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  1. But only the goals scored by CM obviously....sorry in advance.
  2. Does Craig Forsyth practice crossing the ball ever. Defensively didn’t have too much to complain about tonight but he was very poor in the attacking third again. Foot like a Threepenny bit.
  3. Get a grip for everyone’s sake, the guy breathes DCFC.
  4. Out please, the door is an easy push fella. Think the question should be if PP was open to home fans then how many would want to watch this. I have supported the team through thick and thin for several decades and this is the worst I have felt tbh. No fire in the bellies it’s poor.
  5. That’s the depressing truth as we stand mate. Hope we find a way to use our players in a more productive way such as the positions they normally play in.
  6. Before I die from the grammar police. Apologies for the errors guys, spellcheck!
  7. The rule of good management historically used to be if our forwards are better than theirs who cares if win win 5 - 3. Liaising 1 nil in most games suggest the best we will get is points from 0-0 draws! Can’t believe we didn’t put the trial it’s on for the whole of the second half. Where are our goals coming from?
  8. Please move the ball forward quicker, the game today was shocking in the tempo we created.
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