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    1967Ram reacted to sage in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    I'm largely happy with it, except school restart should have some form of stagger.
    I would also add small crowds at sports events from April 12th. 25% or 4000 whichever is the smaller amount. 
    In both cases, too big a leap, with no time to consider limited measures.
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    1967Ram reacted to sage in Back to Normality.   
    Well done Angie. Your pudding basin can go back to just being used for puddings again now. 😀
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    1967Ram reacted to Stive Pesley in Back to Normality.   
    I remember very early in the lockdown, I posted a link to an article about the aftermath of the Spanish Flu that said a huge amount of the population embraced hedonism in a big way. Orgies, drunken debauchery etc
    At the time I thought it was funny, but now I'm very much in a HURRY UP AND GIVE ME THE ORGIES frame of mind
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    1967Ram reacted to sage in Back to Normality.   
    I think we will see masks on trains and buses for a while.
    I do hope that people do appreciate friends and nature more than money and rushing around carried forward.
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    1967Ram reacted to Anag Ram in Back to Normality.   
    I think there are moments in history which make us re-evaluate the way we live our lives and help us appreciate how lucky we are. I’m thinking about things like Band Aid and 9/11.
    The sad truth is that for a while we will be respectful of ourselves and those around us. Then the perils of pressure to succeed and consumerism will take over once more. In order to get back the money we have spent, employers will want more, more, more.
    The planet will have enjoyed the lack of pollution but already we are flocking to book flights.
    It won’t be long before we return to bad old ways. The one thing I think will change is a heightened awareness of infection and how it spreads. 
    I’m interested to see how easy it will be to socialise. We have been in this bubble for a year now. Will it be easy to be in a crowded bar or event? Will we have a natural aversion to close contact?
    We are part of an incredible period in history and how we react to it will be fascinating.
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    1967Ram reacted to Mr Tibbs in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    A handy underserved point but we'll take it. 
    Hope we can shake these hideous performances we seem to be putting in every other game. Every time a team puts up a bit of fight we crumble, shades of Chorley vs our 18s at some points in that second half. Think the young lads need to buck up a bit, I'm sure Wayne will handle them well but he's also pretty ruthless. We can't afford performances like that from Knight and Bird, they've got to hold their nerve better than that. In a sink or swim league we seem to be sinking every time we have to dig in and win a battle, not every game is going to be slow and played out nicely in front of us. Thought that was maybe Byrne's worst performance in a Rams shirt too. Marshall and Roos don't fill me with confidence at all. 
    Pro's; We didn't lose. The first 30 mins were ok. Kaz makes a nice habit of saving a game when he's had a stinker - didn't stick today but I thought the Forest CH's handled him well until that goal. We're still creating havoc at set pieces. Roberts looked handy off the bench, same can be said for Sibley. Looking forward to us confirming our safety and we can hopefully see more of him instead of both Shinnie and Knight in the same midfield. 
    Quite impressed with Forest in a way, you can see Hughton's influence. They were well organised, stubborn and controlled the game from 30 mins. Turned our attacking outlet (Byrne & Bucc) into our weakness by dropping balls in behind them, worked pretty well too. They'll be aggrieved to lose that but theres always a danger when you've got a slender lead. Should have learned that from last year! 
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    1967Ram reacted to eezzeetiger in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    I haven't seen a more one sided Derby in ages.
    Well done...you took your one chance well
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    1967Ram reacted to Andicis in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    They scored a goal out of our keeper making a howler. We missed 2 sitters. Easy to spin the other way too.
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    1967Ram reacted to Big Trav in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    We should have scored 3 or 4. They should have scored 2 or 3. We pissed about with the ball. They didn’t. Fair result
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    1967Ram reacted to angieram in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    I am pretty sure Rooney didn't send those guys out to pass like they'd never met each other before tonight.
    Nowt wrong with the team, everything wrong with the performance. 
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    1967Ram reacted to hintonsboots in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    I have just emerged from a hypnotic trance, induced by the metronomic sideways passing of Clarke and Wisdom. 483 passes completed, 400 between the above two.
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    1967Ram reacted to 1967RAMS in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    Is that the first time a goalkeeper has gone off with embarrassment 
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    1967Ram reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    Well, since the goal we completely fell apart.
    Need a big second half.
    Need more decisive attacking.
    Frustrating as hell.
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    1967Ram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.   
    Good call. He's owed a goal after having one unfairly chalked off against this rabble. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Jimbo Ram in Abu Derby County   
    So the Guardian on top of everyone else have a vendetta against Derby and Forest fans have taken over the sports section of the newspaper....brought a smile to my face anyway........
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    1967Ram reacted to Pearl Ram in Abu Derby County   
    Piffle. We are not in danger of relegation in my opinion, a bad run might see us in danger of it, I admit, Birmingham are in danger of relegation, he’s only written that to attempt to portray a bleaker picture.
    Must admit, I didn’t know we’d remortgaged Moor Farm in October because I’ve stopped reading all that toot as there’s little I can do about that kind of thing but it’s all a bit of a non story to me.
    More worried about tomorrow’s result than anything in that article to be honest.
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    1967Ram reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Abu Derby County   
    Me neither.
    Derby 3 Forest 0
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    1967Ram reacted to Gaspode in Abu Derby County   
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    1967Ram reacted to Allovertheplace in George Evans - signed for Millwall   
    Class, class, class player, too good for us (Millwall). Looked head and shoulders above every player on the pitch at home to Wycombe (that was Wycombe though).
    Not had a bad game for us in 4 matches, another Man of the match performance tonight (twice in a row, and our better player in the other 2 games). Shame to hear he had injury problems, if he stays fit, can easily see us selling him for £3million + or him staying for a long time here. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Brammie Steve in Rooney the Boss   
    What a gem we have in Rooney
    He has banished our despair.
    Calm and tranquil with good judgement
    He will surely get us there.
    He was great at playing football
    Scoring brilliant goals for fun
    Glad he's managing the Rams team.
    Now his playing days are done!
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    1967Ram reacted to ossieram in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    Good result and pretty comfortable in the end.
    Thought the team selection was strange for the 1st half, but as the game went on and players grew into it,we improved and were looking decent.
    2nd half started with 2 changes and I thought it was a mistake to bring Waghorn on, I was really pleased to be proved wrong.
    The pleasing thing for me was that this shows that we have more than just a plan A and Plan B.
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    1967Ram reacted to jono in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    How old is Jason knight ? Playing with intelligence beyond his years. 
    Delighted for Waggy. He is a rough diamond but the goal will lift his next performance. Despite the nay sayers he is a good player, great left foot, no softy. Gives 100% 
    Great team effort and that is what Rooney has done more than anything else. Made a team .. COYR
    I have spare axes (plural) in my shed ready for Friday ... come on lads let’s do it 🐏
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    1967Ram reacted to thelovebelow in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    Wisdom had a really good game I thought. Some good passing and key interceptions. 
  24. Haha
    1967Ram got a reaction from Chris_Martin in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
  25. Haha
    1967Ram reacted to Remy the hare in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    BBC have got Clarke on the wing 🤪

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