbers who contributed little to nothing that like to stick their two penn'orth in. I find it difficult to trust what people like Andy Todd or Danny Mills et al. have to say about the dressing room. I'd much prefer to hear what people like Darren Moore, Marc Edworthy, Matt Oakley think. It rankles a little when people who had nothing to do with the promotion cast aspersions over the dressing room and the squad when they haven't earned the right do so.
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    1967Ram reacted to TexasRam in Coronavirus   
    That’ll be on the forum pub meet up, when you’ve all told me the wrong pub😂
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    1967Ram reacted to Ramslad1992 in Assistant Manager   
    I haven’t seen anything so made up since I read your user name! 🤣
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    1967Ram got a reaction from jono in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Easier said than done at my age!
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    1967Ram got a reaction from hintonsboots in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Easier said than done at my age!
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    1967Ram reacted to jono in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Big blow. Bielik out, new system not integrated. Caught on the hop late on by some good fighters. 
    need to lick wounds, think again, work out a plan. These things happen. I know for sure that Rooney and these players will be hurting like we are. .. Hold your water. Melt downs help no one. 
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    1967Ram reacted to brady1993 in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Tactically today we didn't learn the lesson from the first game. The midfield set up made it easy to set pressing trap with too little composure and going direct was difficult with only one up top against 3 centre backs. 
    Against that kind of press you either need to retain the ball and make them chase it or bypass the midfield entirely. Today we didn't do either and got caught between ideas.
    With all that said I think if Gregory takes that sitter I think we probably win it.
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    1967Ram reacted to ossieram in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Very poor tonight.
    They were bigger than us, stronger than us and smarter then us.
    They won the majority of balls in the air and were quicker to the 2nd balls.
    They bullied our midfielders and when they couldn't take the ball, they took the man.
     And they were smarter because they quickly worked out that this was a weak ref who was going to let them get away with some strong challenges and fouls without getting the book out. How the hell did they not get 2 or 3 cards in the 1st half, yet Sibley gets booked for his 1st foul?
    Rooney has to take his share of the blame here for not changing things earlier when it was clear that Shinney couldn't compete and CKR wasn't going to bully their defenders in the way he has with others.
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    1967Ram reacted to Mick Brolly in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Wasn't it 0-0 before Waghorn went off.
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    1967Ram got a reaction from Andicis in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    He might not score, but with a chance like that he definitely should hit the target and he'll know it.
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    1967Ram reacted to Leicester Ram in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Our weakness is the same with most teams that focus on being solid and hard to beat. First goal wins.
    If we go 1-0 up, happy days, we’ll probably see that home. If we go behind, it’s hard to step it up and find ourselves a goal. It’s bought us a lot of points and in a relegation battle it’s not a bad way to be set up but you get exposed on nights like this. They put us under a lot of pressure and we couldn’t find a second gear.
    We’ve built out the squad a bit so hopefully Rooney will be able to mix it up more as we progress this season. Still feel confident going into this weekend but Bielik is clearly a huge loss.
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    1967Ram reacted to Andicis in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    For 75 minutes we were ok. Not brilliant, not awful. I think the Gregory chance is a huge moment, for me he has to be scoring it. Probably came too soon for him. The meltdown after the goal isn't good enough, the last 15 were terrible. Poor character from the players to capitulate like they did.
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    1967Ram reacted to StrawHillRam in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Score first?
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    1967Ram reacted to Pearl Ram in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Score first ? 🤷‍♂️
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    1967Ram reacted to angieram in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    I am sure the Rotherham fans will have a laugh reading this thread. We think they are crap, they win 3-0.
    Bullied and outplayed.
    I don't see why people think this means we are going down, though - we do fine against footballing sides. Luckily there are a few of those still left in this relentless division.
    I am more concerned that this means we have a day less to prepare for Barnsley.
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    1967Ram reacted to Leicester Ram in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    Just won three on the bounce and we’re a top six team in the form table since he took over. Rotherham have our number but equally so did Uwe Rosler with McClaren’s side. 
    Crap performance tonight, no doubt but things are still looking up under Rooney.
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    1967Ram reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Rams@Millers 3/2/21 - Matchday thread   
    3-0 defeat. Meltdown ensues! Not a good performance, but Gregory scores we win the game. Never a 3-0 game, ref has let them get away with murder. Rotherham have our number. We don’t have to play them again which is a positive. 
    It means the scrap continues for a few more weeks at least but we’ll be fine. Need to sort out last 20 minutes - unacceptable 
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